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September 21, 2016 to the office to collect signatures in front of the entrance "UAZ" (Ulyanovsk) approached the police. We went and told the man to collect signatures in defense of workers "UAZ", that he was detained and must proceed to the office. The reason for detention

They never explained, stating: "On you received a complaint!" Who complained - not difficult to understand. It should be noted that the signatures are collected

not the first day, but, apparently, before misters managers of "UAZ" had hoped that after the elections everything will be settled. And now surprised to find that the real Communists defend the interests of the working class not only before the elections, and, as it is not sad for managers - all year in a row.


"On you I received a complaint! You have to get to the room "- the police insisted.

"Give me a paper on which to stand in pickets and collect signatures prohibited!" - Insisted collector of signatures.

In the end, we agreed on the fact that the department will not deliver the collector, but just take an explanation in the police car, parked near the entrance, which was done. After that, the law enforcers left alone collector.

A collection of signatures continues. Interestingly, managers "UAZ" will take 22 September. Motivate whether the police on more action and other measures will be taken?

"Our company produces cars that are in demand, and has a state defense order," - the statement says

under which the collected signatures.

"Our company is certainly profitable, as openly reported, for example, on top of the plant site itself says that

that "Against the background of a rise in price of foreign cars, many began to give preference to domestic - Patriot is now one of the few models, sales of which are growing"

Nevertheless, the management of the company is not fulfilling its social obligations to employees, moreover, violates the rights of workers, namely:

Indexation of wages, contrary to the collective agreement, was not carried out for more than 6 years of age (though in 2012 the salary was increased, but the salary increase was made in conjunction with the reduction of the premium, so this increase can not be called otherwise than a mockery).

Employees who are entitled to compensation for working conditions that deviate from normal, as a rule, they do not receive. In most of the plants (plant body painting, welding shop, press shop (UAZ) and blacksmith shop, iron foundry (UAZ Autocomponent - a subsidiary of "UAZ") violated any terms of occupational safety and health, or temperature, or both, and more ; clothing does not meet the standards (synthetic instead of cotton, special shoes - leatherette instead of the leather, and because of this - dermatitis, problems with the foot and the toes of the disease.).

Our treatment of this subject in Trudinspektsiyu and other regulatory authorities to no avail. From the State Labour Inspectorate of the Ulyanovsk region came the answer, which can not be called otherwise than mocking.

For example, about one example of improper working conditions, namely, the flow of the roof to the building of the main assembly line "inspection of the head of NA Sarkisov unsubscribed that" the inspection carried out in the sun during the day, in the absence of precipitation, so this fact check was not possible".

And about the indexation of wages and gentlemen of the Labour Inspectorate deigned to say that "with the June 2013 introduced a new provision on remuneration on the basis of grades, which allows workers to raise wages annually."

This evasion is a flagrant mockery of labor laws, since, as stated in article 134 TC:

"Provision of raising the real content of wages includes the indexation of wages due to the rise in consumer prices for goods and services. State agencies, local governments, state and municipal institutions produce wage indexation in the manner prescribed by the labor legislation and other normative legal acts containing norms of labor law, other employers - in the manner prescribed by the collective agreement, agreements, local normative acts. "

Nowhere in the article 134 of TC stated that the right to have the indexing only those employees who improved their qualification (a grade).

Due to such a position of the Labour Inspectorate, we turn to you as a person, according to the Constitution is the guarantor of the rights of Russian citizens and ask:

To oblige Inspectorate for Labor, Office of Public Prosecutor and other control bodies and authorities to ensure effective supervision

for the implementation of the owners of "UAZ" labor laws.

If the owner, despite a profit, can not fulfill its social obligations to employees, to nationalize the enterprise. "

Source: Rucriminal