He was born in Vladivostok.


From September 1997 to January 2000 he worked as a manager of the closed joint stock company Westmorreprodukt.


From January 2000 to November 2003 - Acting General Director, General Director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "National Fish Resources".


From January 2004 to June 2005, he served as director of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Murmansk Sea Fishing Port."


From July 2005 to June 2007 - Deputy Chief of the Inspection for Controlling Federal Budget Expenditures for Fishing and Water Resources of the Department for Controlling Federal Budget Expenditures for Nature Management and the Agro-Industrial Complex of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation.


In 2006 he graduated from the Russian State Social University with a degree in accounting, analysis and audit with the qualification "economist".


From June to August 2007 he worked as the first deputy director of the federal state unitary enterprise "State Order of the Red Banner of Labor Research Institute of Chemical Reagents and Highly Pure Chemicals."


From December 2007 to April 2008 - Deputy Head of the Department of Affairs and Administrative Support of the Federal Atomic Energy Agency.


From April 2008 to February 2010, he worked as Deputy Director of the Department for Management of Affairs and Property Complex of the State Atomic Energy Corporation "Rosatom".


From December 2010 to January 2012, he consistently held positions from the chief economist to the advisor to the Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of Rosselkhozbank.


From March 2012 to June 2013 - Deputy Head, Head of the Nevsko-Ladoga Basin Water Agency of the Federal Agency for Water Resources. Since July 2013 - Deputy Director General of FSUE "Rosmorport", General Director of FSUE "Rosmorport".


October 4, 2017 by the Decree of the President of Russia V.V. Putin (Decree No. 462) was appointed acting governor of the Primorsky Territory until the person elected by the Governor of Primorsky Krai took office.




Tarasenko Andrey Vladimirovich

From September 1997 to January 2000 he worked as a manager of the closed joint stock company Westmorreprodukt.


Once upon a time there was a simple chief of a fishing basin with a nostalgic name "Pionerskaya" in the Kaliningrad region. He very much liked Pavel Borodin, who disinterestedly likes fish. I liked so much that with the help of Borodin this humble chief of the base, Yuri Sinelnik, created the firm Vestmorreprodukt. With the noble goal of sleep, the Kremlin is to harvest fish products. However, according to the Office of Internal Affairs of the Kaliningrad region, fish caught under the leadership of Yuri Sinelnik, does not enter the Kremlin. However, Westmorprodukt regularly receives money and quotas of $ 100 per ton and eight percent of profits. It is interesting that the Westmorreprodukt company has no right to a quota, since it does not have its own fishing fleet. And after several years of mutually beneficial cooperation, it became clear to both partners that in order to avoid blaming corruption, Yuri Sinelnik must be shoved somewhere higher. And away from the Kaliningrad region, it is best to high posts in the Fisheries Committee to the currency feeder.


Version (Absolutely Secret) 08/03/1999


The Main Directorate for Combating Economic Crimes (GUBEP) of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs initiated a criminal case against the former chairman of the RF State Committee for Fisheries Yuri Sinelnik. He is exposed in using a fake diploma on higher legal education. According to this document, Yuri Sinelnik graduated in 1998 from the Kaliningrad State University. It is established that he used this document both at the inauguration of the first deputy chairman of the State Fishery Committee, and when submitting an application to the election commission as a candidate for the post of head of the administration of the Kaliningrad region. The criminal case was initiated under an article providing for responsibility for the use of a forged document.


"News". 26.02.2001


But recently Sinelnik sat down. But not for the stormy economic activity (we'll talk about it just below).

And ... for the fact that somehow he was in touch with "YUKOS". The proximity to the disgraced Khodorkovsky also became the reason for the fact that in December 2004 Sinelnik "dipped" in "Matrosskaya Tishina". However, two weeks later released.

Pavel Borodin stood up for Sinelnik



At the beginning of the 21st century, a state office appeared in Moscow - FSUE Natsribresursy ("NRR"), which was instructed to provide the State Committee for Fisheries ("the technical support") on a variety of issues, including the allocation of scientific quotas.

On February 8, 2002, the Chairman of the State Military Committee, E. Nazdratenko, signed Order No. 79 on the procedure for holding a tender for the selection of vessels for marine resource research and control fishing. According to the order, a commission was created for the competitive selection of vessels. It included representatives of the GKR, its enterprises and the heads of the research institute. Out of 13 people, six were from the National Resources Reserve. And the head of the commission was the general director of "NRR" Andrei Tarasenko ...

Let's see how the distribution of scientific quotas for Kamchatka went, for example, in 2002.

To participate in the competition from enterprises, 58 applications were submitted.

What do you think, who was on that list at number one, who was considered the most honest, the best and most trusted assistant in the development of scientific quotas? ..

So, the number was the first RTMS "Siziman" (OOO Kamchatresurs Ltd). The same one, who after 8 months was detained for poaching in the water area of ​​the Commander's Reserve. 26.12.2010


Is Kamchatresurs not too quickly turned into a "shipowner with many years of positive experience in the implementation of scientific programs and research plans for bioresources?"


In that list, by the way, 50 enterprises, among which were companies with a really great history. For example, the collective farm named after Lenin or "UTRF-Holding." In 2002, the holding was not yet brought to bankruptcy and had 12 units of the production fleet. So he received "from science" 217 tons, and "Kamchatresurs", having one RTMS, - 235 tons. Plus by-catch.


From what principles the competitive commission proceeded, it is possible to guess only. Most likely, the principles were purely market ...


For a long time in Kamchatka there was no secret, "under whom" Siziman went. I recall that the press service of the North-Eastern Regional Border Department reported in May 2003: "Until recently, the trawler" Siziman "was one of the few used by Naumov in the" official regime "(Naumov, now deceased, also known as Yakut, leader In 2002, Naumov acquired 500 tons of an auction quota for pollock catch and 40 tons of herring by-catch, a quota for the catch of 300 tons of cod, and 100 tons of halibut. "


And then the scientific quota also fell. 235 tons is not so much for RTMS. But in conditions of a shortage of resources, there are no unnecessary quotas. And then, it's just for warm-up. Look how they unfolded later. Trawling in the water area of ​​the Commander Reserve is for the poacher "aerobatics". 26.12.2010


Eternal "and. about. Director of the Murmansk Fish Port Andrey Tarasenko again surprised by non-standard solutions: "If the fish does not go to the Murmansk port, let the 180-meter cruise liners go there." For the first time a cruise ship with German tourists came to Murmansk sea fishing port. Thanks to the timely reconstruction of the berths and dredging, the port received the first dividends, and Murmansk - 500 German retired tourists. Experts also noted the lobbying capabilities of Tarasenko, thanks to the Moscow ties of which the Federal Agency for Fisheries several times postponed the competition for filling the vacant position of the director of the fishing port. One must assume that during this time Tarasenko "dug trenches" and strengthened his positions. 09.06.2005


At a meeting of the competitive commission held last Friday in the Federal Fishery Agency, candidates for the positions of the directors of FPU PINRO and the Murmansk Sea Fishing Port were considered.


Those wishing to occupy these two prestigious chairs were not so few. For the post of director PINRO claimed eight candidates, including the most recently appointed and. about. head of the Polar Institute Boris Prishchepa, the former head of the "Murmanrybvod." The chair of the director of the sea fishing port wanted to take six competitors. Among them was the acting director of the port in the last year and a half, Muscovite Andrey Tarasenko ...

After passing all the rounds, Sergey Bebelin, a St. Petersburg Industrial and Construction Group adviser to the president, won the contest to fill the position of director of the Murmansk Sea Fishing Port.


The Murmansk Herald. 17.06.2005


Another interesting point: according to the site, the thesis of Tarasenko for the degree of Doctor of Psychological Sciences (bypassing the PhD degree ?!) on the topic "Socio-psychological patterns and mechanisms for the optimal performance of a military leader", protected by the RSSU in 2009, was slightly less than completely copied from the dissertation of Leonid Laptev "Optimization of administrative activity of military personnel" in 1995. And Laptev made a "scientific adviser" - so it is now called. However, the peculiarities of bureaucratic dissertations will not surprise anyone, and who needs it, his thesis, is more important than the actions of its owner. 11/01/2018


The wife, according to Tarasenko, is a "simple woman", a housewife. What did not prevent her in 2013 to declare the house and yacht "Concordia" in Spain. 11/01/2018


Now we move on to a more "rich" leader. Andrei Tarasenko, the general director of Rosmorport, unlike Mr. Klepikov, has an organization's website where you can see his "beautiful features" and, of course, a report on the incomes of state employees. Andrei Vladimirovich for 2013 registered a family income of $ 2 100 000 rubles, personal - 1.3 million rubles. At the same time, his wife, with an income of 67,125 rubles a month, has 3 apartments, from 59 to 160 square meters, houses in Russia and Spain, three cars of the RAO Tyotte, a hydrocycle and a sailing ship "Concordia" , which is in Spain (gratuitous use). Mr. Tarasenko himself drives a Lexus, owns a Lunex IV NX VETI-4 TEX snowmobile and an apartment of 190 square meters. m. And all this for a salary of 175,000 rubles a month. Somehow it is even unfair that even with the annual income of the deputies and executive directors of Rosmorport of 11 million rubles, their leader receives such "crumbs". There is something to think about. 9/25/2014


On the official Rossport website, the "Bonus Program of the FSUE" Rosmorport "North-West Basin Branch in the Field of Pilotage Services was posted on public display". We inform our readers that this program is not an invention of the branch. It is typical for Rosmorport divisions throughout Russia. Manufactured in Moscow, on personal instructions and under the personal control of FSUE "Rosmorport" General Director Andrei Tarasenko ...


We are referring to the "Bonus Program of the FSUE" Rosmorport "North-West Basin Branch in the Field of Pilotage Services."

In our opinion, the idea of ​​this program named after Andrei Tarasenko dates back to the nineties of the last century. The revelry of crime - from economic to street - with the involvement of government officials forced us to seek at least some methods of fighting corruption. And at some point in society, they began to seriously discuss the legalization of bribes to the official.

The mechanism was proposed to be simple: to establish tariffs for the services of a civil servant. Anyway, after all, what kind of salary an official can not put, it can not be compared with a bribe - neither in size, nor in ease of use. 02/18/2016





Rosmorport, which until recently was run by Tarasenko, is unofficially considered to be a "state purse of the industry". It is this department that is charged with developing the country's port facilities. The deputy chief of the FSB in St. Petersburg, General Negodov, and Andrey Lavrishchev, who was called Levitin's man, managed to put them on board.


It is assumed that the interests of the Kovalchuk brothers could have been behind the "big game" of changing the leadership of the structure and the appearance of Andrei Tarasenko there. First they tried to arrange Igor Levit (takes 202nd place in the "Billionaire Ranking 2016", the state is estimated at 1.81 billion rubles, the founder of the group LSR). After leaving LSR Igor Levit was six months old acting. head of Rosmorport.


But in 2013 Arkady Dvorkovich (Deputy Prime Minister) did not agree on the candidacy of Igor Levit for the position of the head of Rosmorport, and there he was first transferred to the deputy and acting head, and then the full head (September 2013), by Tarasenko, who had already worked Deputy Head, and then Head of the Nevsko-Ladoga Basin Water Administration of the Federal Agency for Water Resources. In the government he was presented as a specialist in the port business. 10/25/2017


Nevertheless, during the time of work, Tarasenko was able to build working relations with all the industry's interests - Severstal, the Magomedovs, Mikhelson, Sechin and Rosneft, Rothenberg.

A good relationship, according to experts, connects him with Trutnev, Dvorkovich, Rogozin and Khloponin. 10/25/2017




The career of Andrei Tarasenko, appointed by the provincial governor of Primorsky Krai, is associated with the figure of Arkady Dvorkovich and is called the counterweight to Igor Shuvalov. With Primorye, he is connected by joint work with the very former governor of the region Evgeny Nazdratenko. It should be noted that at the end of his career, Yevgeny Ivanovich worked for a long time in the presidential administration, and even, according to unconfirmed reports, he continued to influence some personnel reshuffle in his native region ... 10/25/2017


And the seaside leader Tarasenko is close to the Rothenberg clan, who have interests in the region. Rotenbergs cooperated with FSUE "Rosmorport", which was formerly headed by a new governor, the interlocutor tells. 10/15/2017


Contrary to the initial opinion of some regional and federal experts on distancing themselves from local elites and their conflicts at least until the end of the presidential campaign, Andrei Tarasenko and his domestic political bloc resorted to diametrically opposite tactics.


The vice-governor maximally brought all the elite clans present in the region, integrating them into the general agenda. Analyzing the news in the regional media, it can be noted that it was possible to involve the former governor of Primorsky Territory Sergei Darkin for cooperation ... The most revealing achievement is the normalization of relations with the administration of Vladivostok and the so-called "collective Pushkarev". 11/10/2017


Russian President Vladimir Putin intends to personally verify the work of those regional leaders who are temporarily acting. In the coming months, the head of state will visit such regions. This was stated by presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov. In the opinion of, the greatest attention of Vladimir Putin will be drawn to the person of the provisional governor of Primorsky Territory Andrei Tarasenko. The other day he announced that with him Primorye will work with the structures of the mafia. Just as believes, Tarasenko's public signing at the recent XXII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum should be regarded as an agreement with the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mercator-Holding Stanislav Nikolayev. Nikolayev in all bases of international intelligence services, including the Russian NCB of Interpol, is listed as an active participant in the crime syndicate of "authority" Semyon Mogilevich (Don Simeon). 06/02/2018


The other day came an amazing news: the acting governor of Primorye, Andrei Tarasenko, at the regional conference of United Russia in Vladivostok, nominated ex-minister Vladimir Puchkov for the post of a member of the Federation Council from Primorsky Krai.


I read it again and again. All this: ex-minister of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Vladimir Puchkov nominated for membership of the Federation Council from the Primorsky Territory. Nothing changes. And that no great bosses told us about the fight against corruption and the absence of untouchables, a good domestic tradition continues to act smoothly in the country to send a large state official who pretty much cut wood at his former post to the post of one of the guards of the same forest. 07/01/2018


Law enforcement agencies seem to be getting closer to the ex-head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia Vladimir Puchkov. On Wednesday, July 25, on the suspicion of fraud, the former first deputy head of the ministry, Sergei Shlyakov, was detained. Another high-ranking official close to Puchkov, Mikhail Begun, was arrested in Perm ...

Last month, a number of media outlets reported that the former head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations would lead the campaign headquarters of the provisional governor of Primorye, Andrei Tarasenko, whom United Russia nominated as a candidate for governors in the elections scheduled for September 9. In turn, Tarasenko publicly announced his desire in the event of victory in the election to nominate Vladimir Puchkov to the Federation Council. Until that time, the ex-minister is not being arrested after his closest associates, of course. 07/26/2018