Doctor "Necovid"

Summer 2021. The height of the coronavirus pandemic, which in total, according to WHO, will kill more than 20 million people around the world. The danger of the virus is already obvious to everyone. The young doctor Ivan Privalikhin could not underestimate her either. He worked as a surgeon in the Krasnoyarsk emergency hospital named after N. S. Karpovich and helped resolve the issue of coronavirus. No, he did not treat patients from this infection, but supplied everyone with fake covid certificates. Naturally, for a certain fee.

Judging by Ivan's page on the social network, he did not experience problems with money, which his less fortunate colleagues often complain about. The doctor has a spacious apartment with an area of more than 100 sq. m. and a picturesque view of the Yenisei. Privalikhin also has several expensive foreign cars at once: Mercedes-Benz s500 4matic, Mercedes-Benz c180 and Lexus RX 350. The doctor actively shares photos of these cars with his subscribers.

It is not surprising that, in the end, the investigating authorities became interested in the enterprising doctor. In July 2021, a criminal case was opened against Privalikhin under article 327 part 1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation - “forgery, production or circulation of fake documents, state awards, stamps, seals or forms.” But just a month later, the case was closed with an interesting wording (Article 28 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation) - "in connection with active repentance."

It is not known for certain who exactly helped Privalikhin get out of this story. But it is obvious that during his illegal "part-time job" he managed to acquire influential patrons. Of course, he was fired from the regional BSMP. But in transit through several clinics, he went to work in the Berezovskaya district hospital under the command of Dmitry Dvornikov, the head physician, notorious in the region.

Fake medical examination

Dmitry Dvornikov, to the great regret of the inhabitants of the village. Berezovka is famous notfor its medical talents. The head physician is accused of forgery and forgery of medical documents, pressure and harassment of his subordinates. It is not surprising that Ivan Privalikhin, with his background, was able to quickly join the Dvornikov team.

Having headed the Berezovskaya hospital, Dvornikov conducted a medical examination as a real effective manager. What he reported to the top. It just turned out that all medical procedures were carried out only on paper. Patients were surprised to learn about their clinical examination and supposedly already passed tests from medical records. The hospital staff forced Dvornikov to engage in forgery. For those who did not want to participate in this, the head physician scribbled reprimands, deprived them of additional payments and bonuses.

As a result, experienced specialists began to leave the hospital, which already lacks staff. Huge queues lined up for the remaining doctors. Residents of Berezovka have to travel to Krasnoyarsk for quality medical care. Outraged by this situation, people staged a national gathering at the local clinic. Dmitry Dvornikov even had to go out to them. However, the matter did not go further than a conversation in raised tones.

Unfortunately, this is not an isolated situation in the region. Numerous complaints, for example, are received at the emergency room on Dzhambulskaya Street in Krasnoyarsk. Those who are not lucky enough to be there call it the most terrible place in the city. In a cramped and stuffy room without repairs, dozens of patients spend in queues for several hours. Non-walking patients are literally brought into the office by relatives and friends - the fact is that there is not a single wheelchair in the emergency room. But that's not all. The x-ray machine there often breaks down and may not work for days. Then people with severe injuries are simply sent to other institutions ...


Optimizer or liquidator

Krasnoyarsk residents associate the depressing situation with medicine with the policy of the local Ministry of Health. The head of the ministry, Boris Nemik, appoints as chief physicians not professionals in their field, but people loyal to himself.

Interestingly, Boris Markovich has been working in senior positions in the health care of the region since 2008. And all this time, the sphere accountable to him is shaken by corruption scandals. Either several doctors will be caught taking bribes for operations, or the long-awaited new equipment in hospitals appears only after the intervention of the prosecutor's office.

But Boris Nemik is in no hurry to put things in order. Instead, he optimizes and enlarges the region's hospitals. And those who do not agree with this and call it, in fact, the liquidation of medical institutions, simply do not understand the topic, Nemik assures.

There are many questions about the work and decisions of Boris Nemik. So many that this winter there was even a petition demanding the resignation of the head of the regional Ministry of Health. More than 3,000 people signed up for it. And the deputy of the Legislative Assembly of the region, Irina Ivanova, turned to the governor Alexander Uss to take a closer look at Nemik. And there really is something to look at. The fact is that the family of Boris Markovich has Israeli citizenship, owns property and lives in Israel.

At the same time, it is known that his son works in the field of Israeli healthcare. Therefore, whether Minister Nemik, who is probably being treated in Israel himself, is making efforts to develop Krasnoyarsk medicine or is pursuing some other goals is an open question.


Crime without punishment?

Medicine in Russia has always been one of the most closed and corrupt areas. But in the Krasnoyarsk Territory, the scale of the problems is truly amazing. The health care of the region has been shaken by scandal after scandal over the past few years - from bribes, forgery and forgery of documents to fraud with expensive medical equipment.

The examples above show that corruption has penetrated all levels of the medical hierarchy: from ordinary nurses and doctors to chief doctors and their leaders from the regional Ministry of Health. And the saddest thing is that in these schemes there is no place at all for quality medical care and care for the health of patients.

I would like to ask a question to Messrs. Boris Nemik and his subordinate Dmitry Dvornikov: on what basis do they select personnel? And how is it that a doctor involved in fraud with medical documents continues to calmly work with unsuspecting patients?

We also ask you to consider this material as an official appeal to the Prosecutor's Office of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.


1. Check the legality of the termination of the criminal case No. 12101040034000796 of 07/29/2021 under Art. 327 p. 4.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation of July 28, 2021 OP No. 7 of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in Krasnoyarsk.

2. Check the legality of being a surgeon at the KGBUZ "Berezovskaya RB" Privalikhin Ivan Konstantinovich.

3. Check the legality of the compliance of the chief physician of the KGBUZ "BerezovskayaRB" Dmitry Sergeevich Dvornikov with his position.

4. Conduct an audit of the health care system of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.