Source: continues to acquaint the reader with "wiretaps" from Boris Berezovsky's archive. On this record oligarchs Vladimir Gusinsky and Boris Berezovsky argue about the correctness of Berezovsky's decision to renounce Israeli citizenship. Call to the phone Roman Abramovich and consult with him about the correctness of the decision to renounce citizenship. Abramovich says that "they" (Gusinsky and Ko) consider that in this case the press "will crush" Berezovsky, but at the same time Abramovich advises Berezovsky that it is necessary to do as Berezovsky feels a situation. Berezovsky says that he needs it, and he will turn the situation in his favor.

Berezovsky says he is preparing an action that will set a precedent in Russia.

Further Berezovsky asks about natanyahu and Abramovich reports that natanyahu was a citizen of the USA and the Minister of defence was the citizen of the USA, but by the time of election they refused the American citizenship. Berezovsky asks Abramovich to find more stories and clarify them by year and date. Abramovich promises to do it. Berezovsky once again emphasizes that he is preparing in Moscow for a serious action and says that it will be a precedent in Russia.


G: ...what I want to tell you…

B: Yes.

G: Here we are again now sat down all analyzed…

B: Yes.

G: I think this is a fundamentally wrong decision.

B: You See, Volodya. So, come on, I'll get the machine, I'll talk on this machine. I know as well as I know that this is absolutely the right decision…

G: (interrupts) As much as I'm sure it's absolutely wrong.

B: So now they're bringing the machine, and you and I are going to talk about it. I'm only interested, but if, nevertheless, we decide... I'll decide, Yes.

G: So you decide, it's your right to be.

B: Yes. No, nevertheless, it will be done, right I understand?

G: It will be done, Borya.

B: Today?

G: Let's do it one day.

B: So tomorrow it will be done for sure?

G: Yes.

B: Volodya, I'm just asking you, you know, it's so important for me that you don't tell me now, because I won't be in Moscow tomorrow, Volodya.

G: understand what I said, right?

B: No, I know…

G: (interrupts) And in General, and there were no problems about it, just all twitch.

B: I understand.

G: Come On.

B: So, good, Volodya, so on what phone do I call you?

G: You dial me, you can dial me on the phone or my mobile…

B: Yes.

G: know him.

B: Yes.

G: Or Romanovsky, I just have a meeting, I do not go from this.

B: Well, you know what it is.…

G: (interrupts) In how many will bring there the device?

– minutes through twenty - (?)

G: I Have a meeting (inaudible)

(says the man next to him, Berezovsky waits)

G: Well, it means come this way – or in addition to, or on the mobile.

B: Or in addition to, or on the mobile.

G: Agreed.

B: And how long will I have the machine, I'm interested.

G: In 15-20 minutes.

B: you See, because I have a meeting with Anatoly Borisovich at half past six.

G: give him my Regards.

B: Yes, I will, but I need to talk to You.

G: Come on, honey, come on.

B: All. So I'm calling on that phone, right?

G: Yes, Yes, Yes.

B: Give me another Rum.

G: Give The Rum. -On the Rum, go to him. (refers to Abramovich)


(the phone is suitable Gusinsky, Abramovich)


A: Ale.

B: ROM, so I'm going to be on voice, I want to hear the arguments, but my decision is absolutely irrevocable.

A: Okay.

B: Okay, yeah?

A: Okay.

B: Do you think I have an argument?

A: Bor, I don't think that it here...depends on the agenda, on how much you feel the situation, everything if you feel so…

B: (interrupts) I kind of, I feel very serious. That is, I feel that it is necessary to do in order to simply turn it into its opposite.

A: they Just think that the Newspapers will crush even more in this case.

B: No. Now I'm interested in Netanyahu, what do you know about it?

A: That he was a us citizen, and the Secretary of defense was a US citizen.

B: Yes.

A: And by the time he was elected, he had renounced citizenship.

B: Publicly renounced citizenship?

A: Yes.

B: Okay. Be kind, Roma, if it is possible, still such stories to me, and exact, on years. So, that's when and then something said, do it to me please, I really need it.

A: Well.

B: Because I'm here to prepare for a very serious action, a very serious action. It will set a precedent in Russia, you know?

A: Yes.

B: I need this.

A: Yeah.

B: Agreed, right?

A: Yes.

B: Thank you very much. And so I... here I have a half-past six meeting with Chubais, so I will naturally call now. Either way, I'll call you. How long before I have a phone?

A: 15 Minutes later.

B: can I call the Secretary to speed this up?

A: But, faster will not reach just.

B: But they're coming, right?

A: Yes, carried. Just tell them to let them in.

B: Okay. Now make. Bye.

A: Not Yet.


To be continued


Yaroslav Mukhtarov