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Constantine's parents: father - Vachevskih Yuri Ivanovich and mother - Vachevskih Tatyana Fedorovna - Kirov engineers. Tatyana Fedorovna held the post of Chief of Quality Department of a large defense plant in Kirov. Brothers and no sisters. As a child, he attended a sports school and a class of boxing.

In 1988 he graduated VICKI them. Mozhaiskii in St. Petersburg Engineer ballistics. The Institute continued to exercise, became interested in theater, was kultorgom group. It Has 43 scientific works.

Due to the termination of funding for young scientists after the restructuring, scientific career Constantine became impossible.

While studying at the institute earned working at a defense plant them. XX Party Congress, also worked as a painter at the brewery "Bavaria". After graduating from Military Institute was assigned to work in a research institute.

Since 1992, the capital group "Metalloinvest-Market" (supply of steel products) has gone from a forwarder to a co-owner and President (since 1996).

Since 1997 was a member of the Board of Directors of JSC "Amurkabel".

In 2000-2010 he headed the Moscow knitting enterprise "Factory production of shawls", parts of which business center River Plaza was opened. Also included in the management of CJSC "lighting factory" Saturn "" and OOO "StroyInstrument".

At the same time engaged in the hotel business - in 2004, a businessman affiliated with the firm for $ 6.6 million acquired the St. Petersburg hotel "South" and "The Tourist".

According, a total gentleman Vachevskih co-founder of more than 50 different structures.

He was arrested on suspicion of fraud (Article 159 part 4 of the Criminal Code).

In addition to the business, the main drag KY Vachevskogo - fishing and hunting.

He has a rare disease - diabetes insipidus.

Married, three children.



The conflict between the owners (new and old companies "Zhilstroyinvest" Alexander Kalugin and Konstantin Vachevskih) may lead to the fact that it is extreme interest holders will be in the story. According to the general director of the group of companies "Metalloinvest-Market" blackmailed him, and he has already invested in new business of around $ 10 million. In addition, he accused the former management of stealing the money received from shareholders.

Last Friday, the former management headed by Alexander Kalugin tried to get into the office of the company, using the Arbitration Court decision and PSC services. But the new leadership was able to fight back, largely due to the prosecutor's office. But this is not the only difficulty that needs to be solved Vachevskih Constantine, head of the group "Metalloinvest-Market" company, he is also charged with fraud.

House control 24.04.2006


In November 2006, Constantine Vachevskih linked with the history of defrauded investors, who for several years were unable to move into their own apartments built for them a number of construction companies of the city. In this connection, on Leninsky Prospekt hosted the meeting, which resulted in a joint address defrauded investors and shareholders of the legitimate "Zhilstroyinvest" the Governor of St. Petersburg Valentina Matvienko.The appeal says: "We, defrauded real estate investors, demand the return of illegally occupied by Mr. Vachevskih (head of the company, the invader)" Zhilstroyinvesta 'assets to its rightful owners ... We, legitimate shareholders' Zhilstroyinvesta "also demand the return of illegally taken away our assets - only so we can meet the commitments undertaken before the interest-holders, Mr. Vachevskih cheated. "

Fontanka, 15.11.2006


The company "StroyInstrument" Constantine Vachevskih took a loan of 1 billion rubles from Sberbank and 55 million rubles in the "New Moscow Bank" for their own operations. The borrower sells rolled steel. These loans were secured by various Moscow commercial real estate, primarily office. Loans "StroyInstrument" did not return, but inherent in the "New Moscow Bank" house on Zubovsky boulevard (q. 17, p. 3) essentially withdrew from under the mortgage. Sberbank, according to independent sources from each other, is in a similar situation.

BN-Newspaper, 22.06.2010


In early December of this year President and Chairman of the Board of OJSC "Sberbank of Russia" German Gref sent to the Minister of Interior Vladimir Kolokoltseva statement about the crime. This document (a copy is available in the edition) is the owner of the actions of the group of companies "Metalloinvest-Market" Konstantin Vachevskih and related persons, have caused considerable damage to the bank by credit fraud. A similar statement to the police department of the Central Administrative District of the Russian Interior Ministry Main Department for Moscow sent a chairman of the board of the New Moscow Bank Tatiana Losev (a copy is also available in "NG"). And the bank, according to Losev, "has become the object of fraud by a group of persons led by Konstantin Vachevskih" multimillion-dollar damage was caused as a result of which the credit institution.

Sberbank, according to German Gref, as a result of unlawful actions of Constantine Vachevskih and its affiliates has suffered damage in the amount of 695.5 million. Rubles. In a letter to the head of the credit organization on the name of the Minister of Internal Affairs, by the way, describes in detail the "scheme of fraud group of persons led by Vachevskih". The essence of this scheme is described in the document as follows: Bank loans received from listed suppliers as payment for the metal. But suppliers were affiliated with "Metalloinvest-Market" company, whose accounts were opened in other banks, Sberbank and statements are provided (although this fact is stipulated in the loan agreement). Therefore, the Savings Bank believes that "the actual supply of steel is not carried out, and credit funds through affiliated structures were put on under the control of Constantine Vachevskih person for the purpose of their subsequent legalization."

Similar charges in the debtor's address is expressed and CEO of the New Moscow Bank Tatiana Losev. According to her, "a group of persons led by Vachevskih, with intent to steal the above funds, organized and implemented the fraudulent scheme, which resulted in property damage in the amount of 55 million rubles has been caused to the bank."

Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 27.12.2012


In 2006, his company "Olympus-Trade-XXI" and "Arvika-Trade-the XXI" were involved in the controversial purchase of the St. Petersburg construction company "Zhilstroyinvest". Vachevskih, according to "Zhilstroyinvesta" sellers, not calculated for several years with them, owed for the shares of approximately $ 2.5 million. What ended this dispute, is not known. According to some, it is still ongoing. More than two years, sellers have tried in court to get their money, but could not have. At the same time the former "Zhilstroyinvesta 'owners have different criminal charges. In particular, the general director of the construction company, Alexander Kalugin was charged with abuse of power: the conclusion of investment contracts to participate in the construction at a disadvantage for ZAO "Zhilstroyinvest" conditions. But the court withdrew the charges.

BN-Newspaper, 22.06.2010


OOO "DSK-175" from 2006 for two years could not achieve execution of the decision of the arbitration court to recover the debt with "Metalloinvestsbyta" and "StroyInstrument" in favor of the plant "Saranskkabel".Director General of "Metalloinvestsbyta" was at the time Constantine Vachevskih and General Director of JSC "StroyInstrument" - his wife Lily Vachevskih.

Moscow Post, 29.11.2012


Step accumulation and expansion of capital, Mr. Vachevskih began in the late '90s with "operation on the annexation" of "Amurkabel", as CEO of the holding "Metalloinvest-Market". The story was accompanied by a chain of scandals and criminal charges that were later successfully terminated without the involvement (as he said himself, Mr. Vachevskih) of some leaders of the Khabarovsk Territory. And no wonder, not just the same as in the summer of this year, Konstantin Yurevich was among the invited guests together with Khabarovsk Territory Governor Vyacheslav Shport on the anniversary of the mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov, was celebrated in the administrative building of the City Hall. Upon returning to Moscow, he in detail told their friends about how gave the mayor a huge TV as singing for the health celebrant together with Renat Ibragimov, while arrogantly suggesting that the position of President "Amurkabel" he owes the former Deputy Prosecutor of the Khabarovsk Territory Andrew Hanko, which, incidentally, is currently continuing public service in the post of first deputy prosecutor of the Tula region.

Version, 18.10.2010


According to the stories of the inner circle of family Vachevskih, is the deputy municipal assembly area "Zyablikovo" SAD Moscow and a member of the party "United Russia", Lily Fayazovna, the wife of Constantine Vachevskih is protection for the family business in obtaining certificates, permits and certificates for the land and property from officials close now to the ex-mayor of Moscow Yuri Luzhkov. According Vachevskih, with its "invisible support" to resolve credit issues with CB "New Moscow Bank" by force were seized documents from the notary's office, is proof in the trial. DRC Interior Ministry of Russia has already conducts testing at the request of the Chairman of the Board., 18.10.2010


At Alfa-Bank businessman (Constantine Wachowski) took almost 60 mln. USD., Giving a pledge of two buildings in the center of Moscow. When Vachevskih stopped paying interest on the loan, it was found that one of these buildings lost their first loft (it was sold twice to different companies), and then its cadastral number, which has been illegally altered. In February this year, in this regard was filed criminal case. We are talking about loans that are taken in the bank one of the companies controlled Vachevskih.

Nezavisimaya Gazeta, 09.11.2012


In Moscow, arrested businessman Konstantin Vachevskih, who is accused of fraud. Previously, he held the victims in the case and his testimony were taken into custody Sberbank top managers.

The investigation team flew from Khabarovsk and Vachevskih arrested Dec. 18 in his apartment. Investigators asked the Tverskoy District Court for the arrest. He is suspected in the withdrawal of funds in other legal organizations belonging to JSC "Amur cable factory", with the aim of avoiding the return of credit to Sberbank in the amount of 517 million rubles.

CreditBanking, 23.12.2014


Investigation Department filed against Constantine Vachevskih case of attempted fraud especially large (Art. 30 and am. 4, Art. 159 of the Criminal Code) on the application of the capital known collector and antiquarian Andrey Eremin. He claims that the businessman Vachevskih forged his signature on a promissory note for $ 10 million.

Kommersant, 23.12.2014


According to Andrey Eremin, he had learned about duty to my friends Vachevskih when he came home from the agenda of the Khimki City Court of Moscow region. And when the art dealer came back from abroad, the claim has already been satisfied, and its assets - were arrested. He somehow managed to get the court the original receipts allegedly given to them, with which he went to the police. "Vachevskih only borrows, he himself does not snow in winter beg!" - Says the victim.

Note that the day before the arrest Vachevskih Constantine himself wrote a letter to the collector of the police, demanding that she found out how he had received a receipt in the court. As a result of the official investigation, two officers of the court have been fired, and they can become involved in the case., 23.12.2014


Konstantin Vachevskih unique person. Unique because it is not only that he could in a short time to become a millionaire or even a billionaire, and it is unique because it is the only person who has a unique gift. As soon as it comes against any statement that a criminal case, then all at once the police have become blind.

VestiFM, 23.12.2014


In Khabarovsk, sent to court a criminal case of infamous businessman Konstantin Vachevskih accused of fraudulently stealing credit funds of the Savings Bank for more than half a billion rubles. According to the investigation, not to service the loans, the businessman transferred their assets to other organizations, to the loans did not have a relationship. Mr. Vachevskih guilt did not recognize and bind their prosecution to the fact that earlier in his statement were convicted high-ranking employees of the Savings Bank.

Criminal Russia, 11.05.2015


The leaders of three Russian banks - Sberbank, Alfa Bank and New Bank of Moscow, as well as the head of "Severstal" asked the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltseva take personal control of the investigation in respect of a beneficiary of the Civil Code "Metalloinvest-Market" Konstantin Vachevskih. This is stated in an open letter of top managers. They also ask the Minister to monitor the investigation of cases against executives of companies associated with Vachevskih. The letter states that there is still processing applications of banks and JSC "Severstal" of fraudulent activities Vachevskih was conducted improperly.

Vedomosti, 05.03.2014


The Arbitration Court of Khabarovsk Territory on Tuesday declared invalid the number of transactions JSC "Amur cable factory" (AKZ, Khabarovsk, is in bankruptcy proceedings), 2005, after which the company's assets was derived property.

"I made a decision to invalidate the transactions for which, in 2005, the factory passed the real estate and land OOO" Ar-Building ", LLC" KurortEsteyt "and OOO" Kurortsbytsnab "(all three are controlled by the owner of AKZ Constantine Vachevskih - IF)", - reported the agency "Interfax - The Far East" in court.

The decision was made by the Savings Bank of the suit. As the plaintiff claims the deal subsequently led AKZ on the brink of bankruptcy, which was initiated by the owner of the plant in 2011. The company was deprived of a significant part of the assets and can not return the loan to the bank. The amount of debt under the credit agreement has reached 517 million rubles.

Interfax-Far East, 19.08.2015


The wife of the entrepreneur Lilia Vachevskih - co-owner of Moscow "Blues Hotel", and the general director of the hotel "Aston" in St. Petersburg, the former deputy of the municipality Zyablikovo in Moscow from the "United Russia".

The newspaper Kommersant, 23.12.2014


Constantine Vachevskih belongs to a group of "Metalloinvest-Market" company, which is engaged in the supply of steel products. In the mid 2000s, she began to create in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Samara economy hotel chain. ITS AFFILIATES "Hotel" Business City "in 2006, bought for $ 6.6 million controlling stake in St. Petersburg Hotel" Southern "and" The Tourist. " The reconstruction of each investor must invest $ 6-8 million. Subsidiary company "Aston Hotel Group" was established to manage the hotel chain.

Ruspres, 23.06.2010


According to representatives of the affected organizations Vachevskih no exception in interesting patterns, notes in the domestic market: from the businessman seems to be nothing to take, but his family did not live in poverty. Family Konstantin Yurevich, according to some, is still able to control real estate in Moscow and the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and Khabarovsk. In particular, as previously reported by "Kommersant", the wife of the entrepreneur Lilia Vachevskih was listed as a co-owner of Moscow "Blues Hotel", and the general director of the hotel "Aston" in St. Petersburg. According to informed sources, it may be not only the hotels and residential real estate, but also warehouses, manufacturing base. Even property Amur cable plant, which as a result of actions "effective owner" Vachevskih was bankrupt, eventually bought the structure, supposedly close to the businessman. This can not be excluded that the assets derived controlled companies operate and increase family wealth.

Rosbalt, 21/10/2016


Committee of Property Relations in court seeking termination investdogovora with "Grand Avenue", associated with the GC "Metal Invest-market" Constantine Vachevskih. The company is building a hotel Aston near Nevsky Prospekt. The building has actually been built, remained finish. Despite this, the building could become the second "Northern Crown" - a hotel on the Petrograd side, which is idle since 1997.

In 2007, the company was transferred to an area of about one thousand square meters. m, and in 2008 it launched the construction of a four-star hotel with 150 rooms. Investment cost back then was estimated at $ 20 million.

However, to build a hotel to the claimed date, November 2013, the company failed. And in October 2014 in the Smolny unilaterally terminated the lease agreement for the site, the materials the courts.

In late December 2013, the Smolny was a meeting led by Marat Oganesyan. Companies have proposed to extend the period of construction of the hotel until 1 December 2014 with the obligation to pay the fine. However, the investor has refused to renew the contract on such terms as explained in the FIR.

Fontanka, 14.09.2015


Structures businessman Konstantin Vachevskih fully repaid credit debt to the CB "New Moscow Bank". After the establishment of the Arbitration Court of Moscow the exact amount of the debt of "Enterprise StroyInstrument" before CB "New Moscow Bank" in the amount of 50 mln. Rubles fully repaid.

In addition, the companies controlled by Vachevskih KY, so far to resolve the issue of debt with OJSC "Bank of Moscow" (182 mln. Rub.), CB "Mezhregionbank" (450 mln. Rub.), Closed before the debt KB "Genbank" (25 mln. rub.), CB "Mosvodokanalbank" (180 mln. rub.), the bank "Zenith" (380 mln. rub.) and others.

The total amount of debt repayment to the banks that occurred during the crisis of 2008, has more than 2.5 bln. Rub., Negotiations are continuing with other counterparts and financial and credit institutions., 04.10.2013