After military service in the armed forces of the USSR (1988 - 1990) in the western group of troops in the German Democratic Republic, he received 2 higher education:

- 1991 - Graduated from Ugra State University (Surgut).

- 2010 - St. Petersburg Institute of Foreign Economic Relations, Economics and Law.

Since 1997, he is the Chairman of the Board in organizations engaged in bookmaking business in Russia.

From 2006 to 2012 Founded and headed the National Bookmakers Association of Russia.

Since 2006, he participates as an ideologist, co-author and developer of federal laws regulating the activity of bookmakers in the Russian Federation.

In 2008 he founded and headed the Bookmaker Company "League of Stakes", now he is the honorary president of BC "League of Stakes".

In 2009 he founded the Elite Bookmaker Club "Oscar Yard", the first gambling institution of the premium class.

In 2012-2013 years. - Chairman of the Moscow city branch of the All-Russian political party RIGHT BUSINESS, a member of the Federal Political Council of the All-Russian Political Party RIGHT BUSINESS, a member of the Public Advisory Council of Political Parties under the Moscow City Duma, the Chairman of the Commission on Budget and Finance of the Public Consultative Council of Political Parties at the Moscow The city Duma, the general director of the State Bank of Russia "Directorate of the" Rossiya "Park, the Advisor to the Governor of the Moscow Region.

In 2013, he became President of the First Self-Regulating Organization of Bookmakers in Russia.

Current adviser to the President of the Premier League on the prevention of contractual matches, a member of the presidium of the Russian Federation, archery.

He is married, has 5 children, 5 grandchildren.

He is fond of traveling with his family, sports cars.



At the Moscow Garrison Military Court, a process began over the officers of the FSB and the RF Ministry of Defense. They are accused of kidnapping directly from the wedding of the pregnant wife of the head of the National Association of Bookmakers of Russia, Oleg Zhuravsky. According to the defendants' lawyers, they simply performed a rite accompanying many such celebrations. But Zhuravsky himself believes that there was a planned crime. The process promises to be loud. One of the prosecution witnesses is the security guard of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.

According to Zhuravsky, immediately after the incident, he wrote a statement to the Tverskoy police station, from there he was transferred to the Zamoskvorechye police station, where the crime was committed. But only in four months the Military Investigation Department of the Investigation Committee of the Russian Federation instituted criminal proceedings against the brothers under articles 126 of the Criminal Code (kidnapping) and 163 (extortion). "And for me, and for the guests who were at the wedding, they often tried to exert pressure," Zhuravsky said. - In particular, the unknown people stopped the car of an assistant to a high-ranking official who witnessed the kidnapping. He was asked to give up his testimony. "

According to "Rosbalt", it is about the security officer of the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika. "I think this was a planned crime," Zhuravsky said. - Ivannikovs originally conceived a kidnapping, discussed their plans at the table. They just hoped that they would get away with it. "

ROSBALT, August 10, 2009


Denis Ivannikov told reporters that he considers Zhuravsky not quite normal. According to a former employee of the FSB, in the 1990s Zhuravsky was the only surviving member of a certain group. In connection with this, some people tortured him, demanding the discovery of the location of the group's finances. After that, the bookmaker, as Ivannikov argues, suffered from a persecution mania. In particular, the "bride kidnapper" said that several years ago he and his friend brought Zhuravsky, who was seriously going through a divorce, to rest at the dacha. There they had a conflict, after which the bookmaker suddenly began to cry and howl. Having calmed down after half an hour, he explained that he suspected both comrades of his intention to "take him into the development" through the FSB and could hardly restrain himself from killing them., December 10, 2009


FSB officer Denis Ivannikov joke with the kidnapping of a friend's bride and a large businessman, Oleg Zhuravsky, cost three years of imprisonment in a penal colony. Such a verdict was handed to him today by the Moscow Garrison Military Court.

The fact is that Denis Ivannikov and his brother, Major of the Ministry of Defense Ivan, Ivannikov, who, incidentally, also went through the case and received a year and a half of probation, were welcome guests at Zhuravsky's wedding. The brothers, as it should, staged a kidnapping of a young businessman's wife, which made him angry and wrote a statement to the police. Four months after the wedding, the brothers Ivannikov were charged under two articles of the Criminal Code - 126th (kidnapping) and 163rd (extortion). After that, they had to resign from the FSB and the Ministry of Defense.

It is worth noting that the businessman was familiar with the Ivannikov brothers for about five years. It's interesting that they met for the first time at the wedding, and Zhuravsky himself was the organizer of the kidnapping of the bride. Ivan Ivannikov for some time worked in his guard. The mother of the brothers treated Zhuravsky's children. Denis was invited to the wedding as a friend of the groom who helped with the organization of the holiday., 09.12.2009


The president of the National Association of Bookmakers of Russia and the leader of the Moscow branch of the party "Just Cause" Oleg Zhuravsky once again found himself in the center of a criminal scandal. Business consultant Mikhail Saltsman accused Zhuravsky and his subordinates of being beaten. While the main Russian bookmaker passes on the case as a witness, but his status at any moment can change.

February 22, 2012 Salzman came to a meeting at the club "League of stakes" on Novy Arbat. The businessman claims that there unknown people threw a sack over his head, dragged him to the basement and began to beat him. Zaltsman was accused of allegedly preparing an attempt on the owner of the network of betting club "League of stakes" Oleg Zhuravsky, collecting information about him and his family.

"One large businessman was going to implement a multi-million dollar joint project with Zhuravsky, so he asked me to find out how he behaves towards business partners," Zaltsman told Izvestiya. - People Zhuravsky decided that the information I collected did not like his potential partner and he refused to sign a contract with him.

According to the business consultant, he was beaten for an hour.

"They were people of Zhuravsky and he himself - I recognized him by his voice," Zaltsman says. "They broke my right shoulder and inflicted a lot of bruises and bruises, I shouted, asked me to let go, but no one listened to me."

"Izvestia", 02.04.2012


On March 2, Salzman gathered a press conference at the Rosbalt news agency. An hour before it began, a suspicious foreign car appeared near the office. In the car were three armed men. They were taken to the police station, where they had their documents checked, fined for an expired license and insulted the policemen, and then released. Salzman does not rule out that he was followed by the people of Zhuravsky.

And on the eve of a press conference in the north of Moscow, FSB and MUR officers detained Bedirkhan Saidkhanov, a 28-year-old guard of the "League of Rates", trying to sell a gun. Zhuravsky said that Saidkhanov never worked at his guard.

"This man worked in the ChUP" City Squad, "whose services we use to protect the facilities," said Zhuravsky. - The head of the security service told me that this guard had previously worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Dagestan.

"Izvestia", 02.04.2012


Co-owner of the betting company "League of rates" and the president of the National Association of Bookmakers, Oleg Zhuravsky is negotiating the purchase of a number of sports media that must enter the media holding he creates. It is expected that the structure will be created already in October. Most likely, the media holding will be called "Oscar Yard Media" - Zhuravsky and his partner Yuri Krasovsky own a network of premium bookmakers "Oscar Yard".

The businessman sent Ivan Rubin, the general director of the newspaper Sport-Express, a written proposal for the purchase of the publication. But this media was sold before Zhuravsky (pictured) received an answer. Now the businessman wants to buy the radio "Sport". Also, the entrepreneur is interested in buying sports portals of the "second echelon", while their names are not disclosed. "If we manage to quickly assess and negotiate the purchase of assets, in September and October the holding will begin to operate. Now we are negotiating with some leading experts in the field of radio and print media in the Russian and European markets, "Zhuravsky told Izvestia. The initial investment in the media holding will be $ 10-15 million.

RUSPRES, 27.08.2012


Revolutionary noise around events in Ukraine is an ideal time not only for the crooked stockbrokers who play on the swings of currencies and stocks. Legislators of all levels, fascinated by geopolitical battles, on such days vote on other issues obediently and without further discussion.

That is why it is not by chance that just now in Russia a still quiet war is taking place around the amendments to the law No. 244 on gambling. The State Duma should consider them in the near future. The new amendments actually legalize rates on the Internet and give all the functions of control over gambling establishments to a public self-regulatory structure. It is interesting that the "beholder" is already defined there. This is Oleg Zhuravsky, the future goslateree operator in support of the football World Cup 2018, the person involved in several criminal cases and the owner of scandalous companies "League of Rates".

Today, illegal game thrives predominantly in the network. Catching the hand of the organizers of online casinos and illegal bookmakers is almost impossible. On any site closed in Russia, you can go through an anonymous proxy server, and replenish the account - even with a credit card, even a mobile purse. Game rooms under the sign of bookmakers accept bets on virtual fights. In place of expensive, but real "one-armed bandits" came cheap monitors. Players now do not even need to press the button. Absorbing chips with beer, they can watch with excitement how the computer plays itself with itself in football or twists roulette.

Bets completely anonymously accepts the usual payment terminal. Close this casino is almost impossible - in fact, according to the law, the bookmaker is engaged in its own business, taking bets on events. And really virtual matches or not - it's a matter of the player's taste.

One of the largest operators of similar services in Russia is the "League of rates" company. Her website in March last year was declared illegal, and the owner of the company - Oleg Zhuravsky immediately got into the development of the siloviki. After raids on the offices of the "League of Rates" in Moscow, policemen covered several underground casinos and gambling halls, which, however, quickly resumed work at other addresses. For obvious reasons, it is impossible to attract a business owner: The League of Bets surrenders its offices as franchise cafes around the country - to all willing "partners" with a fixed lease, and free from legal obligations. Gambling servers are registered in offshore companies, and it's simply impossible to find their owners and traces of cash transactions. According to this scheme, many participants of the newly-founded organization of Russian bookmakers, for example, the famous company "Unionbet", are currently doing business.

"Century", 03/06/2014


In 2000, he headed one of the largest bookmakers offices "Chance" (LLC "Rosbet"), where he partnered with Vadim Lunev. Then in 2008, together with Yuri Krasovsky and the owner of Ritzio Entertainment Group Oleg Boyko, he founded the bookmaker company Oscar Yard, which in a year managed 50 clubs "League of Bets". But in 2009, Boyko left this business. "With Mr. Boyko, we did not agree on the development of the company," explained Oleg Zhuravsky. The "Ko" interlocutors, who are familiar with this story, say that a division of business or, more precisely, spheres of influence took place between them. Boyko continued to engage in lottery business, Zhuravsky - bookmaker. And by that time he had influenced a significant part of this business - he was a co-owner of several large companies, he founded and acted as co-founder of the National Association of Bookmakers, which united more than half of the large BC.

Many questioned "Ko" bookmakers say about Zhuravsky as a very vigorous businessman, however, subject to certain throwings. "He is not always balanced, sometimes breaks down on people," says Alexander Mironov, the founder of Bookmaker Pub, "He made a name for himself at the expense of PR, he's only doing this." "His position is always floating, opportunistic," Alexander Zibrov adds, "At first he sharply opposed the state monopoly in the lottery market (where his companies are present." - Note "Co"), but then changed his position sharply, apparently by agreeing with the Ministry of Finance , That will act as operator of the goslateree in support of the World Cup in 2018 ". Who can stand behind Zhuravsky? They say that he is friends with Alexander Pochinok, and his business can support the structure of the owner of Nafta Moscow, Suleiman Kerimov. Allegedly he himself talked about this in private conversations with partners., February 24, 2014


It seems that Oleg Zhuravsky always felt invulnerable to the law. Suffice it to recall the story of how Zhuravsky filed a lawsuit to protect business reputation against the deputy chairman of the expert council of the Russian Football Union, Alexander Bubnov. At one of the meetings Bubnov publicly accused Mr. Zhuravsky of defending the organizers of contractual football matches. According to him, bookmakers have information about who organizes "contractual" and puts on previously known outcomes, having access to the data of players, but they hide it. "I'm 100% sure that you know who plays contract games," Alexander Bubnov said at a meeting of the RFU Council. After that, Zhuravsky left the meeting, and then sent an official letter to the RFU with a request to apologize to him. Apologies did not follow, after which Zhuravsky sued. However, he lost.

The sports scandal did not prevent the "gambling king" from getting another big jackpot from football officials. According to some sources, Zhuravsky, through controlled officials of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, has already managed to become a goslatere operator in support of the home world soccer championship-2018.

Amendments to the 22nd-4th law, which Zhuravsky is actively lobbying, actually legalize the possibility of anonymous bets on the Internet, against which, in theory, a new bill should also come forward. Given that the profits from illegal online casinos in Russia alone, according to some sources, are more than $ 4 billion a year, the resources in this game are involved in considerable amounts. And bookmakers play, as a rule, very tough. So, it is likely that in the coming months the already rich criminal chronicle threatens to replenish with new events in the spirit of the dashing 90s. But the decision of the State Duma deputies about online gambling is difficult to predict., 03/06/2014


At the end of January 2013, he unexpectedly left the post of NAB chief for everyone, and on February 1 he headed the management of the Rossiya Park. The construction of a park in Domodedovo worth about 50 billion rubles. Was initiated by the Minister of Defense and the head of the Russian Geographical Society, Sergei Shoigu. But in this position Zhuravsky was only six months late. In July 2013, he left at his own request to "engage in charity."

However, participants in the betting market are talking about another, more compelling reason for the resignation. Namely about the criminal case under art. 196 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation "Intentional bankruptcy". This story began in May 2007, when Linberry Holdings Inc. Concluded with ZAO "1st National Lottery" (at that time Yuri Krasovsky's shareholder was 65% and Goran Miloshevsky with 35%), the contract for the supply of gaming machines in the amount of 3.6 million euros. As Kommersant reported, in August of the same year the company sent a notice of the readiness of the goods for shipment, but the buyer refused the equipment. "Linberry Holdings" insisted on payment, and in May 2009, "The First National Lottery," saying that it can not repay the debt, pledged a stake (43.19% of the charter capital) to Linberry as part of the First The international bookmaker company (PMBK), operating in Russia under the brand of BC "League of Rates".

In August 2011, the "First National Lottery" sold the pledged share of LLC "Sirius Management" (controlled by Oleg Zhuravsky and Yuri Krasovsky). In September 2011, in response to Linberry attempts to recover the collateral, this company stated that it was not obliged to bear responsibility for the obligations of the previous owner. "Linberry" filed a lawsuit against "Sirius Management" in October 2011, and on December 5, 2011 the Moscow Arbitration Court decided that LLC Sirius Management is required to transfer the required share to the plaintiff's property. However, already on December 6, the share of LLC Sirius Management in PMBK again changed the owner - the new owner was Ultimate Game Ltd, registered in the Seychelles. It owns 75% KSBP still 25% owned by the Swiss Activeline Investment AG. February 8 "Linberri" appealed to the Moscow Arbitration Court with a similar claim about the requirement to transfer a stake in 43.19% in KSBP already against the Ultimate Game Ltd. And the suit also was satisfied.

These facts are interested in law enforcement. And now look at the date. June 20, 2013 GSU Research Affairs of Russia in Moscow criminal case number 18437 on the article "Deliberate bankruptcy", June 27. Oleg Zhuravsky leave the position of CEO GBU MO "The management of the park" Russian. ", 24.02.2014 Mr


President bookmaker's office of "The League Betting" Oleg Zhuravsky leaves no doubt that the business is going well. Impressive guards Twitter helpers, crystal chandeliers, gold walls, expensive pens battery on a massive table. Despite the fact that "The League Betting" is not the biggest on the market - 500 clubs and 3,000 employees, its head - the chief lobbyist for the industry. Oleg Zhuravsky once developed bookmaking project with casino "Europe", was a shareholder bookmaker "Chance", his last project - "The League Bets." "I spied this business back in the nineties in Europe. I liked that it was a gamble, but it requires intelligence, luggage knowledge, "- he says.

How to assure the two Forbes source, one of the shareholders' League Betting "is Suleiman Kerimov, the owner of football club" Anji ".

The company "Akira Invest Corporation", which owns 30% of the company KSBP (manages the brand "League Bet"), featured in the accounts of "HST-finance" transaction with the hotel "Moscow". Zhuravsky confirms that he has a partner, but Karimov is not among them. One floor above his office - the headquarters of the company Coalco billionaire Vasily Anisimov F 56, which Zhuravsky calls his friend.

Meanwhile Zhuravsky continued to increase awareness. He joined the party Mikhail Prokhorov F 14 "just cause", led the project "Russia" park - the chapters on land Coalco Vasily Anisimov, the then governor of the Moscow region Sergey Shoygu Russia wanted to build in miniature. "Even the part in unsuccessful projects allows to accumulate new connection", - says about the strategy Zhuravsky former official. Federal officials said that Zhuravsky remains comfortable figure for the power with which we can discuss the regulation of the industry.

Forbes, 24.12.2015 Mr


It was announced that several betting companies, including Ltd. "F.O.N." (brand "Fonbet"), LLC "Atlantik-M", LLC "Star Bet" (brand "Bingo Boom") and last week LLC "Johnny Game" have ceased to be members of the First and joined the SRO SRO bookmakers. Representatives of these companies argue that TSUPIS new organization offers them the best conditions for business development.

President of the First SRO Oleg Zhuravsky stated that the unjustified panic was observed already in the previous year, when there were rumors of a huge percentage of the organization's services. Thus, Zhuravskiy claims that competitors frightened bookmaker large interest rates in the first CPO (5 - 10%).

President of the First SRO hopes that he was able to disprove all the unfounded rumors about his company. He believes that the transitions between the CPO - a natural process and TSUPIS is not of paramount importance. Bookmakers are companies that have moved to another SRO, guided in this by personal reasons.

«News of Gambling», 16.02.2016


February 15 started first TSUPIS allowing the Russian players to bet legally on the Internet. The first organized TSUPIS first SRO bookmakers by Oleg Zhuravsky. BC "League Betting", honorary president of which is also Zhuravsky, is currently the only member of TsUPISa.

The first payment operations TSUPIS will be implemented through non-bank credit organizations (NGOs) "Mobile map", accountable to the Russian Central Bank. Fees for transactions for those wishing to top up your betting account will be about 1%. This Commission will receive "Mobile map" for their services.

As it became known site Betting Business Russia, the largest founder of "Mobile map" it is also Oleg Zhuravsky. its size fraction is 30%., 02.20.2016


The interests in the gambling business in their time had (and it is possible that not forgotten about them), according to The Forbes, owner of the company for the sale of Mercedes, BMW and Rolls-Royce Alexander Varshavsky and billionaire Oleg Boyko. Certainly made their bets on the development of gambling and betting company president "League Betting" Oleg Zhuravsky, and former manager of the network of lotteries "Victory" Ilya Shuvalov. Thus, it seems that the game began, at which stake are big money. Who will win it, we'll know soon enough. But the losers are known now - all those who will suffer again their money in the pockets of gambling kings.

"Our version" of 03.21.2016