rucriminal.imfo continues to acquaint the reader with the "wiretaps" from the archive of Boris Berezovsky. In this article we give Berezovsky's conversation with the banker Petrov Aven.

A: I couldn't find you.

B.: Well, you couldn't find me…

A: I took the phone to the dacha for you.

B.: Well... how are you?

A: I swear to you.

B.: How are you?

A.: I'm at 9 o'clock I called his cell and to the country, I was with a girl and thought, then crossed.

B: So how are you?

A.: Okay. I want to see you, it's been a long time.

B.: Well, let's see you today.

A: Come on, where, what time?

B.: will You be with the girl?

A: Today I will be with Olya. Yesterday I was with another girl, today I communicate with Olga. I can meet you, but it doesn't scare you?

B: Well, she won't turn me in?

A: Never in my life.

B.: What then?

A: I guarantee you That.

B.: All right, come on. Where?

A.: Where do you say

B.: What suggestions do you have?

A.: And?

B.: What suggestions do you have?

A., Bor, if we with Olga have not seen, Yes, so generally a good restaurant in aeroscale, Borodino, where there's nobody.

B.: Well, I don't want to.

A.: You don't want

B.: yeah, do you take her to your house?

A.: What?

B.: do You take her to your home?

A.: Yes.

B.: Maybe at your place?

A: Just sit, right?

B.: Ah Cho.

A: Come on, come, what time?

B.: And Friedman has no wife there?

A: What are you saying?

B.: Friedman has no wife there?

A: do you need It or not?

B.: No, I mean, Friedman doesn't have a wife? She can't.…

A: (interrupts) Yes no, no, actually, it's better I (inaudible) go

B.: I'm already tired of going somewhere

A.: I know, I know, this I know. I'll think about it for a second.

B.: it is Possible at my dacha.

A.: Let us better we to you will come indeed, and.

B.: Well

A: We'll walk there, talk, huh?

B.: Let's talk, how are things with our apartment?

A: I'll tell you everything, Roma does not want to let you into this business.

B.: Roma doesn't want me to go there…

A: In an explicit form and. Arranged...well, just don't tell him please…

B.: No.

A: He's not with you, no?

B.: Well, Peter, he's with me sitting opposite.

A.: And?

B. sits in front of me.

A.: I'm serious

B.: Come on, why are you talking. (B.: I See..)

A: Well, he doesn't want to, he doesn't want to... but we will.

B.: Okay.

A: What time?

B.: Well, tell me, what time do you...count…

A: And you who in the country something else?

B.: No one.

A.: Well, everything, let you in the country, how many, say, in the family, eight?

B.: Let hours in ...uh... in 8 drive up.

A.: In 8 I have you on dacha?

B.: Yes.

A.: Tell (inaudible) of our

B.: Yes, Yes. Give her a call before you go.

A: What are you saying?

B.: call me When you go.

A: Yes, Yes, Yes, I'll do it, we agreed for sure?

B.: Well, as not exactly... an hour (a: A?) sit for an hour.

A: Yes, that's right.

B.: come on, Come on.

A: So at 8 I come to you.

B.: Yes, with...with Olga, Yes?

A.: Yes.

B.: Fine, agreed.

A: At 8 I'm at your dacha.

B: Thanks, bye.

A: Bye.


To be continued

Yaroslav Mukhtarov