Source: continues a series of articles about prominent people who “lit up” in the investigation against Dmitry Zakharchenko, an employee of GUEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. In the last publication, we told how the city authorities are still supplying the company ELLIPS (Al) with budget funds, which is controlled by Zakharchenko and his lawyer friend, Viktor Belevtsov (also under arrest). In the new article we will tell you how in the “Zakharchenko case”, in particular in the testimony of witnesses, the name of the head of the Federal Tax Service Mikhail Mishustin “surfaced”.

As employees of the TFR and the FSB of the Russian Federation established, Dmitry Zakharchenko began his career as an underground billionaire by serving in his position at GUEBPK of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation the interests of a group of bankers, including the owners of the Industrial Credit Bank. (In it, then, the position of deputy chairman of the board was held by Dmitry Motorin). Zakharchenko’s task was to protect credit institutions from the interest of law enforcement and fiscal agencies.

According to a source of in the special services, at the same time all these banks “laundered” gigantic sums for structures that received billions of dollars in contracts from Russian Railways. We are talking about dozens of companies that later became the “1520 Group of Companies”. The owners of this structure were the adviser to the head of Russian Railways Vladimir Yakunin, Andrei Krapivin (after his death, his son Alexey), Valery Markelov and Boris Usherovich. Later, the bankers, including Dmitry Motorin, actually became one with the "1520". And the functions of Zakharchenko have expanded considerably. From now on, he began to monitor security and protected not only banks, but also structures belonging to 1520 from law enforcement and tax officials.

It is clear that the functions of the "roof" for all this business, based on the embezzlement of billions of rubles received from Russian Railways, were performed not only by Zakharchenko, there were other "siloviki" as well. But will tell about this later on. The owners of “1520” themselves agreed with the roofing characters, and only then their top managers conducted financial issues with them. In particular, it is known that all calculations for money, payment of monthly salaries to security officials, etc. carried out Dmitry Motorin. According to the source, there was another top manager in the 1520 community who was responsible for supplying the “right people” with non-monetary assets — apartments, office space, etc.

Dmitry Motorin, during his activity, visited interrogations more than ten times in various cases, but until recently he remained at liberty and without charges. He understood that only on the bribery of Zakharchenko, the TFR and the FSB could not stop, therefore he fled from Russia and was put on a wanted list. He now resides in London, occupying one office with Dmitry Smichkovsky (also on the wanted list). The latter is accused of transferring a bribe of $ 1 million (as an intermediary) to employees of the TFR for releasing Andrei Kochuikov’s “authority” (Italian).

But the top manager "1520", who was responsible for the property, did not want to run and began to cooperate with the investigation, due to which he remained in the status of a witness. He spoke in detail about what kind of real estate he was copying to those associated with Zakharchenko, at the disposal of the owners of "1520".

As the source told, the most interesting part of the interrogation turned out, which concerned a luxurious multi-level apartment located in the Tretyakov Gallery. The witness described how, by order of the “1520” representatives, he copied the living space from the person connected with “1520” to the person connected with Zakharchenko. And then he unexpectedly announced that at the same time he rewrote the second huge apartment located in the same luxury house. Moreover, the management said that this operation is being carried out in the interests of Mikhail Mishustin and the new owner of the apartment is a person associated with the head of the Federal Tax Service. Now the testimony of the witness is being checked.

The fact that Mishustin was mentioned in this loud story has is not surprising. The head of the Federal Tax Service has a longtime junior partner and assistant Alexander Udodov. And he has been working for a long time in close cooperation with employees of the DEB of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation (now GUEBiPK of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation). has already spoken in detail about the fact that the name of Mishustin is mentioned in the case of bribing employees of the TFR for the release of the Italian. According to the testimony of Denis Nikandrov, the deputy head of the State Investigation Committee for the TFR in Moscow, June 7, 2016 was the birthday of Alexander Drimanov, the head of the Investigative Committee for the Investigation Committee in Moscow in the Tula region. On it, the head of the administration of the TFR Mikhail Maksimenko, Nikandrov and Smychkovsky and decide everything to discuss in detail on the situation around Kochuykov. But here, the head of the TFR, Alexander Bastrykin, interferes with their plans. He summons Nikandrov to himself to mark the signing of an agreement between the Maly Theater and the TFR. Maksimenko, Nikandrov and Smychkovsky agree that after the meeting with Bastrykin they will go to Drymanov. According to, at about eight in the evening, everyone gets into Maksimenko’s car, but decides, before the decisive conversation at Drymanov, to come to ... the head of the Federal Tax Service Mikhail Mishustin. The car is parked at the "tax" building. Despite the fact that Smychkovsky is also familiar with Mishustin, Maksimenko goes to meet him. It returns only after two hours. After that, Maksimenko, Nikandrov and Smychkovsky decide not to go to Drymanov.

This raises questions. Was there any role in this whole story of Mishustin? Why Maksimenko went to him in the midst of negotiations on the liberation of the Italian? What binds the head of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation and Smichkovsky? What links Zakharchenko, Udodova and Mishustina?

To be continued

Zahar Belotserkovsky