A year ago, the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU wrote about the arrest of the chairman of the Oktyabrsky district court of the city of Krasnodar, Bairak Gennady Fedorovich. Recently, the case moved to the stage of familiarizing the accused and his defense with the materials of the criminal case. In parallel with this, important facts began to be revealed, apparently in connection with which all his lawyers were put on a non-disclosure agreement, and the investigation is constantly trying to speed up the transfer of the case to court.

According to the source of Rucriminal.info, evidence appeared in the case that the criminal case against Bayrak G.F. fabricated. This was done “in haste” and very carelessly, because. needed to be removed from office as soon as possible. The reason was a number of high-profile corruption scandals in the Kuban, in which, incl. the "shadow governor" of the region Oleg Makarevich was involved.

The main conflict unfolded around the Metallglavsnab case. At the beginning of 2019, Makarevich lost his main patrons in the region, thanks to whom his business “flourished”. It is no coincidence that immediately after this, the Arbitration Court of the Krasnodar Territory brought the entire family of the oligarch to subsidiary liability for the debts of the said enterprise, which, by the way, went bankrupt 10 years ago. The amount of claims amounted to 813.7 million rubles. And then, a few months later, criminal cases are initiated against Makarevich and his wife Natalya.

Дела Макаревича в ОктСуде при Байраке

According to a Rucriminal.info source, Oleg Makarevich, his wife Natalya and daughter Lilia transferred to controlled persons the property of the enterprise worth 473.1 million rubles and cash in the amount of 26.3 billion rubles! According to available information, these facts became the reason for initiating criminal cases against them under Article 199 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (tax evasion on an especially large scale) in December 2019.

Immediately after this, Makarevich begins to make urgent attempts to reach the judiciary of the region in order to “negotiate”. In the Oktyabrsky District Court, at that time he already had certain connections with Judge Zelensky, who regularly made the decisions necessary for the businessman, incl. in a number of controversial land disputes. But, based on the documents that were at the disposal of Rucriminal.info, starting in 2015, when Bayrak G.F. became the chairman of the district court, other judges begin to consider Makarevich’s claims, adjusted for a completely different level of objectivity, and Zelensky falls under a special chairman control.

Nevertheless, the Kuban oligarch, at the moment when it came to risks of a different order, finds a way out to another judge of the Oktyabrsky Court, N.B. Bayrak G.F., having learned about this fact, summons his "subordinate" to analyze the decisions made - obviously illegal (later they were canceled by a higher authority).

Отмена решения Казанской в отношении Макаревич

After the aforementioned incident, it becomes obvious to all those interested in the case that it will not be possible to come to an agreement with Bayrak "in a good way". A decision is made to remove him from his post in any way, and to act harshly and quickly. A convenient reason was immediately found - a long-standing debt, which is used as a pretext for the very provocation on which Bayrak was caught red-handed. According to our data, there is enough evidence in the case confirming the falsification of the events that happened. We will return to them later.

But at that moment in time, this whole situation played into the hands of Makarevich - immediately after the arrest of Bayrak, the businessman quickly seeks a change of jurisdiction in his criminal cases and “transfers” their further consideration to Rostov. This was done for an obvious reason - in the Fourth Court of Cassation, Makarevich had a long-standing and reliable patron who guaranteed him a “correct” consideration of the case in the future.

Олег Макаревич

However, so that the change of jurisdiction does not look like another corrupt deal, the defense of the Kuban oligarch stated that they insist on this precisely because of the information spread in the media about the connections of the Makarevich family in the judicial system of the Krasnodar Territory, and the incident with Bayrak leaves a negative imprint on this whole situation. Naturally, the Court of Cassation considered the arguments of the defense convincing and decided to transfer the case of Natalya Makarevich and other defendants for consideration to the Leninsky Court of Rostov-on-Don.

By the way, one more interesting pattern can be noted - on the day when Bayrak was detained in his office while transferring 2.3 million rubles to him from the so-called victim, many media published information that the chairman of the Oktyabrsky Court was caught red-handed on a bribe. Apparently, this was done deliberately, in order to attract more attention, because, based on the materials of the case, the judge is accused not of taking a bribe, but of attempted fraud, without even specifying why this money was transferred to him. Those. some incident involving the chairman of the Oktyabrsky Court, when law enforcement authorities recorded the fact that a certain amount of money was transferred to the judge, although it is not clear why.

To complete the picture, it is necessary to explain what the Oktyabrsky District Court is. This court serves the territory in which all local governments are located. Accordingly, the most important high-profile criminal cases were considered and are being considered in this court. This is a complete analogue of the Basmanny District Court, only in Krasnodar. It must be understood that the chairman of such a court is not a simple person in our realities. In this regard, the story of how some Mr. Ponomarev, being an ordinary local resident with 3 loans and an old house, comes to hand over 2.3 million rubles to the chairman of the district court, sounds at least not convincing.

Прекращ.уг.дела Макаревич. Судья Казанская

Roman Trushkin

To be continued

Source: www.rucriminal.info