In 1983 he graduated from Leningrad State University named after AA Zhdanov in 2003 - the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov.

In 1983-1992 he served in the Armed Forces.

In 1992-2003 he worked in commercial structures.

From 2003 to 2004, led by the management of investment activities of the Central Executive Committee of the party "United Russia".

In 2004-2010 he represented in the Council of Federation of the Republic of Komi. He was a member of the Federation Council Committee for Financial Markets and Currency Circulation, on the Northern Territories and Indigenous Minorities, the Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Commission on Interaction with the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation.

From 2010 to 2013 - the auditor of the Russian Audit Chamber.

In 2014-2016 he was the head of the Russian State Register.

July 28, 2016 decree of the Russian President Vladimir Putin was appointed acting governor of the Kirov region.

- I know almost all of the Komi Republic. And even I will not hide - I know where. The second half of my family, my wife, and we have been married for 22 years, radical native Komi, the city of Vorkuta. And her parents lived in Vorkuta from 1966 to 2004. My mother-in-law was the director of the school number 15, and a sufficient number of deputies had learned from her. And the test has gone from a miner to the deputy, "Yur-Shor" chief engineer of the mine.

Zyryanskaya life 01.11.2004



The initial stage of the biography of Igor Vasilyev was very similar to Vladimir Putin's way of life. In 1983, he graduated from the Law Department of Leningrad State University named after Zhdanov - there previously studied both Putin and Dmitry Medvedev. From 1985 to 1988 he worked in the KGB in Leningrad and Leningrad region. After that, four years served in the KGB. Parallel finished Red Banner Institute of Yuri Andropov - today it is the Foreign Intelligence Academy, which trains officers of the Russian secret services.

It was at the Institute Vasilyev met with Vladimir Putin (the future president of Russia learned not there five years earlier)

"Meduza". 08/23/2016


Former spy Igor Vasilev behaved in the Komi Republic in accordance with the laws of the genre. The break in the meeting session, already after the State Council of the Republic of Kazakhstan deputy head of the republic gave its consent to the appointment of "St. Petersburg" a member of the Federation Council, the correspondent of "ZZH" went to Mr. Vasiliev with a plan to arrange an interview. "I'll be back in ten minutes," - dropped in response to the newly made senator, he came out of the building, which hosted the session, and disappeared.

Zyryanskaya life 01.11.2004


"At one time, in some way representative of the President in the North-West promoted Vasilyeva in Komi. Here he had "his own man" was not ordinary citizens, he does not know. If anyone knew it, it is a very narrow circle of people: Governor may siloviki. The masses of the name did not sound "- described Vasilyeva member of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Komi Leonid Zilberg.

In 2005, Vasilyev was one of the contenders for the post of head of the Komi Republic - his name was on a list of three candidates, which are established when the order envoy for the Federal Circuit has presented to the president. In the end, however, Vladimir Putin pereutverdil in office Vladimir Torlopova.

"Jellyfish". 08/23/2016


So, Help for the audit (available to the "News") reports on unsubstantiated facts Rosreestra payment mapping and surveying. The staff of the supervisory authority identified violations of more than 130 million rubles in the execution of government contracts in 2014 in the framework of the Federal Target Program GLONASS. Almost half of them, according to prosecutors, do not meet the performance specifications, including due to the lack of control by the Rosreestra their implementation contractors.

... The report GP also said that in 2014 Rosreestra mastered only 51% of the allocated amount to 610.26 million rubles of funds for the implementation of the Federal Target Program GLONASS. On the R & D is used only 94.5 million rubles from 311.6 million rubles provided. Similarly, in 2013, of the amount of 534 million rubles disbursed only 47% of contracts concluded only 68.12 million rubles. The funds provided for research and development (217 million rubles), have not been used at all.

News, 06/01/2015


The security forces, politicians and businessmen of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug continue to discuss the scandal that recently erupted in the district structures Rosreestra and BTI. As the reviewers portal "Compromising-Ural", the house of the head of Ugra management Rosreestra Vladimir Khapaeva (pictured) raided as part of the investigation of corruption cases involving fraud. The suspect in the case - the head of the federal department of BTI in the Khanty Alex Navalikhin and Khapaev formally until the witness. But it is considered the main purpose of exposing law enforcement. Mr. Khapaev has repeatedly become a hero of corruption scandals, but miraculously he gets away with it. His position is in the federal jurisdiction, the appointment of Moscow produces Boss Rossreestra Igor Vasilyev, which, in turn, supervised by Deputy Minister of Economic Development Minister Paul Korolev. Ugra public finds: Is it Vasilyev Queen is patron Khapaeva, who before joining the civil service for many years was considered a janitor in Ulyanovsk! Curator Rosreestra Pavel Korolev relates to the Urals through the former Sverdlovsk Governor Alexander Misharin (now - the first vice-president of JSC "Russian Railways"), during its reign of King joined the leadership of the region. Another native of the Urals - Misharin family friend Alex Koltonyuk - in Sverdlovsk misharinskom government headed by the Ministry of Finance, and now holds the position of deputy head in Rosreestra Igor Vasiliev. So strings of Ugra scandals lead to the same clan in Moscow ... , 9/7/2015


Rosreestr made changes to the information about the property owned by the sons of the Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika - Artem and Igor, said Fund to Fight Corruption (FBK) Alexei Navalny.

FBK found that extracts from Rosreestra requested in June 2016, the owner of the objects, which previously was listed as the owner of Artyom Chaika, is now listed as some LSDU3. Real Estate Igor Seagulls Now, according to the statement, belongs to no one ... YFYAU9.

FBK, 06/09/2016


Earlier Rosreestra disappeared from mention of the fact that the daughter of the Minister of Defence Sergei Shoigu owns a mansion on the Rublevskom highway. Also from the database have been removed Rosreestra data about the owners of the apartment Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, and information about the property Shamalova Cyril, who, according to unofficial sources, is the husband of one of the daughters of President Vladimir Putin.

Prosecutor General's Office issued a report, which expressly states that Rosreestra been accepted and paid for works on contracts with JSC "Roskartografia" under the Federal Program "GLONASS", the total value of 200 mln. Rub. According to these contracts, it planned to create a digital city plans to update the digital maps and map navigation. However FGBI "Geodesy Center" experts concluded that 47% of the performance of the contract did not comply with technical specifications and can not be used by consumers as a reliable data due to errors in the control of the heights, duplication facilities, as well as the presence of secret facilities. The cost of poor quality of work performed amounted to more than 130 mln. Rubles.

In 2015, in St. Petersburg, scandal revealed corruption scheme and illegal fees on the "rapid" execution of contracts equity participation in the construction of the local Office of the Russian State Register. Register a block of flats is 300 - 500 thousand rubles.. To register for a laid-five days, you need to pay 15-20 thousand. per kvartiru- otherwise the registration period is extended to three months.

According to information from internal sources to 50% Rosreestra illegally obtained funds redirected from the regional offices manual Rosreestra in cash. All the officials of this department, who were detained in the preparation or transmission is cash, which confirms the recent arrest of an official Rosreestra when receiving a bribe in the amount of $ 350 thousand. Dollars..

According to information from internal sources Rosreestra creator mechanism "receiving tribute" to the heads of territorial divisions Rosreestra is appointed in October 2015. The new assistant Vassiliev - Maxim Kostarev. Those who refused to participate in a criminal scheme - have been dismissed under "service inconsistency."

"Criminal Chronicle". 07/17/2016


I wanted to Igor Vasilyev it or not, but when it became part Rosreestr political body, - the investigative department of the Fund for the fight against corruption George Alburi. - At the beginning of its authority to erase data on the real estate security forces and government officials. We sued, and the representatives of the courts Rosreestra come with this position: it is not our business, because our interests are not affected. The Court held every time their side, and we did not know on what basis they were removed information. No legal reason for that. Of course, the slaves could not break the law on its own initiative. All "approaches" in Rosreestr asking something could remove only go through the head of the department. "

"Meduza". 08/23/2016


Passions around the vacant post of head Rosreestra begin to heat up. Igor Vasilev recently resigned the post of Acting the governor of the Kirov region. New chapter Rosreestra will get no easy task - the numerous scandals svedetelstvuyut agency that the new leader will be forced to shake up a significant part of the heads of departments ...

That last example :, May metropolitan official Rosreestra Rosreestra arrested when receiving a bribe in the amount of 350 thousand. Rec. USA "for assistance in obtaining registration of rights to real estate." Without the knowledge of higher authorities like is unlikely to occur. Could the money to bypass the department heads and accumulate in the hands of Kosterova ME Chief Advisor Rosreestra Vasilyeva IV, then sent to the Ministry of Economic Development (Reve Igor and Kottsevu Tsiolkovsky) and other interested parties? Given that ugliness in the department investigated in parallel in several areas simultaneously, this version is quite right to exist.

Such schemes would also have to be supported by regulatory agencies. Could it be Medoev - FSB officer? Let us leave the question unanswered, but give some characteristics of the strongman. Marat Igorevich has a hot temper likes the good life, expensive cars and motorcycles, has influential relatives, close friends and apparently no different experiences and knowledge in the everyday life of Russian citizens. But it is true, before it can be more difficult task - protecting and increasing their capital. Normally in criminal those who refused to participate in the scheme are subjected to severe pressure. As it happened in the department Kosterova Vasilyeva and we do not know, but scandals and reordering followed him, suggest that the organization could be "impregnated" gray schemes ...

"Version". 08.2016