Source: continues to publish materials from the case against the gang of Konstantin Piskarev (Kostya Bolshoi) and his militants, who have committed more than 25 contract killings. Our articles contain the testimony of the accused in the case, including the killers, so the reader can see the events through the eyes of the "main characters" of the gang. In this publication, we will tell you about the execution of the authority of the Dolgoprudnensk organized criminal group Mikhail Filin. Owl in 2002 managed to extricate himself from a difficult situation for himself. He was accused in the case of causing death by negligence to a certain Anokhin after a trifling quarrel. And the "authority" managed to decide so that the Butyrsky court gave him 2 years probation. And it would be better to be planted. A few months after that, Owl summoned several bandits to dismantle. While drunk, he beat one, began to beat the second, and the third turned out to be a member of the organized criminal group Kostya Bolshoi Zatsepin. He called the boss and soon Piskarev arrived for the disassembly. It took place in the spirit of the 90s and ended with the one-on-one appearance of Kostya Bolshoy and Owl. The latter skillfully dodged Piskarev's blows and no one won. For Piskarev it was humiliation. Filin was being followed. When he was leaving the gym, Kostya Bolshoi personally opened fire on him. The pistol jammed, the Owl started to run. But Kostya the big one always went to business with a spare pistol. He pulled out the second barrel, caught up and shot the victim. Kostya Bolshoy left the scene of the murder on a ride. The accomplices who were waiting for him were detained by the police for lack of license plates on the car.

“Testimony of D.A. Zemtsov as a suspect, ..., according to which between Piskarev and Filin in early autumn 2002 there was a conflict near a cafe at 22 km of Dmitrovskoe highway in Moscow. Zemtsov also took part in this conflict: someone called his friend Terentyev on the phone and told him to come to a cafe. When Zemtsov and Terentyev arrived at the cafe, Filin and his friend, nicknamed Gryn, were already there, who began to make claims to Terentyev about the theft of mobile phones in the cafe. Filin and Gryn began to beat Terentyev, and Zemtsov stood up for him. When asked who he was, Zemtsov asked Piskarev to come by phone. Piskarev arrived at the cafe together with the Yurov brothers, Filin was drunk and said something rude to Piskarev, and he hit him in response. Zemtsov hit Grynat - he fell and remained lying. Piskarev began to talk loudly with Filin. While they were talking, members of the Dolgoprudnenskaya group arrived, which formerly included the brothers Yurovyu Then Piskarev, Zemtsov and Yurovs left. Piskarev said that Filin had to be "dealt with", which meant his murder. From the words of Mishin, Zemtsov knows that Piskarev instructed him and Bezrukov to keep an eye on Filin. Mishin showed Zemtsov videotapes, which showed all the faces entering the Aquarelle cafe in Dolgoprudny, so that Zemtsov could explain if Filin was among the visitors. A few days later Terentyev informed Zemtsov about the murder of Filin: he immediately guessed that the murder was committed by Piskarev. Mishin and Yurov confirmed that on the day of the murder they, together with Piskarev, came to the Severny area. Piskarev himself shot Filin, while Mishin and Yurov were waiting for him in the car, and were detained by the police because the car did not have state numbers. Later, Piskarev himself said that immediately after the murder he saw that the car with Mishin and Yurov was not there. Then he stopped a truck and drove off in it. "

“The testimony of the accused Mishin DS, according to which, from the words of Piskarev and Dmitry Yurov, he knows that at the request of Zemtsov, Piskarev participated in a“ showdown ”with Filin. When Piskarev arrived at the place of the dispute, Filin turned to him in a rude manner: "And you, golden, why did you come?" Piskarev was offended by this, and they fought. Piskarev inflicted blows on Owl, from which he rebounded and attacked again. The fight ended with mutual insults. Zemtsov hit one of Filin's comrades, causing him to fall. Piskarev never forgave such a disrespectful attitude towards himself and after some time began to entrust Mishin and Bezrukov S.Yu. watch out for Filin. Mishin watched Filin in Dolgoprudny and filmed him with a video camera, after which he showed the video to Piskarev and, possibly, Zemtsov, to make sure that he was following Filin. As a result, it was established that Filin is involved in sports in the Northern region of Moscow. To keep an eye on Filin, S.Yu. also visited this gym several times. On the day of Filin's murder Bezrukov S.Yu. I also visited this gym and from there reported on Owl's movement. "

“The testimony of the accused Bezrukov S.Yu., according to which, first together with Mishin, and then independently, he followed Filin. To this end, Bezrukov even once visited the gym in which Filin trained. According to Mishin, there was a conflict between Piskarev and Filin. One day, possibly 12/23/2005, Bezrukov once again at the direction of Mishin came to the building of the sports hall, located in the village. The northern city of Moscow, where Filin was convinced by the presence of his car that he was training in the gym. After that, Bezrukov arrived at the Burevestnik yacht club, informed Mishin about this and handed him his VAZ 2108 car. Mishin took the car and ordered to wait for his return. When Mishin was leaving, Bezrukov saw Piskarev in the front passenger seat. Some time later, Mishin called on the phone and said that he would not come, as he was detained by the police. Mishin asked Bezrukov, if necessary, to confirm that he had taken the car from him. The next day Bezrukov came to Mishin's home and learned that he and Dmitry Yurov had been detained on suspicion of murder. "

“The testimony of the witness MV Korolev, contained in the interrogation protocol, according to which the witness studied at the same school with M.Yu. Filin. and characterized the latter as a hot-tempered and arrogant person. In the summer of 2002, after Filin was released from custody, Korolev and Terentyev came to a cafe located at 22 km of Dmitrovskoe highway. Filin and Hotchenkov were already in the cafe. Korolyov approached the Owl and congratulated him on his release, to which the Owl responded rudely and hit the Queen in the neck and face. To wash off the blood from his face, Korolyov went to the toilet, and when he left there, he saw that about 15-20 people had gathered near the cafe. From Filin's side were Khotchenkov, Tyson and Rudin (Rodin). Against them were Zemtsov, Danilin and the Yurov brothers. With them was a large-built man, for whom the Yurovs worked as security guards. This man approached the Korolyov and asked what had happened, and when Korolyov told, he said that he should not interfere anymore. Owl invited this man to go one-on-one. They separated from the rest of the participants in the conflict and went around the corner. What happened between them, Korolyov did not see. After a while, all the parties to the conflict dispersed. "

To be continued

Arseny Dronov