Andrei Shorokhov, the creator of the Russian exchange for buying vulnerabilities in the popular software, is extorted an apartment and 20 million rubles. An IT specialist has been appealing to law enforcement officers for 3 years with a request to bring the attackers to justice, but the security forces send replies and issue refusals.

Back in October 2020, the Kamensky police department of the Rostov region opened a case on the fact of knowingly false reports of a terrorist attack (Article 207 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation) against Sergei Zagrebelny. This man, the son of a former high-ranking employee of the USSR Prosecutor General's Office and just a "black realtor" with criminal connections, threatened to blow up a strategic defense enterprise in the Rostov region, whose general director is the father of Shorokhov's wife, if he did not give him the apartment. After the initiation of the case in the Rostov region, a series of interesting events begins. Taking the case into proceedings in October 2020 (!), The investigator Levchenko K.A. begins to imitate investigative actions that are not relevant to the case. For example, for some reason she plans to seize Zagrebelny's property, knowing in advance about the small formal damage. And in February 2021, Levchenko disappears from the connection altogether. In May 2021, a conversation takes place between a representative of Shorokhov and the deputy head of the investigation of the local police, who assures that everything is going according to plan and in cooperation with other structures, including the FSB. But after a complaint to the Prosecutor General's Office, it turns out that red tape has been committed in the case. Then Levchenko and her boss were introduced to the elimination of violations and, after 7 months, the telephone terrorist was put on the federal wanted list. The final chord in the corruption chain of the region was played by the local prosecutor, who from the presented parts 1 and 2 of Art. 207 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation leaves only the first part, and this is despite the fact that there were social facilities on the territory of the enterprise, which were also subjected to false domination.

After Zagrebelny was put on the wanted list, his raider business did not stop. Shorokhov continues to receive threatening text messages. In April of this year, Andrey received an SMS with the following content: “Nit, if you don’t give me your apartment on Nelidovskaya for free, I’ll burn your car, we know where it’s worth,” “Give me back 21 that I owe my apartment, otherwise I’ll kill it. AUE life for thieves. " Then threats to Shorokhov and his family began to come regularly. In one of the messages, the attacker said that he was paying a share to the leadership of the Yuzhnoye Tushino Department of Internal Affairs: to the chief of police Pavel Chebakov and the head of the precinct policemen Denis Galyautdinov, as well as to the employees of the Tushinsky Investigative Committee and the prosecutor's office. Chebakov and Galyautdinov excuse the old "client" Zagrebelny, despite the fact that he exposes them with his attacks, showing off the cop's roof and threatening Shorokhov with reprisals. The black realtor does not skimp on gratitude for the head of the Yuzhnoye Tushino police station, Vitaly Shevchenko.

At first, when Zagrebelny was only detained, Shevchenko did not succumb to the illegal demands of the Tushino prosecutor's office to release the wanted person. But a few days later, he shelved a statement about extortion of an apartment and money by Zagrebelny. A source of in the police said that the Zagrebelny family owns a large number of apartments in the North-Western Administrative District of Moscow with minimal income. The security officials regard his threats as a joke and “lose” the results of the checks, not hesitating to write about it even in an official response to a member of the Federation Council from the Rostov region. Meanwhile, last year the attackers burned Shorokhov's BMW (they did not find anyone) and the dacha. His father almost died in the fire. The Zvenigorod police did not open a criminal case into the attempted murder of a person by arson, and did not send the materials to the Investigative Committee. The same situation developed after the beating of Shorokhov by unknown persons: no criminal cases were opened at the Yuzhnoye Tushino police station. Nadezhda Fetisova, the deputy head of the SC of the SZAO SU, is included in the group of persons involved in the process of defrauding the "fat" clients of the SZAO SU. This woman first gave a promise to initiate a case, and then suddenly refused and added new material to the old refusal, without notifying her boss Kabanov. The same refusal decision was made by the investigator of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the North-West Administrative District, Evgeny Volkov-, who occasionally appears at work between hospital patients and spends his working time exclusively in conversations about a house under construction. In the Tushino Investigative Committee, even after direct instructions from the authorities to initiate a criminal case against the tracker, which was laid under Shorokhov's car, they began to behave somehow strangely. Investigators Petler and Matveyev clouded the tracker case immediately after the need arose to interrogate Zagrebelny. While all this dragged on, the car was burned. It is unclear what else needs to happen in order for law enforcement officers to begin to fulfill their official duties.

To be continued

Arseny Dronov