Golden youth in Russia usually riding on expensive cars, sometimes knocking pedestrians, drinking, hanging out, using drugs. In general, he lives to the fullest. Fortunately rich in authority and parents always pull out his unfortunate children from any scrapes.

However, not so rose Yuri Ivlev - son of the former first deputy head of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation Leonid Ivlev. Yuri Ivlev decided that the parties and drinking it was not for him, too irrational to use his father's grip on otmazyvaniya from cops, getting in an accident. It is much better to use the status and position of the first deputy head of the Central Election Commission to make broader crime that will bring significant income.

By chance he came across a number of personalities who hunted greenmail Russian enterprises. By buying up small stakes worth several hundred thousand, they were forced to the controlling shareholder or the management buy out of them for millions of rubles packages. Yield of dreams of this group of people was a ransom of millions of packages, for example, for 10 rubles.

The group of blackmailers were: Alexey Ovsyannikov - Deputy Executive Director of OAO "RKS", Vladimir Moskovkin - businessman Alexander Galkovsky - private trader, Eugene Ogo - Editor-in media holding "Expert", Vladimir Fedotov - member of NP "Market Council". Given that Vladimir Fedotov could ex officio be problematic energy enterprises, blackmailers specialized in the purchases of shares in the energy sector. In 2008-2010. Group revenues amounted to several million rubles a year, which was the limit novice criminals dreams, but in 2010. the group joined Yuri Ivlev.

Ivlev and Moskovkina introduced Dmitry Arzhanov, who as head of the PAO "TNS-energy" initially also experienced the greenmail technology. Moskovkin was quite small shareholder Yarenergosbyta, part of the structure of THC. Trying to blackmail Arzhanova Moskovkin met unprecedented understanding. Arzhanov Moskovkina explained that this kind of blackmail is shallow and is fraught with trouble, eventually Moskovkina simply will break his head in the doorway for trying to blackmail the owners of some big company.

It is much better to start working on the THC and THC carry greenmail competitors. Here and cover security THC money on lawyers if anything, teamwork, and most importantly a regular income in the form of monthly envelopes with cash. This makes Arzhanov criminal community in a decent energetic guy Yuri Ivlev, who does not know what to do, and a group of Moskovkina.

Yuri Ivlev Vladimir Moskovkin quickly found a common language, the benefit of the two were ready to engage in dirty business but would pocket rang. Ivlev and Moskovkin receive the order from Dmitriy Arzhanova to attack in the best traditions greenmail on holding Energostrakh - Arzhanova competitor for power sales business. Group buys shares of small packets to the sales companies Energostrakh begins extortion. Group collects information on financial transactions of sales companies (Fedotov using office provides all the confidential information on sales, which have NP "Market Council") and tries to blackmail this guide Energostrakh. Calls, trips to the office, threatening, letters, created specifically to the Internet space forum "notorious Energostroy" all this does not give results. Shareholders Energostrakh were willing to buy stocks only at the market price.

Then Yuri Ivlev its way to a meeting with the leadership of Energostrakh. The meeting satisfied Arzhanov Dmitry, who was friends with the head Energostrakh that really helped Dmitry to greenmail - he knew a lot of information pretending to be other people who are blackmailed.

At the meeting, Yuri Ivlev uses all possible threats, up to connect to blackmail his father - Leonid Ivlev. The Russian Central Election Commission has an almost sacred significance. Therefore, it is no secret communication and possibility of older Ivlev.

This argument worked. ENERGOSTRIMa management decided to pay the blackmailer. We agreed that stocks Buryatenergosbyta decorated directly on Ivlev worth 10-11 mln. Rub. They will be redeemed structures Energostrakh for 53.8 million rubles. on the market. The difference, which is about 1.5 million. Dollars. By the rate Ivlev received in a pocket in exchange for a promise to stop the blackmail and greenmail Holding Energostrakh. Ivlev calls itself the leader of the minority shareholders and says that $ 1.5 million.. Will be divided among all, and this blackmail will stop. Structures Energostrakh list Ivlev 53 million. 763 thousand. Rub.

That contract made Ivlev - ready crime scene. Getting Ivlev money for blackmail.

This is the first criminal Ivleva deal of this magnitude. Suddenly yesterday gold worthless boy became a millionaire.

Of course, no one is supposed to share with others or to stop blackmail. Therefore, the entire amount Ivlev takes currently.

Dmitry Arzhanov reservation is not canceled but the rest of the gang Ivlev received nothing. Blackmail continued. Now blackmailers demanded 110 mln. Rub. What is called, and all of a sudden? At the same time among the blackmailers still figured Yuri Ivlev. Despite promises to stop greenmail.

Given the violation of the terms of the agreement with Yuri Ivlev guide Energostrakh wrote an application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of extortion.

Operational staff of the Interior Ministry for four months of negotiations with record extortionists. Get the necessary evidence of a crime. And when signing sales contracts with inflated several times the market value of the shares at the restaurant Angelo March 21, 2012. police detain Ivlev, Moskovkina, Fedotov Galkovskii. To initiate criminal proceedings under Art. 163 of the Criminal Code ( "blackmail") and Art. 179 of the Criminal Code ( "coercion to commit the transaction or refusal of its fulfillment"). Law enforcers make out the charge and detention of would-be blackmailers.

However, to the scene after a phone call Yuri Ivlev leaves protection Ivleva older - employees of the Federal Security Service (Service protects top officials). Employees FSO threaten the police that they will lose their jobs if they prosecute and bring a family member of one of the first persons of the state.

Police, not expecting such pressure in the series in general event as detention extortionists, releases of detainees without charge. Of all protocols disappears mention of Yuri Ivlev, as a participant in these events, which is malfeasance MIA employees. However, while no one was about the fight against corruption in the course, so the son of a senior official to avoid criminal liability, and along with his accomplices. The criminal case №211306 st.179 suspended. Investigator Khoroshko Maria Sergeyevna golovnyak not needed. And if the criminals will go from liability is not her problem, the main thing that she personally had no problems that threaten the existing FSO staff in the interests of the powerful, Leonid Ivlev.

According to the laws of raiding PJSC "TNS-energy" as the assignee Energostrakh Holding and Holding led to premeditated bankruptcy of one of the direct participants in all events Yuri Ivlev THC gets the post top manager - energy.

Having earned a special trust, Yuri Ivlev was a special envoys Dmitry Arzhanova, both party to the multibillion-dollar funds from the output circuits companies TNS-energy.

At that time, as the THC-energy acquired status of a supplier in Veliky Novgorod as a legal successor, the status of previously owned Holding ENREGOSTRIM, Arzhanova was necessary to immediately withdraw from the newly purchased, though for 10% of the market price, the company spent its money purchase. For these purposes, Yuri Ivlev arranged Deputy Director General of the newly formed subsidiary TNS-energy "Novgorod HPP" and receives a premium of more than 200 mln. Rub. Money cashed and transferred Ivlev Arzhanova. Another episode of criminal activity by the deputy Yuri Ivlev United Russia.

Yuri Ivlev also become top managers in other holdings Arzhanova - AFG National. Gets the position of Deputy General Director of LLC "Novgorod potato system." But AFG National, Arzhanov, Ivlev is a topic of a separate investigation.

Then Yuri Ivlev is another murky water, where, as he puts it, one can "cut the real bubble."

This is the situation with the bankruptcy energy sales companies Holding Energostrakh. By an amazing coincidence, starving themselves beneficiaries of these companies Holding - father and son Shandalovy. By the bankruptcy of raider attacks and the Holding Company was engaged raider group Zoe "funerals" Galeeva, consisting of employees of the law firm "Quorum Debt Management". Galeeva Curators - Andrey Pavlov and Artem Zuev * also directly involved in the raider attacks Holding Energostrakh, in collusion with Arzhanova in November 2011.

In each had their role and purpose in the organized community. And it should be noted that the fight was for that: Holding Energostrakh - is 250 billion rubles.. revenues and EBITDA of $ 0.5 billion. dollars. annually. (For comparison, the company's EBITDA Rusal 1 billion. Dollars.).

Ivlev organized by his close friend the journalist Ksenia Dokukina custom-made articles in the press, including in the newspaper "Vedomosti". In addition, with the werewolves in epaulets from the Office of "P" GUEBiPK traveled by region aroused designer cases for retail companies Energostrakh. Dmitry Arzhanov by the former head of the Office of "P" - Evgeny Pavlov, a childhood friend Arzhanova from Nizhny Novgorod, organized hit a Energostrakh structure. The curator of the custom field of criminal cases of corruption and cooperation with law enforcement agencies made Yuri Ivlev. Directly "on track", he was with the department №47 GUEBiPK and collaborator Andrew Bakhvalov - also a close friend Arzhanova in Nizhny Novgorod.

Criminal groups (Shandalovy, Zuev * Pavlov, Arzhanov) managed to keep control over the bankruptcy of supply companies to go bankrupt in the controlled line and does not lead to recovery from them 20 billion. Rubles. loans taken by their family structures have Optima Energostrakh.

In this process, and I joined Yuri Ivlev for fraudulent interest Dmitry Arzhanova Shandalovyh and family.

Directly involved in bankruptcies raider group hired Shandalovymi and Arzhanova. In principle, at this stage, you can not separate the criminal group, it's a criminal group on the raider attacks and withdrawal of funds of enterprises.

Raider attacks are accompanied by bribing the judges of arbitration courts and supervising senior officials, officials of the Ministry of Interior officials, the UK, the FSB of Russia, for the initiation of criminal proceedings against the shareholders and managers of the enterprises captured.

In order to give foreign legal visibility ongoing crime uses legal company "Quorum Debt Management," which supposedly assists accompanied by criminal cases and bankruptcies.

Construction of corrupt officials and law enforcement officials allowed the organizers of a criminal group to create the legend of the alleged activities of the group in the public interest.

The reference asset group was Rosinterbank devoid 19.09.2016 license. According to the Central Bank of the volume of withdrawal of funds 91 billion. Rub., Which puts Rosinterbank the second largest theft in banks.

On account of a gang of more than 100 raids, the total damage from the activities of criminal groups more than 300 billion. Rub. The largest raider grabs: Pavlovskgranit, Bryanskoblelektro, Novosibirskenergosbyt, Holding Energostrakh, ARCTEL, Business Center "Cube", the plant "WHEELS".

The criminal group uses a sophisticated method of the conspiracy, and the participants set are now AV * Zuev, AV Shandalov, VM Shandalov, ZB Galeev, AA Pavlov, Yu Ivlev.

Ivlev Yuriy Leonidovich - a deputy of the Legislative Assembly of Novgorod in this group has a key role. Is the link between the various factions. Finds objects to hostile takeovers, is negotiating with the victims. Gets Cash, distribute bribes. It is, of course, is not the organizer. But he talks directly with the organizers of criminal raider community up to date with all the gang activity, knows the corrupt police officers who patronized the bandits. Such poruchenets high authority.

In 2015. raider group decided to carry out another seizure. An asset that has long interested Dmitry Arzhanova. Novosibirskenergosbyt - the biggest selling country. The third largest city in Russia. Raider seizure always starts with the criminal case. Accomplice excite criminal case №315880 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code in the MF SU ATC CAO GU MVD of Russia. The case was opened September 21, 2015. Next, the case being transferred to a different division of the Ministry of Interior - it is one of the hallmarks of a custom character. Raiders confused traces. Turn one unit, and then transfer to another, a change of the investigator and so on. It's all to it was more difficult to identify the nature of customized checks and confuse. The case is currently being investigated by Moscow State University GSU. Investigator Sagotelov. Within the framework of the criminal case detained two lawyers. All the wine that they were engaged in a variety of legal registration of transactions and they say there were somewhere nearby. But the Raiders of the investigation and it does not matter. The main thing to get into a criminal case the accused. It is advisable to condemn them. And as part of the sentence received in court to recover the shares Novosibirskenergosbyta who then sell Dmitry Arzhanova in TNS-energy. Given the nature of the convictions of justice in Russia after the sentence came into force courts of all instances will make the necessary decisions raiders. Moreover, judges are able to put pressure raiders. This is money in the case. And the arrival of the court in favor of the Raiders corrupt law enforcement officials.

However, Yuri Ivlev and decided to make here. December 7th newspaper Kommersant reported:

Novgorod Regional Duma deputy Yuri Ivlev, son of the former deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission, Leonid Ivlev, became involved in the case of very large-scale fraud. According to TFR, he promised over $ 2 million to solve the issue of changing the measure of restraint defendants in criminal cases, detainees in remand units of the Russian Interior Ministry in Moscow.

Main Investigation Department of the TFR in the Moscow criminal case against 33-year-old deputy of the Novgorod Regional Duma of the sixth convocation. According to "Kommersant", we are talking about Yuri Ivlev, the son of the former deputy chairman of CEC Leonid Ivlev. He is suspected of having committed an offense under Part. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud on a large scale).

I got in touch with a friend of detainees and asked for 2 million. Dollars. Soften their fate. To begin to change the measure of restraint, and further contribute to a suspended sentence. Of course, he had not acted without senior comrades. Negotiations were Yuri Ivlev Andrey Pavlov and Artem Zuev *. Blackmailed Ivlev written statement to the police. The task force went to the place of transfer of money. However, the money has arrived to take one Ivlev, who had been detained. Andrey Pavlov and Artem Zuev evening * 6th December, have already begun to celebrate the birthday of Artem, which falls on the 7th, and by sheer luck did not come to the place of transfer of money otherwise would have been in jail. However, according to sources in law enforcement and Andrey Pavlov and Artem Zuev * already left the country and are trying through corrupt law enforcement officers to "solve" the issue.

Andrey Pavlov and "Artem-Mole" *

Here's an interesting video from the courtroom, which was considered the request of the investigator to conclude a United Russia deputy Yuri Ivlev custody. It Ahundzyanov lawyer Sergei, who is a staff attorney raider group pretends to represent the interests of Yuri Ivlev. Yuri Ivlev looks timid, have come to understand that this is not a misunderstanding, in the words of his co-defendant, Vladimir Moskovkin, and it really will go to places of detention so years 10-15.


About Yuri Ivlev value to the criminal group the following facts: the deputy defense Ivleva performed five lawyers. It was offered bail of $ 5 million.. !!! To say that elected officials have lost all sense of shame would be too much, have no shame Ivlev from birth was not. Deputy's mandate is only a tool for obtaining a certain immunity. what Ivlev and state law enforcement agencies trying to arrest. However, by law, have a special immunity only to the State Duma, but not the regional legislative assembly. It's a shame this is not Ivlev and Novgorod legislators that made Yuri Ivlev not only the deputy, and member of the faction "United Russia", and a member of the Committee of Regional Council on Social Policy.

At the court session, Yuri Ivlev timidly trying to elicit sympathy note judge that he had two children, and he feared for his health. The latter is possible and true. Mafia, which is essentially what is a tangle of corrupt law enforcement officers, civil servants, judges and outright bandits can resolve the issue with Ivlev dramatically, if it does not pull it out with a prison bunk. For example, Ivlev could hang himself in a cell of despair and choking potatoes. he knows too much to jeopardize the entire criminal organization.

While preparing to become a source of law enforcement agencies told editors that Yuri Ivlev refused counsel Raiders Ahundzyanova and came out with a proposal to conclude a deal with the investigation. Terms of the transaction involve the full story about all the crimes and the need for issuance of accomplices. Given the number and gravity of the crimes of this criminal group we can talk about that soon Russia can shake the new anti-corruption investigation of unprecedented scale to the present time. It all began with the desire to Yuri Ivlev not just the son of a senior official of the Russian CEC Leonid Ivlev.

* Artem Zuev Voldemarovich

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