Germany has come to grips with money laundering through Deutsche Bank using mirror deals. The same topic is being actively developed by the employees of the Investigative Department (SD) of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the framework of the investigation into the theft of funds from Promsberbank. The figures in the two stories are the same - Ivan Myazin, Alexey Kulikov, Oleg Belousov and Andrey Gorbatov. And if the first two were brought to justice, then Belousov and Gorbatov left Russia in the direction of Cyprus. However, in Cyprus today, popular unrest began due to high-profile revelations of the trade by local authorities in passports, the owners of which became people with a dubious past, including those involved in money laundering. According to the telegram channel VChK-OGPU, Gorbatov and Belousov not only became holders of Cypriot passports, but also acquired their own bank-CDB there. At the same time, Gorbatov himself likes to boast that he has so much money that he can easily solve any problems with the security forces. So when Belousov was put on the international wanted list, according to Gorbatov himself, having become several million dollars poorer, he decided the issue in the prosecutor's office and the supervisory agency blocked the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation from bringing charges in absentia to Gorbatov. However, a new round of the investigation of money laundering through Deutsche Bank, the scandal in Cyprus almost closed the ring of security officials from different countries around Gorbatov. And it is doubtful that this time he will be able to escape.

Gorbatov and Belousov started out as subordinates of the once largest Russian shadow bankers Ivan Myazin and Alexei Kulikov. In those years, Ivan Gavrilovich Myazin traveled with the protection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, as well as with the FSB cutting off the tail. He was in charge of the ROF fund - assistance to officers of the FSB special forces. Kulikov was the best friend of Dmitry Frolov, deputy head of the Directorate of the FSB of the Russian Federation, and he knew a lot of other high-ranking security officials. At the peak of their careers, Myazin and Kulikov, one after another, launched the largest channels for money laundering, and Belousov and Gorbatov were their faithful assistants in this. For example, both were major contributors to laundering channels through Deutsche Bank and the Estonian branch of Danske Bank.

Kulikov was personally acquainted with the now former head of the Moscow office of Deutsche Bank Yerg Bongarz. Thanks to Bongarets, Kulikov was able to establish a number of companies for servicing, through which money was withdrawn from Russia. For example, IK Lotus Capital LLC and Financial Bridge. Also, to simplify the work, a number of firms that already had accounts with Deutsche Bank were bought. For example, IC "Rye, Man & Gor Securities". The work of Financial Bridge Investment Company and Rye, Man & Gor Securities were supervised by Andrey Gorbatov. A special role was assigned to Gorbatov's assistant Oleg Shevelev, whose duties included the selection of nominee leaders of these companies. Financial Bridge was actively involved in transactions for the formation of packages of securities of Russian issuers for the subsequent execution of sham transactions, the purpose of which was to withdraw funds from the Russian Federation. According to available data from, Lantana Trade, Ergo Invest, Westminster Capital Management, Vespul, Roketana and other campaigns were managed and used for illegal transactions by the group of Myazin, Belousov, Kulikov, Gorbatov and their partners. Myazin, Belousov, Kulikov provided account opening, registration and purchase of campaigns, their protection from regulatory authorities. And Gorbatov and his team organized the purchase of securities and their subsequent transfer through fictitious transactions on the campaigns of Myazin, Belousov Kulikov. A group of lawyers processed forged documents, giving legitimacy to the transactions. All costs of this activity were paid by the clients. Bribery, bribery, and, somewhere, intimidation were actively used to cover up activities from the regulatory authorities.

However, the relationship between the "partners" was not cloudless: as it was established by the investigation, Kulikov simply misappropriated part of the funds that were allocated to bribe Deutsche Bank officials. At the same time, the only attempt by Kulikov to bribe an employee of Deutsche Bank's internal control department ended in a scandal and an internal investigation. Even the personal acquaintance of Kulikov with the now former head of the Moscow office of Deutsche Bank Yerg Bongarz, who brought him to the bank, did not help. Thus, the entire system that had been created by Belousov and Gorbatov for more than one year was jeopardized: instead of figuring out how to bypass the control for newly created sites, it was easier to buy already operating financial companies with a history and everything else already admitted to work in as clients of Deutsche Bank.

Ivan Myazin partially testified during interrogations. In particular, he confirmed that Gorbatov worked for him, and then allegedly owed him $ 1.5 million, after which he went on an independent voyage. Independent swimming is well known. Gorbatov and Belousov settled in Cyprus, where they bought the CDB bank.

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov