In 2004 he graduated from the University of Cambridge (UK), where during his studies was the president of Russian society. He holds a BA and MA in Economics.

In 2004 he joined the hundred best top-managers of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region according to "Business Petersburg".

Before 2006 - he worked as a senior expert in the investment banking department at Morgan Stanley in London.

2006 - 2011 - Co-founder and Vice President of the Russian office of TPG Capital (the world's largest private equity fund - $ 100 billion under management.)

From 2011 to 2014 he served as president of the Group "Amount" Ziyavudin Magomedov.

In March 2013, he became chairman of the board of directors of OJSC "FESCO" - Fesco group based company.

Is the President of "A1" from December, 2014.

He is currently a member of the Presidium of the General Council of the All-Russian public organization "Business Russia".

Member of the Board of Trustees of the Russian Cycling Federation and the Chairman of the Committee of the Board of Trustees the Russian Cycling Federation to finance.

A member of the supervisory board of the consortium "Alpha-Group".

Forbes magazine has included a 33-year-old Alexander Vinokourov in the list of highest-paid young top managers.

In 2008, he married the daughter of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Catherine. He is married and has a son.

Father Alexander Vinokourov Semyon Vinokourov together with his son and partner, Sergei Zhukovsky owns "Genfa". It was founded in 2006 and is engaged in distribution and localization of drugs.

The "Genfy" is a joint venture with a subsidiary of GC "Rostec" - National immunobiological Company (NEC). The company must produce medicines that replace foreign products.



64-year-old Sergei Lavrov, Russia's foreign minister - one of the most popular ministers in the country. How is the personal life of Sergei Lavrov is known about his wife and daughter? ...

Their only daughter Katya Lavrov was born in New York, when Sergei Viktorovich worked in the Soviet permanent representation at the UN. She graduated from the school in Manhattan and Columbia University.

After graduation, she went to London for an internship. There Ekaterina met with the son of pharmaceutical tycoon, a graduate of Cambridge Alexander Vinokourov.

In 2008, they were married.

HotWar, 22.04.2014


The fact that the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov is preparing for the wedding of his only daughter, knew only a narrow circle of initiates. In the Reception Hall of the Presidential Administration usually take high foreign guests. On the day of the wedding decorators changed everything beyond recognition, making strict placement in a winter wonderland.

Designers built a makeshift altar, guests watched the sacrament of marriage, sitting on the white benches cathedral. 25-year-old bride Ekaterina Lavrova - in a dress with a long train, the same age as her fiancé, Alexander Vinokurov - in evening dress. Young uttered vows and exchanged rings by Cartier.

Then the guests were invited to a luxurious table. During the meal, a guest showed a film about a love story Suite - Ekaterina and Alexander met in London.

At the wedding we were invited only the closest: old friends Lavrov - large metropolitan businessman Gregory Balzer, former intelligence officer Yuri Kobaladze; from New York arrived bride girlfriend Anna Anisimova, daughter of billionaire Vasily Anisimov; from London «The Leys School» University of Cambridge and the groom arrived classmates.

The surprise of the evening was Valery Leontiev, a longtime family friend of Vinokourov. He, along with the bride performed her hit duet "You do not forget." And then, as usual, the younger generation of dance from the heart, and recalled the older youth camp.

"Express newspaper." 21.09.2008


Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov recently became a grandfather daughter Catherine gave him a grandson

On the eve of 27-year-old woman in childbirth here she brought her husband, the son of a major pharmaceutical tycoon Alexandre Vinokourov (young married in autumn 2008). Since birth Ekaterina coped magnificently, then it determined in a separate apartment. On the same day similar young parents arrived at the hospital at three luxury cars. Alexander was visibly excited and the first took his son in his arms.Sergei Lavrov for employment in the hospital was not able to come, but one of the first to congratulate his daughter and son-in with a newborn on the phone. According to doctors, the boy looks like his famous grandfather.

"Moscow's comsomolets". 06.12.2010


After hearing the salary expectations of Alexander Vinokurov, founder of the "Amount" Ziyaudin Magomedov found them aggressive. 28-year-old financier, a Cambridge graduate with experience in global structures, it sounded sum of six zeros. Including $ 2 million "lifting" for the transition to the presidency of the "sum" of $ 2 million annual salary. Plus annual bonus - according to several sources Forbes, from $ 2 million to $ 6 million in April 2011, when the conversation took place, the desired reward seemed overpriced:. Group revenue was $ 1 billion, compensation managers in companies of similar size was modest ....

I remember Sasha Vinokurov 15-year-old bully, which senses educated in England. Sasha learned at Cambridge University.

In England he met a pretty girl Catherine who by coincidence was the daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov, and married her in 2007.

This gave impetus to certain synergistic family business, including through contacts in-law ", - he tells the familiar Vinokourov brief history of the elite families. Vinokourov's father, an engineer, in the early 1990s he met through mutual friends with Shabtai Kalmanovich, who encouraged him to go into business. In "Liat-Natalie" based Kalmanovich and Iosif Kobzon, Semen Vinokurov became a junior partner in charge of the pharmaceutical business. In mid-1990 the company served the public procurement of medicines to the regions and was one of the largest wholesalers. Even then, many Russian businessmen are thinking about how to give children an education abroad. Semen Vinokurov, son instills independence, too, decided to send his son abroad. Since Alexander was in a private school at the Association of British pubs and breweries. Not the best place to win a seat in the highest light.

It helped acquaintance with compatriots, who called him to study at the school more interesting Leys ....

At the university, Alexander became the co-founder and president of the Russian Society of Cambridge, which organizes cultural events, but most memorable star party, which attracts Russian students from all over England.

After they organized a concert on campus "B-2» King's College has introduced a limit on the noise level in their buildings.

"Forbes". 18/12/2015


The construction of the oil terminal in the Port of Rotterdam will be a joint venture of the Russian group "Amount" and the Dutch VTTI billion.

The agreement on construction and operation of an oil terminal between the management of the Port of Rotterdam and development company Shtandart TT BV was signed on Thursday, 20 of October.Shareholders Shtandart TT BV are Russian group "Summa" (its share is 75 per cent), owned by businessman Ziyavudin Magomedov, and the Dutch VTTI (25 percent).

As RIA Novosti reported with reference to the vice-president of the group, "Sum" Alexander Vinokurov, the project will be financed not only from our own, but also from the borrowed funds. Vinokurov said that most likely, the loan will not give out a bank, and a consortium of banks, since the volume of investment is large enough. He also noted that the payback period of the oil terminal will be from five to seven years.

The fact that a group of "Sum" won the tender for the construction of an oil terminal in the port, media reported October 19, citing a source in the Kremlin. Joint Russian-Dutch company Shtandart TT BV will build tanks for Urals oil and petroleum products, totaling three million cubic meters. Terminal construction is due to start in 2013, after obtaining the necessary permits and completion of project works. The launch is scheduled for 2015.

It is assumed that the area of the object to reach 55 hectares, and the depth at the berths of the terminal one of the zones (over 20 meters) would take it supertankers with a displacement of up to 300 thousand tons. Initially, oil supplies will be delivered to Rotterdam from Primorsk (Leningrad Region port), but later it is planned to make oil and other Baltic ports.

LENTA.RU, 20.10.2011


The owner of "Basic Element" Oleg Deripaska, who does not agree with the results of the privatization of JSC "United Grain Company" (UGC) seeking cancellation of the transaction: at the request of his company, the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) filed a case against goszernotreydera for violating the law "On Protection of Competition ". Initiated investigation has prevented the signing of the government directive approving an investor group UGC "Sum" Ziyavudin Magomedov ....

As part of the initiation of proceedings by the Federal Antimonopoly Service has asked respondents a full report on the procedure of the tender for the sale of 50% minus one share of the additional issue

As reported by "Kommersant" on 29 May UGC board of directors on May 28 in the framework of the privatization of state companies approved the holding of an additional issue in the amount of 50% minus one share in favor of the "Amount" Ziyavudin Magomedov to offer the highest bid for the package - 5.9 billion rubles. at the rate of 1693 rubles. per share.

"Kommersant". 15.06.2012


At the end of 2012 the state agent grain interventions regulation, grain storage and public intervention fund strategic reserve - United Grain Company (UGC) will show losses of more than 3 billion rubles..

In late 2011, the company has come a new management team, which is closely connected with Magomedov Zia, and in early 2012, thanks to the active support of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich "Summa Capital" Magomedov gained control of the UGC

According to estimates Center for Financial University financial investigation under the Government of the Russian Federation since the transition state-owned companies under the control of the "sum" of the budget of the company through its own trading house and a front of the Swiss company «Soyuz Commodities SA», using bogus contracts were put in a total of 15 billion rubles.

Trying to affiliate with the "Summa Capital" Management conceal massive theft was not successful, therefore, likely to his post in the near future will leave the Acting Director General Sergei Polyakov.

United Grain Company has played a major role in the regulation of the market of agricultural products smoothing the fluctuations in the price of public intervention and providing storage of the state grain reserve.

At the end of 2012, Magomedov told the newspaper Vedomosti told about plans to create a world-class global grain company to rival Glencore and Cargill. Amounts President Alexander Vinokurov said in an interview with "Kommersant" immediately after purchase, that "the experience of the company in the transport and logistics will help UGC create a modern infrastructure and strengthen the position of Russian grain on the world market in the near future." Until you get to the business. But the basic meaning of the United Grain Company purchases consisted not so much in getting her business, how to control it owned Novorossiysk seaport and the concentration in the hands of amounts transshipment facilities, as well as download existing supply chain of grain state.

Thus, the United Grain Company losses do not affect the business Zia Magomedov, but very bad for the development of the grain market of Russia. On the negative consequences of the sale of control of the UGC Summa wrote in a letter to Shuvalov, Oleg Deripaska and the Russian Federal Anti-Monopoly Committee opened a case, however, close to the then President Medvedev, Arkady Dvorkovich has finished the transaction on the company's sales to the end.

The company's losses following the results of 2012 exacerbated the conflict Deputy Prime Minister Dvorkovich with structures close to President Putin, who do not see anything good, not only in enhancing Magomedov business, but also in damage to the Russian group Summa agriculture.

"Eye of the planet." 04/24/2013


Please ask the price of Vinokourov for sale on railway operator Fesco transport group Sergei Generalov. However, the "Summa" was interested in the whole Fesco, and in late 2012 she bought the group in a consortium with the GHP Group for about $ 1 billion ... Since then, the company's shares fell three times amid falling stock index is only half. «LBO was risky in a good market, and has become a bad death for Fesco. Earlier this year, she was on the verge of bankruptcy and was forced to restructure part of the debt, "- says the head of the engineering industry, transport, materials," VTB Capital "Elena Sakhnova. The company bought the expensive and, in fact, she says, the premium paid to the seller by the holders of restructured bonds issue. "The deal took place in a reasonable range at the level of EBITDA of about 5, but due to the complex structure was wrongly assessed by analysts" - Magomedov objects. Of course, if she did now, it would look different, he admits, but the company considers temporary difficulties. Unhappy transaction were minority shareholders who bought shares in the market: Vinokourov promised them a voluntary offer to purchase, which did not take place because of the dramatically changed market conditions....

Their paths diverged - Magomedov was a great start for a beautiful business stories and Vinokourov led the A1, one of the investment units of "Alfa-Group", whose financial resources are much higher in general than the "sum".

"Forbes". 18/12/2015


A1, part of the "Alfa Group", the State Bank will deal with distressed corporate borrowers.

A1 has signed several framework agreements with major banks to work with their troubled corporate debt. This was told the president of Forbes A1 Alexandre Vinokourov, refusing to name the banks.According to him, in the case of mutual interest of the parties, the company will be able to connect to the solution of the problems with corporate debt at any stage of the negotiations on debt restructuring and litigation before the debtor's bankruptcy and the sale of its property.

Several bankers and financiers argue that the services of A1 interested Sberbank. The press service of the bank said that the cooperation with A1 "may, in some cases, if the interests of the parties are the same." Among possible partners A1 sources call and Gazprombank, but there is the presence of agreements with A1 denied.

... Savings Bank appealed to the A1, so as not to incur reputational risks when dealing with "bad" debts, said an investment banker working with stressful assets.

Debtors of Sberbank German Gref has repeatedly been accused in the seizure of their assets, or the pursuit for personal reasons. For example, the public did Vladimir Kehman (the JFC), Sergei Poymanov ("Pavlovskgranit"), Andrew Gorodnov ( "Alteks group companies"). In response to these accusations Gref said he did not consider it necessary to reply, "When people behave beyond good and evil", and willing to go through with regard to ineffective owners, due to which the bank is losing.

... When working with bank debtors A1 company expects a reward in 5-20% of the cash flows (the sum of the loan is returned, the value of the sold property, and so on. D.) And is interested in projects that can bring her at least $ 10 million, said Vinokourov. That is, the company is interested in working with debts of $ 50 million. The level of remuneration, which calculates A1 interviewed Forbes financiers called average. Also, A1 can redeem problematic debt adds Vinokourov.

Forbes.ru. 06/29/2015


Several market participants said that "Alpha" in the face of Vinokourov, son-Lavrov, needed a resource close to the power of man, in case someone from the group accidentally "zaplyvet for the buoys."

For example, shortly before the lawyers, in the interest of the A1 opposing NPK "Uralvagonzavod" (DC) in a corporate conflict at the coal company «Zarechnaya», threatened members of the Board of Directors and management UVZ criminal proceedings in Cyprus and personal sanctions, including a ban on entry to the EU. However, the shareholders of "Alpha" is refuted. "Vinokurov - young, intelligent, groovy, energetic man with a good education and have experienced enough. I knew about the pharmaceutical business of his father, who began to "Liat-Natalie," but that he was son-in-Lavrov learned not once, "- says Friedman. According to him, with Vinokourov had established good human relations, despite the age difference.

A1 is involved simultaneously in five to seven corporate conflicts. Investment resources available to the company within the group, nearly $ 1 billion, shareholders may give more if necessary. "Before Vinokourov was tasked to upgrade the company and cheer her inside. We wanted to infuse new blood into A1 and make it more aggressive entrepreneurial spirit, "- adds co-owner of" Alpha groups ", the head of the advisory board of the A1 German Khan. In recent years, he says, the company took the blur profile, and it has entered into a series of non-core to its projects focused on market growth.

"Forbes". 18/12/2015


Intelligence agencies are searching for the unknown, who wrote a letter to the killer Alexei Sherstobitova. In a letter to one "ordered" Sherstobitova daughter Sergei Lavrov Foreign Minister Ekaterina Vinokurov and her husband. "Customer" Personality is not established ...

"Hello I want to order and Catherine Alexander Vinokourov pay $ 500 million.", - Says the man, whose name in the mail marked as Sergey Nikolaev.

"Gazeta.ru,". 02/20/2016


President Alexander Vinokurov A1 entered the capital of the pharmaceutical distributor "SIA International"

Alexander Vinokurov 33 years. He began his career in 2003 as an intern in the investment bank Morgan Stanley, three years later became a co-director of the Russian office of TPG Capital Fund, RBC reminds. In 2008, he married the daughter of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov. In 2011, he became president of the "Amount" Ziyavudin Magomedov, and in late 2014, led the investment company A1. Vinokourov Forbes included in the list of highest-paid young top managers.

President Alexander Vinokurov A1 entered the capital of the pharmaceutical distributor "SIA International"

"Vedomosti". 08/02/2016


President of investment company A1 Alexandre Vinokourov bought a "large stake" one of the largest Russian pharmaceutical distributors "SIA International". Revenue "AAI" in 2014 amounted to almost 100 billion rubles.

President of investment company A1 (part of the "Alfa Group"), Alexandre Vinokourov has acquired a large stake in pharmaceutical distributor "SIA International" from the heirs of the founder Igor Rudinsky company, said on Sunday, "Pharmaceutical Bulletin", citing a source close to the negotiations. According to the publication, Vinokourov was acting as a private investor, and the heirs Rudinsky continue to own part of the company. Representative Alexander Vinokourov confirmed RBC, he bought a share in "AAI", without revealing other details. Get the comments in "SIA International" on Sunday night failed.

Industry publications Vademecum on Sunday reported that Igor Rudinsky family reached an agreement in principle with Vinokourov that he would become an investor "SIA". According to the publication, Vinokourov could get in "50% or a little more."

In the ranking of the largest pharmaceutical distributors in Russia, compiled by RNC Pharma, for the first nine months of 2015, "SIA International" took the 7th place with a market share of 7.6% (in the same period of the previous year the company's share was 8.1%).

The founder of the "BIA" Igor Rudinskiy died in October, 2014. The intention to buy "SIA" even in 2014 said another major pharmaceutical distributor "R-Pharm" (number five in the ranking). However, in November 2015 the general director of "R-Pharm" Vassily Ignatiev said that the decision to purchase is postponed until 2016: the company was going to see the first financial results "AAI" for 2015, and then make a decision.

ON "Thanksgiving", 08.02.2016


... At Alexander Vinokourov and his father, Semyon Vinokourov already have assets in the pharmaceutical business. Together with a partner, Sergei Zhukovsky Alexandre Vinokourov and his father Semen Vinokurov own company "Genfa" engaged in distribution and localization of drugs, confirmed RBC representative Vinokourov Bush. This company was founded in 2006, according to SPARK data base, its revenue in 2014 amounted to 47.8 million rubles, net loss of -. 208 700 000 rubles. Now the key product for "Genfy" is an anticancer drug "Genfatinib", which commissioned by the company is produced abroad, says development director of RNC Pharma Nikolai Bespalov. According to him, in 2015 "Genfa" was to make money by selling "Genfatiniba" 50-60 million rubles. Also, "Genfa" is engaged in the packaging of medicines under a contract for the Kurgan plant "Synthesis", which is co-owned "SIA International" and "Rostec".

"RBC". 08/02/2016


Alexandre Vinokourov, despite the young age of 33-year-old has repeatedly found himself in the list of highest-paid top managers, according to Forbes. He began his career in 2003 as a trainee at investment bank Morgan Stanley, and three years later became a co-director of the Russian fund TPG Capital. Business success of a businessman traditionally usually associated with a successful marriage: in 2008 he married the daughter of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Catherine. At the end of 2014 he headed the investment company A1, included in "Alfa Group" billionaires Mikhail Fridman, German Khan and Alexei Kuzmichev. In some cases, however, its commercial operations resemble normal "Spin". The latest example - squeezing the founder and co-owner of the company "Eurodon" Vadim Vaneeva of its business.

As RBC, an investment group A1 by acquiring the shares of the main turkey producer in Russia, the company "Eurodon" immediately filed lawsuits against its co-owner Vadim Benaiah. Three of the claim recorded in the files of the Rostov Arbitration Court on 9 February. Two respondents indicated Ltd. "Eurodon", in the third - person Vadim Van. The plaintiff in all cases is "Brimstone Investments Limited." The beneficiary of this company registered in Belize, recently became the A1. The representative confirmed the latest RBC filing lawsuits. On the purchase of 40% shares of "Eurodon", the largest turkey producer in Russia, the company A1 reported last Tuesday, 2 February. His interest in "Eurodon" sold her a member of "Gazprom" Board of Directors, former Minister of Property Relations of the Russian Federation Farid Gazizullin.

"Ruspres". 02/11/2016


On Monday, the Lefortovo court of Moscow arrested the former director of the Department of Natural Resources of Vnesheconombank (VEB) Ilgiz Valitova for up to 25 April 2016 on the arrest of FSB investigators solicited, Valitov suspected of fraud on a large scale (part 4 of article 159 of the Criminal Code), told "Vedomosti "court spokesman Catherine Krasnov. According to her, the investigation suspects Valitova in attempts to fraudulently take possession of the property group "Eurodon" companies - the largest producer of turkey in Russia. According to investigators, Valitov proposed "Eurodon" structures receive VEB loans in exchange for a share in their charter capitals ....

Valitov was arrested on Friday, 26 February. On the same day it was reported that the investment group A1 (unit "Alfa Group") has sold structures VEB 40% "Eurodon", the acquisition of which reported less than a month before February 2. At the same time, VEB bought from A1 by 49% in three groups - LLC "Ursdon" (production of turkey hatching eggs), Ltd. "Metal-Don" (metal) and LLC "Irdon" (house-building). Arrest Valitova and the transaction between A1 and VEB - directly related to the event, she told "Vedomosti" a person close to the bank. But another source close to one of the parties to negotiate a deal, assured that Valitova was "interest" in "Eurodon".

"Vedomosti". 03/01/2016


Arrested top manager VEB Ilgiz Valitov can testify to the head of the company Alexander Vinokourov A1 (photo). Got Mr Valitov on what helped pass a stake in Russia's largest producer of offshore turkey former Minister Farit Gazizullina. According to preliminary data, he began to cooperate with the investigation, and it can turn bad for Alexander Vinokourov. Some experts pointed out that the company, led by Mr. Vinokourov was involved in the legalization of property, fraudulently taken away from Vadim Benaiah, the rightful owner "Eurodon" holding.

Valitov accused that made "Eurodon" owner give 40% of the company in exchange for the state bank loans. From 2006 to 2013, "Eurodon 'group VEB attracted almost 18 billion rubles. Money VEB occupied and related structures "Eurodon".

In 2012, Vnesheconombank has approved "Eurodon-south" (100% - the founder of the group "Eurodon" Vadim Vaneeva) credit line of 17.9 billion rubles. indeykovodcheskogo for construction of the complex in the Rostov region. Thus, VEB became the largest creditor group.

It should be noted that the period of debt accumulation "Eurodon" to VEB coincides with the period when Valitov served as director of the department of "Vnesheconombank" regions, and then - the head of the Directorate of Natural Resources and Construction.

A former top manager of the VEB cheated when issuing credit. Investigators believe that he made "Eurodon" owner give 40% of the company Brimstone Investmenta. As it turned out, the company, led by Alexander Vinokourov, was the "seal" between the company and VEB Brimstone!

And another event took place on February 26 - an investment group led by Vinokourov A1, a unit "Alfa Group", has sold 40% of VEB structures "Eurodon"!

The case involved high-ranking officials and influential businessmen. But the most controversial figure - is, of course, Alexandre Vinokourov. The fact is that in 2008 Alexander Vinokurov successfully married the daughter of Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Catherine (photo). Mr. Lavrov - one of the key ministers Putin and the siloviki government, of course, it would be difficult to present any claim to the manager.

Osradio.ru, 09.06.2016


Perhaps it is high lobbyists harbor Vinokourov by vigilant attention to the investigation. The question is, how long will Lavrov and Friedman "fronting" the head of the A1? By the way, Lavrov have developed good relations with the "Alfa-Bank". Moreover, the Foreign Minister even supported some of the "alfovtsev".

Perhaps the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry has any personal financial interest in, "Alfa Group". By the way, earlier, Sergei Lavrov has repeatedly suspected of lobbying the interests of the main UC Rusal owner Oleg Deripaska. And if so, what prevents Lavrov "cover" Friedman and Vinokourov?

Email "CENTURY" newspaper, 06.04.2016


The well-known company A1 (President Alexander Vinokurov, is part of the "Alfa Group"), gained control of 50 percent of shares in a Cyprus company APG Polyplastic, which owns 96.5% stake "POLYPLASTIC" Russian group. Following the acquisition of half of the Cyprus offshore company in the property A1 moved 48.25% of the group itself. The structure of "POLYPLASTIC" includes a number of enterprises tubular polymer industry located including Krasnodar (OOO "Yugtrubplast"), and in the Volga (LLC "Italsovmont"), as well as trading houses in the Kuban Cossack village Dinskaya, Sochi and Rostov-on -Don. A1 (formerly called "Alfa-Eco") repeatedly came to the South Russian market by acquiring stakes in troubled companies and leading corporate war with the owners of the Taganrog "Tagmet" plant, Shakhty "Stroyfarfor" poultry "Eurodon".

Slightly more than 51% "POLYPLASTIC" today remain the property of its president Myron Gorilovsky.


As the "Expert South" on condition of anonymity, one of the "Stroyfarfor" managers "at A1 today a very strong team of lawyers. Gone are the days when the company resorted to the services of private security companies, today they are acting exclusively in the framework of the law, skillfully using slips of management structures, which they intend to devour. This was the case with "STROYFARFOR" because they were going to act with "Eurodon", but in the case of the last A1 simply have not calculated their strength. "

It is possible that this time the A1 and is not going to "fight" with the structures of Mr. Gorilovsky, but nonetheless should assess the persistence with which the company is Alexander Vinokourov breaks to control the most advanced production assets in southern Russia.

"EXPERT SOUTH, 11.05.2016


For the first time loudly sounded the name of Vinokourov in the proceedings around the "36.6" pharmacy. In the middle of this year, the company is being searched in connection with the criminal case against one of the related "Pharmacy Chain 36.6" companies, which is being investigated by the police under Art. 159 in connection with allegations of non-payment of debt.

Yet, according to investigators, the network pharmacy, receiving budgetary subsidies for the purchase of soft drugs for seniors, and then sold them at commercial prices. With one of the largest pharmaceutical retailers of the country, as noted by the independent experts, it is quite a strange story with its owners.

Recall, once the pharmacy network "36.6" bought the concern "Rossium", controlled by the owner of the Moscow Credit Bank Roman Avdeev. "Rossium" bought 950 million shares of "36.6". This, according to experts, was 25% of the entire pharmacy network. As written by some media, "36.6" was to change its name, as its main shareholder was considered a Cyprus company Palesora, which is controlled by businessman Vladimir Kintsurashvili and Ivan Saganelidze.

In January 2016 "Rossium" Avdeeva received almost the same package - 62,94% A5 Pharmacy Retail, according to the Cyprus Registry. Another 31.25% of the shares in the investment fund Baring Vostok and 5.81% - from Palesora. Most interestingly, from informed sources that the Roman Avdeev can act in the interests of the head of the group A1 Alexander Vinokourov, who, after the acquisition in February 2016 pharmaceutical company "SIA International" aimed at the acquisition of "36.6". So, Vinokourov proxy asset acquired pharmacy?

Zahvat.ru, 20.07.2016


Distributor of drugs "SIA International" does not exclude the possibility of opening its own pharmacy chain, announced in April this year, the company's CEO Sergey Piven at the First Congress of the pharmacy. Now become aware of the details of the project.

Engage in the development of retail pharmacies will be the company "Mega farm," knows a person familiar with the details of the project. 75% stake in the company through the "Farmakontur," according to the register, belong to the President investpodrazdeleniya "Alfa Group" A1 Company, Alexander Vinokurov, another 25% - at "SIA International". In turn, the controlling shareholder of the latter and Vinokourov. The head of "Mega farm" Andrei Gusev, the former general director of the pharmacy network "Rigla", and A5 groups (it is now teaming up with the market leader - "Pharmacy Chain 36.6"). Moreover, Gusev, according to "SPARK-Interfax", then the founder and general director of OOO "Yes well."

Vedomosti, 09.13.2016


The conflict in Russia's largest online seller of auto parts Exist.ru went to a new level. The main owner Exist.ru Vladislav Domoratsky did not redeem for $ 25 million 50% of the company, which owns its domain name from its co-founders, which supports the private sector arm of "Alpha groups" A1. Instead, he decided to sell its stake for about $ 10 million.

In this situation, market participants point out that the direct and, most importantly, a willing participant in the conflict was a group A1, headed by Alexander Vinokourov. And it adds that it is not surprising. Scandals and often outright blackmail - Vinokourov style of business.

A1 entered the corporate conflict on the side of the heirs of one of the founders of the Civil "Cinelab" Dmitry Buravleva. Analysts believe that Vinokourov could eventually take firm itself. Recall "Cinelab" was created in 2001 for the rental of lighting and camera equipment Dmitry Buravleva, Rtishchev Igor, Sergei and Alexander Razin Maryaginym. At the moment, the company is also engaged in digital post-production and delivery of film prints to theaters, connected to the system 3.3 thousand. Digital screens in Russia and the CIS.

It is worth noting that the company, under the guidance of Vinokourov, already has assets in the movie business. It controls a network of cinemas "Formula Kino". It looks like Vinokourov wants to expand participation in this business segment.


Businessmen say - daughter Lavrov played a key role for a career Vinokourov. After all, after the marriage was headed manager investment company A1, included in "Alfa Group" billionaires Mikhail Fridman, German Khan and Alexei Kuzmichev. It is worth mentioning again the Pope and business, or rather, his company "Genfa" collaborating with "Rostec". Do not be amiss to say that a neighbor of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov at home in the Swedish impasse is the head of state corporation "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov, who, according to experts, also have mutual friends with Alexander Vinokurov.

It is clear that Vinokourov serious "roof". But with the heirs' CineLab "can happen the same thing with" SIA International ": an asset could actually settle in the pockets of-law minister Lavrov.

Rucompromat.com, 17.11.2016