Correspondents of managed to get acquainted with the decision of the Ostankino court of Moscow, which clearly implies that the Kazakh businessman Kenes Rakishev was the culprit in the shooting at the Element restaurant on Rochdelskaya Street. The ministers of Themis admitted that it was he who sent the lawyer Eduard Budantsev to "sort out" with the people of the "thief in law" Zakhar Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy).

Eduard Budantsev appealed to the Ostankino court with a lawsuit against the Dozhd TV channel and lawyer Ruslan Suleymanov about the protection of honor and dignity, as well as the right to privacy. The lawyer demanded to refute a number of allegations, which were given in the television plot and on the website of "Rain." In particular, the plaintiff’s claims were related to the phrase “Budantsev’s version that Zhanna Kim invited him to a showdown contradicts the case file.” The TV channel found out that the “showdown” in the restaurant, which ended in the deaths of two people, was sent to Budantseva by a Kazakh businessman Kenes Rakishev, who allocated funds to his acquaintance Zhanna Kim to open the establishment. Budantsev asks the court to recognize the disseminated information as untrue and within ten days from the day the court decision comes into force to remove the plot from the channel’s website, on the Youtube channel, and also to refute the information disputed by it, posting information about the decision made by the court. The plaintiff assessed the moral damage caused by the actions of the defendants at 250 thousand rubles (200 thousand Budantsev asked to recover from Dozhd, and 50 thousand rubles from Ruslan Suleymanov).

Kenes Rakishev himself likes to make court decisions “on the sly”, so that the defendant does not know anything about them. However, in the hearings with Budantsev everything was publicly and with the participation of Dozhd's lawyers. The result was quite expected. The Ostankino court completely refused Budantsev’s lawsuit, including refuting the phrase that Rakishev had sent Shakro to deal with people. The servants of Themis found this statement true. The decision resisted all instances and entered into legal force.

Evidence that it was Rakishev who initiated the "showdown" at Element has

On December 16, 2015, when Budantsev was still in custody (later he would be elected a preventive measure in the form of house arrest), he was first questioned. The lawyer described in detail the events of December 14, 2015. In particular, Budantsev describes how he had to go to the Element: “On December 14, at about 20 o’clock, either Vyacheslav or Kenes called me on the cell, I confuse them by voice.” The caller said that some people are "running into" the owner of the restaurant "Elements" Jeanne Kim and she needs urgent help. Vyacheslav means a large Kazakh businessman Vyacheslav Kim (a relative of Jeanne). However, in this case, the caller of Budantsev was still not him, but Kenes Rakishev (a close friend of Jeanne and an investor in Element). The fact that it was Rakishev who called the lawyer, both from the materials of the “Budantsev case” and from the materials of the case against police officers accused of not preventing the shootout. According to, in these cases there are details of the telephone connections of the “handsets” of Budantsev and Kim. So, from these details it follows that when the Italians came to Kim, she called to different numbers, including Kenes Rakishev. In turn, Rakishev shortly after this conversation called Budantsev. And the latter began to gather at the Elementes restaurant. But there are no connections between Budantsev’s phone and Zhanna’s phone. Moreover, Kim until the last did not know who would come to her defense. She recorded conversations with ransomware on a recorder that she didn’t turn off. Because of this, the recordings (she is present in the case file) included Jeanne’s conversations with people from her team, as well as some telephone conversations (only Kim’s voice was heard). In one of these conversations, she says: “Now the soldiers from my boss will fly up. Everything is fine. ” Later in another conversation, Jeanne clarifies that these will be the "people of Kenes."

During the trial of Zakhar Kalashov and Andrei Kochuykov, Kim was interrogated in the building of the Almaty City Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan through the use of video-conferencing systems. During the speech of Kim, the Italian said the following: “Jeanne, if you slander us, I will name your investors. One is a relative, and the second is the one who sent Budantsev. ” By the last person (who sent Budantsev) Kochuykov meant Rakishev.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Kim refused to answer the questions of the accused and their lawyer.

Sources of say that Rakishev was very afraid of the wrath of Zakhar Kalashov and put in quite a bit of effort so that the thief in law was arrested, and then received an extremely long term of nine years and ten months in prison.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov