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"Transdata" to blame for this dubious contractor agencies. Experts say widespread corruption in the department.

It should be noted that the Federal Service for State Registration, Cadastre and Cartography (Rosreestr) failed to comply with the requirements of the law "On state registration of real estate" to January 1, 2017. It became clear in 2016, when the department contractor, according to experts, worked as "slack".

Now they presented Abramchenko dissemble and say that electronic services are disabled due to the ongoing "fine tuning." Believed her in the Kremlin? First you need to understand what the "fine tuning".

Recall that the union USRR and OCG has been allocated in the 2014-2016 years 1.6 billion rubles in 2017. The planned funding for another 821 million rubles. But at the end of last year it became clear - the agency is unable to cope.

"We must not allow failures in the work of the department in connection with the transition to the new accounting rules and registration of real estate", - he said at the end of December 2016 the head of the Ministry of Economy Maxim Oreshkin. But, as we have seen, to put it mildly, there are failures - the system simply does not work.

Combining USRR and OCG is necessary in order to "create a reliable source of information about real estate, to develop a unified accounting system (including additional functions for reception of all types of electronic documents), which will not only reduce the specific resource consumption of public services in the field of registration rights and cadastre, but also to increase the tax base for real estate tax. "

This will reduce the crime related to real estate, and to simplify the registration of legal entities and individuals.

Abramchenko caught on December 5, 2016 - the beginning of the official's subordinates wrote letters to all of them done in time ... December 23, 2016, ie, 8 days before the reform should occur, suddenly it became clear that "the design of the Unified State Real Estate Registry (USRRE) were admitted to a system error."

Victoria Valerievna also said that he worked "slipshod" department contractor. But why so late caught on employee?

Yes, of course, he was appointed an official in the not so long ago - October 11, 2016. But the creation of the system - it was a key moment for the department, and from the first day it was necessary to start the work, not in two months.





As a result, the target date (the system was planned to run from 1 January 2017) was not launched USRRE.

We could not start the system and according to plan "B" - January 9, 2017.



It should be noted that the contract was concluded with the Bureau of AT Consulting, but the work did subcontractors "Transdata" and "CountryVisit", which in 2016 signed contracts with Rosreestra directly! October 20, 2016, after the appointment of Abramchenko, Rosreestr summed up the contest for works on migrating data from the Unified State Register of rights to real estate (USRR) goskadastra property (OCG) and AIS "Justice" in EGRON database. Tender 198 million rubles - to win all the same "Transdata" and "CountryVisit" ...

"We came to the conclusion that there had been a system error at the input, - said the head of the Russian State Register. - So, probably, it was impossible to design, to start work on such a large system. But, unfortunately, by 11 October (the day of the appointment Abramchenko head of department) to radically change nothing was impossible ", - said Abramchenko.

But try to change for 2 months could be something? Breaking contracts with bad contractors? What has been done at all?

It turned out one more detail. According to the deputy head of Abramchenko, "employees Rosreestra practical skills in the use of the system do not have." There has been no full-fledged functional and load testing.

But once again the "Transdate". After the company on October 18 again, after the appointment of Abramchenko, with an incredible index of 100 points won the order for the development EGRON to 164.7 million rubles.

What to expect from Abramchenko and her subordinates? "Held content updated subsections in connection with the entry into force on 01.01.2017 by the Federal Law №218-FZ of 7/13/2015" On state registration of real estate "and the subordinate legislation", - specified in the message. Nothing is clear from the citation? So conceived - is the answer to the officials, who do not know when the system will work.

Abramchenko and missing 23.9 billion rubles

Maybe you think that Abramchenko - man Rosreestra new? No, even in the official biography said that in 2011 - 2012 years the official has been deputy head of the Russian State Register. Here it is worth recalling that in 2013 the auditor of the Accounting Chamber, Igor Vasilyev said that "for the implementation of routines for 2006-2012gg. It has been allocated 52.8 billion rubles., including 43.3 billion rubles. - From the budget. " But that's not it, but the fact that "an inspection revealed violations in the amount of 23.9 billion rubles, including misappropriation of 2.5 billion rubles", - stated in the auditor's report.

Disturbances in the amount of 23.9 billion rubles. Just when Abramchenko was Deputy Minister.



Victoria Abramchenko (standing)

By the way, in early 2014, the TFR has opened a criminal case under article "negligence" on the scam in the purchase of equipment for the needs Rosreestra in 2011-2012, due to which the state overpaid more than 100 million rubles! Again, while working in Abramchenko Rosreestra!


Note that Abramchenko predecessors polls fled from their positions. In particular, Igor Vasiliev, in which stole millions of rubles, and he was known only by the fact that he served in a management with Vladimir Putin. When it "drifts" in Rosreestr almost become the norm. Andrew Pridankin, who led the department less than six months, and in which, by the way, and concluded with a questionable tenders "Transdatoy". What about him? And he was the deputy Mrs. Abramchenko!

But the real "star" Rosreestra is, of course, Natalia Antipina who now works as the deputy head of the Ministry of Construction. Once Natalia Antipina in 2013 topped Rosreestr immediately announced a competition for a chic car BMW 750Li xDrive, although the figures have been bad department. And her pet and deputy Sergei Sapelnikov after accusing journalists fled from Russia.

Returning to the default order Rosreestra government. As you can see, Mrs Abramchenko later threw "every effort" to remedy the situation with the union of the Unified State Register and the OCG. Most interesting is that contracts were awarded to those companies that have failed to fulfill the order. Again, that when Abramchenko was deputy Rosreestra of department lost more than 23 billion rubles. What to say? The first - no luck with the leaders of the state structure. The second - the experts say that the next term e Rosreestra delivery system for six months. The ministry also said that all the correct end of the week!

Interestingly, dismiss the official, if the system does not work in time, or wait until the Office lost a further 23 billion rubles?

Source: Rucriminal