During the fact that in 2017 the main publication of the Ministry of Defense Krasnaya Zvezda was reassigned from GURLS (now GVPU) to the DIMK of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. What has changed in the editorial? Tells

Since September 25, 2017, Krasnaya Zvezda (KZ) has become a structural subdivision of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Krasnaya Zvezda Editorial and Publishing Center, which unites all district and naval newspapers, magazines of the RF Ministry of Defense.

Now KZ writes mainly about the heads of the Main Directorates of the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. And not like earlier about officers, military personnel of various categories, combat training.

Critical materials ceased to exist at all.

According to a source, for many years an unhealthy climate in the team has developed in KZ. Largely due to the built policy of the editor-in-chief of the newspaper Efimov N.N.

Николай Ефимов

Promotion is often received not by those officers who work on writing their own materials and preparing texts sent by DIMK, but, on the contrary, those who are not able to work on the creation of creative materials, as well as to process author's texts and drafts from the department.

There are female officers among them. For example, some of the 2013 graduates from the Military University bypassed the ranks of those officers who graduated from the Higher Educational Institution of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation in 2005.

In general, personnel work in KZ is either not being carried out or has been put on the brakes. Formally, the personnel department exists in the person of two elderly women who are difficult to get to do something for their intended purpose without persuasion and the promise of gifts. This also applies to the preparation of documents for conferring the status of combat veterans, and to medals for long service, they are not interested in anything and are not motivated. There must be an officer in the staff.

In the KZ, of the three officers who serve in the regions - Rostov, Ryazan and Sevastopol, only one - Borodin from Rostov, is decorated as expected. The rest are in those points of deployment - illegally.


Officers are appointed along the path of least resistance. There is no selection. There is no competition for positions.

January 13 is the day of the Russian press. It became known that the traditional order for state and departmental awards had arrived. Among the awarded - the same as in previous years. Basically - close to the leadership. Those colonels who do not travel anywhere outside the editorial office will receive a medal for military prowess of the 2nd degree. Not to mention business trips to the NWO zone. Of the 7 officers who went on business trips to the Northern Military District, one captain of the 1st rank will be awarded, and then, according to the totality of merit, the medal "for strengthening the military community." By the way, besides him and another major, only junior officers from captain to lieutenant were in the NVO zone. Nobody is nominated for awards. Nobody is encouraged.

From the side of the leadership of the RIC - the head of Markov A.N. and represented by the editor-in-chief of the KZ Efimov N.N. the team of officers is constantly being intimidated by the deprivation of a monthly bonus of 25% of the salary for a military position. And without that, they want to deprive kopecks by all-Russian standards.

The curator of the RIC KZ in DIMK, Colonel Dokuchaev A.A. - nephew of the former deputy editor-in-chief of KZ Dokuchaev. He has never been in the military and never served. But through Efimov and the head of the RIC KZ, Markov threatens junior officers (who, by the way, have the same calendar length of service as he does, and probably more on a preferential basis) - to send them as political officers to the troops and from there to the special operation zone. And if they, they say, refuse, they will receive 10 years in prison. It was said in direct text from the words of Markov and Efimov. Colonel Dokuchaev himself, according to the interim results of the SVO, received an order without sticking his nose out of the Frunzenskaya embankment. In total, DIMK received 8 orders for the North-Eastern Military District, not to mention medals. In KZ - none.

Also, Colonel Dokuchaev A.A. it is common to "blur" the documents coming for Konashenkov's signature. In other words - do not give them any move. So, in 2018, documents were submitted for conferring the rank of "major" one step higher than their position to two officers who significantly exceeded their terms of being in a military rank. More than three times now. Deadline 2013. In the rank of captain, they are 13.5 years old. Documents exceeded deadlines. They were remade again, but history repeated itself again.

financial block.

On anti-corruption - the former chief accountant, and now the deputy head of the RIC KZ - took his wife to work in the financial department.

How funds from the wage fund are distributed is a big mystery. But there are suspicions and rumors, which are discussed in smoking rooms, that a certain amount is quarterly deposited in envelopes that are taken to the head of the Frunzenskaya embankment.

A separate issue is advertising.

According to the source of, for some reason, only two people are engaged in custom-made articles in the editorial office, who, apparently, have some percentage in their pocket from them, this is Colonel Tikhonov A.A. and his friend Grozny O.V.

And other members of the KZ editorial team, apparently unprofessional. And they are not able to prepare a simple advertising text for printing. Whether Efimov determined this alone or together with Markov is difficult to understand.

Several officers in KZ have reached their military service deadlines. It would be logical to transfer them to civilian status and give younger officers the opportunity to move. But here again, the devotion and abundance of compliments on their part in the direction of leadership outweigh common sense.

Roman Trushkin

To be continued