(a.k.a: Aliev Samir Muzafarovich, Kapura Samir Muzafarovich, Kapura Samir Mikhalovich)

Mikhail Mikhailovich Kapura, born July 8 , Tbilisi.

In 1983 he graduated from the Saratov Law Institute

Since June 2, 1993 - Attorney at the Moscow College of Lawyers, worked

a lawyer in the non-profit organization Lawyer Chamber of Moscow

areas ".

Since November 23, 2005-2010 - Member of the Council of the Federation, representative of the Head

Republic of Kalmykia in the Federation Council.

Doctor of Law. Honored Lawyer of the Russian Federation.

Member of the High Qualification Commission of Judges (VKKS)

Russian Federation from the public organization Vladimir

regional branch of the All-Russian public organization

"The Association of Lawyers of Russia".

To date, at the mansion of Kapura M.M. and notary office

Kapura Olga's wife, located at Sofiyskaya embankment, d.

16, hanging the sign "Reception of a member of the Federation Council." AT

law enforcement and criminal circles has the nickname "Solved"

and "Azerbaijani scoundrel."

Kapura M.M. carrying out earlier advocacy, organized

current criminal community that includes

law enforcement officers (prosecutors, courts,

advocacy). Knowing in advance about the problems of wealthy citizens, having

corruption communications, comes in person or through intermediaries to contact and

offers its services, the main emphasis was previously on senator status

Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, and is currently at its membership in the VKKS

RF This circumstance also affects judges who, for one reason or another.

reasons they do not want to have contact with him, but are dependent on his opinion for

consideration of the terms of extension of service or complaints against judges in the VKKS of the Russian Federation.

To create the appearance of advocacy, officially sends and

prepares for participation in the investigation and the courts of the attorney Mirovaya Marianna

Georgievna (she is Gersamia Marina Teymurazovna, harvest of Georgia), which

is his mistress and has a daughter S. from Kapura M.M. But how differently

financially support the second family?

The question arises: for what purpose do former residents of Georgia hide and change

your true names, patronymics and last names in Russia? Of course there are white

spots in the biography and there is something to hide in the past.

If criminal cases are not “resolved” at the investigative level, then it renders

influence on the distribution of cases to the necessary judges, after which they are connected

trusted lawyers. The trump card in the consideration of such cases

are testimony of dummy witnesses who give the court the necessary


He has a strong position in the regional courts of the mountains for over 20 years. Moscow, in

features of the Presnensky District Court, part of which the judge has

close corruption with Kapura M.M., because now already through VKKS

The Russian Federation supervises them when extending the term of service in the post

and consideration of complaints against judges (see official media materials about him

participation in meetings of the VKKS). Provides assistance in passing

internships and undergraduate practices for students in "close" lawyers

offices of children of law enforcement officials and

judges, who in turn, when applying for work in the bodies, render

mutual "services" Kapure M.M.

Is a "full-time" consultant to the Izmaylovo criminal gang,

advises on criminal matters as during the preliminary investigation,

so the courts. In particular, his role increased after the adoption of the Law on

belonging to a criminal group, by virtue of which thieves in law and

other persons are subject to criminal prosecution.

Back in 2000 in the magazine "Kommersant-Power" for December 2000, M. Kapura

mentioned in the material about the showdown between the owners of Kachkanarsky

mining and processing plant as a connection and lawyer of the Izmaylovskaya organized criminal group.

Dismissed from the post of general director of GOK and hiding abroad because of

falsified criminal prosecution Jalol Khaidarov

(subsequently killed) told the publication about his misadventures. In an interview

he mentioned and directly accused the lawyer of his offenders Samir Kapoor in

falsification of criminal cases against him. According to Khaidarov edition,

his lawyers intended to institute criminal proceedings, however, due to

patronage of Kapoor M.M. senior employees

law enforcement agencies failed. Detailed

Kapura's circumstances and patrons are named in the media.

Among claims to the lawyer - release of a single copy

"Regional newspaper" in which there was a message about the transfer of the registry

GOK shareholders to a third party. In a real newspaper this was not, but the law

requires mandatory notification of shareholders through the media. Than

this episode of the life of a lawyer ended; it was not possible to establish.

For over 15 years, as a public servant, hides and unreliably declares his property. The declaration indicates: - the actual place of residence is the Odintsovo district, village of Razdor, PJK "Rassvet" d.21 (issued for a daughter), and plots and houses located in the same village under No. 5,6,7,19 and 20 are registered on dummies and offshore companies. - 2 land plots declared in Crimea and an apartment were purchased in the early 2000s, issued for residents of Ukraine who work with him in Moscow, reissued only after the annexation of Crimea to Russia in 2014. Explicit violation and non-declaration of the possession of real estate abroad by a public servant, which is the basis for dismissal at the appropriate inspection. The estate in the form of an entire village in the Kaluga Region, also executed as dummies, was not indicated on the declaration (the coronavirus pandemic was served there); Since 2000 owns accounts in foreign banks (France has repeatedly left charter flights from Vnukovo to process and re-register accounts), uses a black American Express card with a minimum balance of several hundred thousand US dollars.