Bank OTKRITIE increased its loan portfolio by 350 billion rubles after the rehabilitation carried out by the Central Bank. This was announced by a member of the Board, head of corporate and investment business of the Bank Viktor Nikolaev during a business press Breakfast at the championship of Russia "Lumberjack of the XXI century" in the Arkhangelsk region. One of the most interesting examples of credit policies that the Bank in charge of just Nikolaev is the results of GK "Ustyansky timber industry" (ULK) to almost $ 800 million. The construction of a giant sawmill was estimated at this amount. Such largesse, according to quite understandable. After all ULK was created by the brother of the Governor Andrey Vorobyov.

OTKRITIE Bank opened a credit line to ULK Group of companies in the amount of $ 725 million. U.S. with validity until December 25, 2026. The line was opened under the cooperation agreement between OTKRITIE Bank and ULK group.  Viktor Nikolaev, a member of the Board of OTKRITIE Bank, commented on the deal he oversees: "for OTKRITIE Bank, the priority is to Finance high-tech investment projects that are aimed at developing the export potential of the Russian Federation. We are confident in the synergistic effect in the financing of ULC group projects. We hope that our cooperation will be long-term, effective and mutually beneficial."

The experts also this transaction has caused not even smiles, and real laughter. "For 800 million dollars, you can build a modern PPM. For example, about as much cost construction "from scratch" Udora pulp mill. And here, a fantastic amount is sent to the construction, albeit steep, but the sawmill. Well, all perfectly understand how much this sawmill where the most part of money will leave and why "Opening" of this money won't see any more. But knowing who the Nikolaev, and who's behind the SLB, to me this deal is not surprising", - suggested one of the sources

Indeed, it can be seen in the materials of " Discovery "that the Bank's money will go to"the construction of a new complex for the production of lumber and pellets (wood fuel pellets)."

As for the ULC, the complex was created by Vladimir Butorin, who in the market is considered a person close to the head of the defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu. and Maxim Vorobyov, co-owner of the company "Russian sea" and brother of the Governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov. In 2007, Maxim Vorobiev has formally withdrawn from the project, but sources they say that ULK is left in the "family". Evidence of this is a loan of $800 million.

Provided this loan Victor Nikolaev. At the time, mother put a young Victor and Advisor to Herman Gref. Gref appreciated all advantages of Nikolaev and became his mentor, both at work, and in personal life. Nikolaev's career in the banking sphere just jumped up. He began to dispose of billions. First savings Bank, now in the "Discovery". In 2011, Nikolaev has been questioned, one interesting case and gave an interesting testimony (this will tell soon). And with such a scheme for issuing loans, it will be no wonder if he will again be at the investigator.

To be continued

Timothy Grishin