In July of this year, Lyubov Yartseva lost her husband, a well-known football coach, former player of the capital's Spartak - Georgy. And in February 2007, their son Alexander was killed.


A well-known journalist, author of books about football, Alexei Matveev, especially for the Cheka-OGPU and, gives exclusive details from the story of Lyubov Ivanovna Yartseva.



- Our Sasha is a bright, soft, maybe a little reserved person. Nevertheless, the guys in the Spartak Youth Sports School, whom he coached, were very fond of, respected their mentor, - recalls Lyubov Ivanovna. - I got worried then, my son usually called me every day, and more than once. And here on my calls - no answer, no hello.

And then, closer to the night (from February 18 to February 19), worried Yartseva hurried to the nearest Sokolniki police station. She said: the son does not answer calls, maybe something happened? The police, to be fair, responded immediately. Together with Lyubov Ivanovna, we went to the apartment of the Yartsevs' son on Kargopolskaya Street, this is in the North-Eastern district of the capital.

- Sasha did not answer the doorbell, he had to break it in, - says Lyubov Ivanovna. - They found a lifeless body ... Yes, he could not have enemies! Football coach, worked with children. Besides, he is a calm and patient person. It can be said that he is a born teacher, a real man. He never raised his voice to the children. And for this, the guys loved our son. In training, he improvised, led classes outside the box. The boys liked it. Not even the slightest conflict arose.

According to Yartseva, the investigators claimed that her son was vile, from behind, the killer hit several times with a dumbbell, or with another heavy object. Death came instantly.

- No, no, the ex-wife could not do this, - Lyubov Ivanovna assures. - They parted, but outwardly relations remained quite good, quite civilized, normal. Yes, and a daughter, our granddaughter, there was. There was someone to take care of together.

Lyubov Yartseva remembers that the employees of the Butyrka Interdistrict Prosecutor's Office took over the investigation. The case was then taken over by the District Attorney's Office. Finally, the city prosecutor's office got involved.

- The result, however, is still zero, the killer, or the killers of the son, have not been found, - says Lyubov Ivanovna. - Printouts of calls from Sasha's phone, operational-search actions did not give anything. In general, a situation of complete hopelessness, even despair. Therefore, I appeal to the chairman of the Investigative Committee, Alexander Ivanovich Bastrykin: maybe he will order that his subordinates help in the capture of the murderers of our son with Georgy?

As Lyubov Ivanovna admitted, after the untimely death of her son, an invisible crack appeared in relations with her husband. They even visited the grave of Alexander separately ...




Here is what Georgy Alexandrovich Yartsev himself told me during his lifetime (he died on July 15 of this year) about the death of his son:

- I was at the training camp with Torpedo in Turkey, - Georgy Aleksandrovich recalled (Yartsev was the head coach of the Torpedo team). - In the morning, my friend and colleague Rinat Dasaev entered my hotel room, already by his appearance I understood that something had happened. Rinat told me to urgently call home. At first, he didn't even realize what had happened. It seemed so wild, implausible. Literally the day before, my son accompanied me to these training camps, we warmly communicated with him. We have already talked on the phone from Turkey. There seemed to be no sign of trouble. And so far nothing is known...

According to George, a lot of people went up in search of scoundrels. Whoever took up the investigation, no results. Only, maybe time will point to the killers. Once freaks have to "pierce" on something, they will be covered on a possible mistake. "Wiretapping" was installed somewhere. In any case, the hope of solving the crime did not die.

- The tragedy could have separated us from Lyuba on different sides, - Yartsev Sr. thought. - There would be reproaches against each other, something else, often accompanying such things. But nothing of the sort happened.

According to Georgy Alexandrovich, Sasha was always surrounded by love. But the son was brought up in discipline, not with a cane, of course. It was possible to convince him of something, to convince him otherwise. In a word, a well trained person. However, the parents did not impose on the children (there is still a daughter, Ksenia in the family) of their opinions, views on life.

Alexander is a very homely person. We love our pupils from the Spartak Youth Sports School, he reciprocated them. The father, by his own admission, did not even think that the profession of a coach would become an ideal occupation for his son in life, a favorite profession. He literally lived in football, made a lot of working records, worked, one might say, in the sweat of his brow.

- From the side it seemed that I, as a professional football coach with experience, worked even less than my son, - Georgy Aleksandrovich asserted. - My son is a fan of the case. Of course, Sasha consulted with me on certain points, the relationship is invariably trusting. In everyday life, a calm, seasoned chelovek. I liked attending the training sessions that Sasha led. I was sincerely surprised at his angelic patience, that's who the born teacher is!

At one time, Sasha, still small, began to go to training at the Spartak school. His famous dad noticed that his son did not show much zeal to become a professional football player. “You know, son, drop it. After all, you are taking someone's place. Better play with the boys in the yard.”

“He understood everything without any offense,” recalled Georgy Alexandrovich. - Continued to drive the ball in the company of peers. Football attracted my son more and more, he really liked the game. And, having matured, he quite consciously chose the profession of a coach. Independently, without patronage, he entered the Institute of Physical Education.



... The investigators played many people. Some of the son's friends were also under suspicion. Alas, nothing came up. It is not clear what, to what, where the ends lead. Sasha seemed to want to buy a car. I took out a loan. But they gave him the wrong car, they began to sort it out. There - nothing, these - also nothing to do with it. He himself opened the door to the killers. They say there was some noise, uproar, but no one really heard anything. Not even fingerprints, nothing stolen from the apartment.

- They found only one print - behind the radiator, and so, in the apartment itself, nothing at all, - said Georgy Alexandrovich. Again, they didn't take anything. Twenty-four blows with a blunt object were inflicted on the son. Sasha's wife and our granddaughter were resting with their parents at that time. Sasha exhausted his relationship with his wife at that time, they were on the verge of a divorce. His wife was also thoroughly "twisted" during interrogations.

Sasha was also very loved because he is the first grandson for numerous relatives. All of George's sisters have only one daughter. Only the younger brother's son Gosha grew up, again Georgy Alexandrovich.

At the time of his death, the Yartsevs' son was thirty-five. The family is still in the dark about the true causes of his death, and the scum who did it.

They say time heals. Yes, it does not cure anything! - then Georgy Alexandrovich dropped in his hearts. - A common expression, nothing more. Time heals, perhaps, minor sores. But when you lose an adult, a wonderful son, everyone's favorite ... Each of us experiences this loss as if in ourselves. Perhaps it will surprise someone, but we rarely visit the grave of our son together with my wife. Each one bears great pain. Be that as it may, you still look for the reason in yourself. Maybe go to hell with this job! Wouldn't have left then, you see, the trouble would not have happened. But the son is an adult, he never bothered with his possible problems ...

Alexey Matveev