The act of blatant vandalism was committed in Makhachkala. On February 9, a bulldozer drove up to the building of the Dagestan Scientific Center (DSC) of the Russian Academy of Sciences and demolished the decorative metal fence in front of the building. The bulldozer was escorted by about 20 youngsters who tried to provoke harmless scientists into the conflict.


As it turned out later, the vandals turned out to be representatives of the city construction inspection who demolished the fence within the framework of the "Open City" project, whose goal is to dismantle illegal buildings.


It would be desirable to replace that the representatives of the city authorities demolished the structure, established as early as 2010, protecting the federal territory as an antiterrorist measure.


Perhaps in Makhachkala, they decided that terrorism was over. Although it is not for the city authorities to make such decisions. And, most likely, unceremonious demolition of the fence has become part of the lawlessness in Makhachkala to seize the land, which everyone is engaged in, not laziness. The authorities themselves, often, cover their captures with good intentions. Although, and she, for certain, acts in someone's mercenary interests.


And it is possible that the demolition of the fence in the federal territory is a substitute for Musaev, the mayor of Makhachkala, who must demonstrate the absence of an elementary order in the city, but at the same time divert federal wrath for the situation in the capital from the head of the republic Ramazan Abdulatipov, whose resignation has long been rumored.


Who prevented the fence of the DSC RAS?


By and large, no one. And the idea of ​​demolishing it, and even in such a barbaric way, could only have been born in the minds of Musa Musayev's opponents, who, having come to power in 2015, declared that he would try to bring order to the city in every way. And he launched a fight against illegal buildings, which in Makhachkala was abundant.


Ramazan Abdulatipov


However, under the guise of such a "controlled" struggle, it was easy to carry out any orders of the necessary structures. When you are supposedly taking care of the aspirations of their citizens, who see that the capital has turned into a continuous "illegal construction", it is easy to manage this construction from within. Which, apparently, was done.


For example, the fenced area in front of the Dagestan Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences was the most well-groomed area in the city with firs and cut grass. The wicket in the fence was always open, so that on the territory of the center they liked to walk even with their children. And it was not forbidden to anyone.


And the demolition of the fence by the city authorities was carried out under the guise of the subsequent improvement of the territory. Once again we will note - federal. True, together with the fences for what is uprooted and eaten. Apparently, according to the vandals from the construction committee, they had nothing to do with greenery and landscaping.


And to what normal person could such a thing occur? Moreover, act impudently without warning the leadership of the Center or agreeing with it their actions.


Naturally, they caused a stormy reaction from the public and the leadership of the Center, which not only intends to file a petition with the court, but also asked the republican, city authorities and the media to evaluate the vandalism act.


And journalists immediately remembered that in front of the Center there is a restaurant, and the enclosed territory often became not only a parking lot for its visitors, but also an arena for the dismantling of "hot" guys.


We also remembered the building under construction for the DSC, the passage to which could obstruct the fence. And about the park adjacent to the DSC Lenin Komsomol, for which the activists are now fighting, protesting against the construction of the museum "Russia is my history." It also seems like a good thing, only the inhabitants of Makhachkala and so there are enough museums, but there are no parks.


The townspeople are afraid that a significant part of the trees will be cut down for the construction, but they do not believe in planting new ones. The initiative group even filed a lawsuit with the Makhachkala administration demanding that the museum be banned. Some demolition of the fence around the center is considered revenge by the city authorities for this claim.


Makhachkala is drowning in the floods


The proposed assumptions about the future of the territory of the center are completely different. It can build kiosks, a parking lot, or even an apartment building. In general, the fact that neither landscaping, nor for beauty has nothing to do.


The fence, of course, interfered with someone. However, it could be demolished civilized. But someone decided to do it the way he did. Although it was difficult not to foresee the wide public resonance that would cause such an action. Therefore, the idea arises that the act of vandalism was deliberate. And there is much more behind it than the interests of the owners of the restaurant or the builders of the apartment house and the museum around the Center. Although, it is possible that in this case the interests of entrepreneurs were simply used for a specific purpose.


Musa Musaev "poured"?


Musa Musayev, the Mayor of Makhachkala, periodically reports on the successes achieved. Reports that during his leadership demolished about 120 thousand illegal objects, another 160 decisions are in the courts. That is, the mayor knows a civilized demolition procedure, since fighting against illegal construction is his main feature.


But the townspeople believe that Makhachkala is drowned in mud and continues to drown in it like Atlantis. In the city because of the fences of the objects under construction it is impossible to pass, not to pass. And in general the policy of Musa Musayev does not cause optimism either among the townspeople or experts. In the rating of the mayors, Musa Musaev occupies the last 88th place.


This was facilitated by the recent mass poisoning, which resulted in thousands of people seeking medical help, 400 of them were hospitalized. And the drivers' strike, and the flood after heavy rains, and the difficulties with the supply of water. In Makhachkala, even a meeting was held demanding the resignation of the city leadership.


November 11 last year, Musa Musaev was shown in the program "Man and Law" on the First Channel. And already this was to be regarded as a serious warning. At a time when the Accounting Chamber was not counted 4 billion rubles. On the construction of municipal sewerage, the authorities of the republic ask for another 4 billion rubles. On its completion.


In 2016 Musa Musayev was awarded Ramazan Abdulatipov with the Order. And this despite the increase in the illegal construction of multi-storey buildings and a crisis with the removal of garbage. Musa Musayev was rightly considered the favorite of the head of the republic and constantly shone in his circle.


And suddenly a scandal broke out! First with the disconnection of water, and then with storm sewage and mass poisoning of people. And then Ramazan Abdulatipov had to think about his own destiny. And when it comes to your own skin, it's not up to the pets.


And, apparently, after a call "on the carpet" to Vladimir Putin, Ramadan Abdulatipov decides to "merge" Musa Musaev. And the scandal with the demolition of the fence is part of the managed "plum" of the mayor of Makhachkala.


Musa Musayev is not an innocent victim. He has accumulated enough, including in the sphere of illegal construction, a fighter against which he proclaims himself. The struggle is on, and illegal construction is growing. How can this be?


Ramazan Abdulatipov can also be understood. His position is shaky and a scapegoat is needed. On which you can translate the arrows for what is happening in the capital of Dagestan. You look, and you will be able to delay your own resignation.


Although, it seems that the days in which Musa Musayev and Ramazan Abdulatipov are in their posts are already numbered.