The Khamovnichesky Court of the capital rendered a verdict in the criminal case of the former director for legal support and corporate governance of Rostec, Alla Laletina. According to investigators, a close friend of Sergei Chemezov received monthly kickbacks in the amount of 6 million rubles. from the General Director of JSC Novosibirsk Artificial Fiber Plant (NZIV) Rustam Izmailov. The cooperation, according to investigators, brought Ms. Laletina, who promised general patronage, as well as financing for the modernization of the enterprise that produces missile warheads for the Iskander complexes and rockets for multiple launch rocket systems, about 70 million rubles. In addition, at the expense of the enterprise, she was paid for a long vacation in Turkey and various goods. According to the verdict, Laletina received eight years in prison and will also pay a fine equal to twice the amount of bribes she received.

Алла Лалетина

A source from the VChK-OGPU telegram channel said that many similar episodes surfaced during the investigation. For example, one of the structures that belonged to the family of Deputy Mayor of Moscow Maxim Liksutov (probably it would be more correct to say the former family, since he fictitiously divorced his wife) allocated money for Laletina’s luxurious life - paid for the services of cosmetologists, hairdressers, the purchase of clothes, and even servants and a gardener who worked in her mansion near Moscow. In exchange, another structure controlled by the Liksutovs received very lucrative contracts through Rostec.

There were other benefactors. Since Laletina was at one time extremely close to Sergei Chemezov, a real battle unfolded around these episodes.

Сергей Чемезов

  A source from the Cheka-OGPU said that the resignation of ICR investigator Rustam Gabdulin, who is now a successful lawyer, occurred precisely because of the case against the former director of legal support and corporate governance of Rostec, Alla Laletina. Gabdulin found himself at the epicenter of the battles of the two Lubyanka towers, which became one of the reasons to leave the TFR.

In the spring of 2021, a new case was opened against Laletina, who was under house arrest, this time for accepting a bribe. The case was brought by Gabdulin, who went to the Basmanny Court with a petition to change Laletina’s preventive measure to detention. She was charged with accepting bribes from Rustam Izmailov, general director of the defense Novosibirsk Artificial Fiber Plant (NZIV), part of Rostec.

According to the source, during the further investigation, many more similar episodes surfaced, including those related to the family of Maxim Liksutov

As a result, one Lubyanka tower believed that all episodes should be completed and presented to Laletina. Gabdulin also adhered to this strategy.

And the other Lubyanka tower categorically insisted that the matter was far-fetched and that work on the already existing episode should be curtailed. Moreover, the bribe-giver Izmailov is ready to refuse testimony.

The battle of the towers was and is very fierce. Gabdulin, who had previously thought about leaving, chose to bring this step closer. will introduce readers to a unique document - a court decision, which describes the beginning of the “war” between two members of a once powerful corruption clan, overgrown with assets (withdrawn from the budget for hundreds of millions of dollars). They literally quarreled over a “trifle.” The banker, now former Deputy Minister of Economic Development, Pyotr Zaselsky, built schemes according to which government funds received through Rosatom and Rostec were successfully “saved.” Rostec top manager Alla Laletina was also a participant in these schemes. The “holder” of the common fund from the stolen funds was the brother of Zaselsky’s wife, Denis Mikhailov. He invested hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate in the USA, Monaco, Russia, in the purchase of antiques at Sotheby's auction, etc.

In 2017, Laletina got tired of hiding her real wealth behind Mikhailov’s back (at that time many officials stopped being shy and afraid and began to come out of the shadows) and asked to sign the cottage on Rublyovka to her. On paper alone, its value was $6.2 million. The house was registered to Tatyana Zaselskaya (wife of Pyotr Zaselsky and sister of Denis Mikhailov). And then suddenly something came over Mikhailov. What was found is, in principle, clear. By that time he was living like an Arab sheikh. His wife was the socialite Nadezhda Obolentseva, he spent most of his time in Monaco in the company of millionaires, rode on yachts, and swam in luxury. He no longer considered himself a figurehead, but one of the leaders of this corrupt group, along with everyone else. And so he starts a real and ugly scandal with Laletina over several bottles of wine. “The obedient, narrow-minded, but his own Den suddenly showed a grin and attacked Laletina because of a couple of cheap missing bottles of wine in a house on Rublyovka re-registered to Laletina,” said a source familiar with the situation.

Mikhailov claimed that several bottles of his collection wine and consumer goods were stored in this house. al give them away. Laletina sent him. But the parties did not rest on this. Mikhailov accused Laletina of selling this wine for 50 thousand dollars. Pyotr Zaselsky avoided this situation, as he found himself between two fires. He did it in vain. An angry Laletina announced her withdrawal from the common fund and demanded that her assets be transferred to trusted persons. At this point, Mikhailov announced that these were all his assets and had already sent them. Laletina set the security forces against Mikhailov, and criminal cases appeared. Zaselsky sided with the custodian of the common fund and also began to attack Laletina through the security forces. This is also why she ended up sitting down.

Timofey Grishin