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The shootout on Rochdelskaya Street occurred due to a conflict between the owner of the Elements restaurant Zhanna Kim and designer Fatima Misikova: the latter believed that Kim did not pay her 8 million rubles extra. for the repair. Henchmen of the thief in law Zakhary Kalashov (Shakro Molodoy), Andrey Kochuykov, nicknamed Italian, Eduard Romanov and several other people came to demand money from Kim. Kim called her lover, an oligarch from Kazakhstan, Kenes Rakishev, who is closely associated with the FSB and Ramzan Kadyrov, to solve the problem. And he has already attracted to dismantling a lawyer-fixer associated with the FSB of the Russian Federation, Eduard Budantsev, whom the oligarch Iskander Makhmudov had previously recommended to Rakishev. Together with Budantsev, Vladimir Kostrichenko arrived at Rochdelskaya. As a result, Budantsev opened fire with a Beretta 92 FS pistol. As a result, 2 people died and 3 were injured. However, thanks to Budantsev's connections to the Department M of the FSB, the case was turned in such a way that it was from Budantsev that they made a victim.

Рамзан Кадыров и Кенес Ракишев

The answers of the Italian in court force us to reconsider the events on Rochdelskaya.

In court, the Italian to the judge's question "Are there any of your relatives in the courtroom?" answered "in general, we are all brothers, except for Budantsev." Kochuikov told the court that he had come to the restaurant at the request of his girlfriend and partner Fatima Misikova to resolve a commercial dispute with Zhanna Kim, the owner of the Elements restaurant.

Кенес Ракишев и Жанна Ким

From the materials of the court it is known that Misikova is the mother of two children. Her husband died during the Georgian-Ossetian conflict in 2008. Presumably her husband's surname was Tuaeva. The woman was engaged in a business related to property management, and worked under the auspices of Kochuykov. The legal entities to which Misikova had or is related are registered in St. Petersburg. Until 2017, she was the beneficiary of Avrora LLC, a real estate management company. Then, changes were made to the data of the register of legal entities, and her father, Taimuraz Misikov, who is also the owner of Nart LLC, became the owner of the company. The net profit of Avrora LLC in 2021 amounted to 16.9 million rubles.


Nart LLC, which is headed not only by Fatima's father, but also by her brother Ruslan, earned 147 million rubles in 2021. The main assets of the company include the largest fruit and vegetable base of the northwestern region of the same name. The site, registered with Nart LLC, says that Nart is the largest agricultural park in the vicinity of St. Petersburg. Its infrastructure includes a business center, a hotel and restaurants. “The modern history of Nart LLC is inextricably linked with its founder and permanent leader, Misikov Taimuraz Ladeevich. In 1981, he headed the Neva inter-district base of GlavLenPlodoOvoshchprom and throughout all these years has remained the flagship of the company,” the website says.


The scandalous businessman Elbrus Mammadov is also a co-owner of the vegetable base. The "siloviki" seized a batch of bananas at one of the bases, in which they found 50 kilograms of Ecuadorian cocaine. Then journalists wrote about Mammadov's involvement in this batch of drugs. He is also called a businessman with good connections in criminal circles, and they talk about his warm relations with the authoritative Azerbaijani Ilgam Rahimov. Allegedly, this friendship allows Mamedov to talk on an equal footing with a more eminent Moscow colleague, the owner of the Food City market, God Nissanov.

Misikova also had a close relationship with Putin's friend conductor Valery Gergiev. In 2011, Misikova even served for some time as director of the charitable organization Valery Gergiev Foundation.

Zhanna Kim is the owner of the Elements restaurant, which was owned by the Fifth Element LLC company. At the time of the liquidation of this company by the decision of the tax service, its general director was Shukhrat Ilshimov. Currently, he manages Spektor LLC, the main activity of which is the management of discos, dance floors and dance schools. He was also a co-owner or director of 17 other companies that are currently not operating.


Zhanna herself is related to two operating companies: Keanu LLC and Sonatatrans LLC. At the registration address of LLC "Keanu" there is a cafe "Keanu", which is close in pronunciation, but differs in spelling. On the Internet, this place is positioned as a bar with Japanese cuisine on the Patriarch's Ponds. “The interior of the small room is designed in a futuristic style with Asian motifs,” the network says. Maxim Fedoruk is the head of Keanu LLC. This person is also known as a senior lecturer at the restaurant business department of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics. In 2022, at the capital's municipal elections, he was nominated as a deputy from the Yakimanka district from the New People party.

Source, familiarth with the case file, said that Kim is a graduate of the Faculty of International Law of MGIMO, worked as a lawyer in Paris. According to unconfirmed information, she is the illegitimate daughter of a prominent businessman or official from Kazakhstan.


Fatima Misikova told Kochuikov that there was a commercial dispute at one of her facilities: she and her workers were not paid money.

A month before the events on Rochdelskaya, Fatima, who was walking with her friends at a party in the Doctor Zhivago restaurant, was approached by several men of Caucasian appearance. They reported that they represent the interests of the owner of the restaurant "Elements" Jeanne Kim. One of them introduced himself as a lawyer. They rudely demanded to resolve a commercial dispute with Jeanne, threatened with reprisal: they said that inadequate actions would follow from their side. Later it became known that natives of Chechnya acted as a force cover for Kim. Her patron, Kazakh oligarch Kenes Rakishev, used the power of his friend Ramzan Kadyrov. After the Americans included Kadyrov in the sanctions list in 2017 on the basis of the so-called Magnitsky law, Rakishev asked his authoritative friend to remove all friendly congratulations and references from social networks.

It was a businessman from Kazakhstan who ordered his people (Chechen fighters and lawyer Budantsev) to come to the restaurant to resolve the issue of his close friend Kim. Budantsev describes how he had to go to Elements: “On December 14, at about 8 pm, either Vyacheslav or Kenes called me on my mobile, I confuse them by their voices.” The caller said that some people were “running into” the owner of the Elements restaurant Zhanna Kim and she needed urgent help. Vyacheslav means a large Kazakh businessman Vyacheslav Kim (Janna's relative, investor in the Elements restaurant). Sources familiar with the case file claimed that the call to Budantsev was from Rakishev.

The Italian recalls the events of that day. According to him, he arrived immediately after Misikova's call. “I wouldn’t go to the center for long,” Kochuykov said, “Fatima asked me to come to the negotiations, as she was worried about security and documents.” The Italian arrived at the scene in an armored Mercedes, accompanied by a security jeep. We entered through the main entrance. According to the Italian, he immediately noticed several young people of strong physique in the hall. Elements employees escorted him to the VIP room, where there were already 11 people, including Kim and Misikova. “We started talking, the situation was non-conflict,” Kochuikov said in court.

The Italian said that in a conversation with Kim, he expressed doubts about the fact that she was the investor in the renovation. “Zhanna, I know about the figure allocated for repairs - this is 600 thousand euros, looking at you you don’t have that kind of money, maybe you have a husband or an investor,” he told the woman. According to Kochuykov, the conversation was in the nature of a dispute between business entities.

According to him, at some point a wall opened up in the VIP room and Budantsev and Kostrichenko entered. They began to talk rudely, and Kochuykov's guards reacted to this style of communication. Everyone went outside. Further, Kochuikov recalls the details of the event of that day: “When they shot me in the back, I fell, the guards covered me, you can see it on the video. Then the guards began to take me to the sidewalk, and there was shock and fear, and at the moment of the fall I lost consciousness. When we were on the sidewalk, I remember Shakirov well, he flattened me on the pavement with a certificate and shouted that the police. Kitaev then ran to shoot back. Shakirov actively behaved. I remember these two employees. I remember noise, din, screams. Damaskin fell near me - he was bleeding from his head, and there was a hole in his stomach. According to Kochuykov, the police should have been given an order [for actions on Rochdelskaya]

Kochuikov said that Budantsev was the first to get the weapon on the street. The Italian's guards told him to put the gun away. In court, the Italian said that Budantsev did not just shoot from a premium pistol, but finished off the wounded. “There was no living place on Lesha Kitaev, like a sieve,” his testimony says.

Also at the trial, the Italian noted that as a result of the shooting opened by Budantsev, people died. “They killed my guards, they were somewhat crippled, I was healthy - now I walk with a stick. They imprisoned Zakhar [Shakro Molodoy], who was not there. My wife hid in Europe for a year, the FSB officers wanted to arrest her too, in order to put pressure on me through her .... The employees [Shakirov and Romashkin], who detained the killer, were jailed, the killer himself is not jailed,” Kochuikov said.

Timofey Grishin

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