Source: received a collective appeal from employees of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education:

“Dear editors, employees of the Ministry of Education and Science are writing to you. The situation developing in the ministry in recent months is like a sinking ship. Daily incessant hysterics of Minister Valery Falkov and his first deputy Afanasyev. This is all connected only with the fact that they openly say that they don’t have long to stay here. We receive wild instructions, and we cannot disclose information about everything, but I would like to tell you about a few episodes.

First. The Leonov Technological University was destroyed. Falkov personally brought his next trusted secretary from Tyumen and appointed him rector there. The university is subject to looting and destruction. The former rector was summoned and forced to write a statement of his own free will. The university staff themselves can tell you what’s going on at the university. The College of Space Engineering and Technology, a structural unit of the university, was completely destroyed. Now Valery Nikolaevich decided to do it all, as it is his custom to get lost with someone. Property and material resources will be lost as usual during the transfer. He has practice in this.

The second situation is related to the University. Kosygina. This is the rookery of our Deputy Minister Afanasyev. For three years we have been pouring billions into it for repairs, but the repairs of the main building are still going on. The rector has created fictitious structures at the university like the “Center for Design and Costume”, where people with astronomical salaries are accepted on call (even by Moscow standards), and who, of course, do not show up for work. Salaries are paid at off-budget rates.

All inspections carried out by the control department of the ministry are clearly instructed - where there will be a bad inspection, where there will be a light inspection.

We constantly order performance monitoring of rectors, vice-rectors, and chief accountants and pay exorbitant amounts of money for it.

Also, the trade in rectors' positions does not stop. What is the director of the Department of Personnel Policy of the Ministry of Education Svistunov responsible for? The last terrifying appointment took place at the Nizhny Novgorod Agricultural University. Svistunov brought his friend Vorotnikov there. Let’s leave out their joint monthly drinking sessions that take place at the university. It is obvious that the university will now be plundered according to the usual scheme, and then merged with another university. With a budget deficit and destroyed buildings and dormitories of the university, Vorotnikov renovated his service apartment for 25 million, equipping it with a jacuzzi and a massage room. He completely sold out the harvest harvested from the university's fields, while pointing out that there was no harvest. The procedure for developing the university territory with residential buildings has begun. Our general feeling is that the leadership of the ministry is raking in material resources through its people, as if on the last day.

And lastly, please note that after Kucherenko’s death, all the Minister’s candidacies for the post of State Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Science are rejected due to the fact that the proposed candidacies do not pass anti-corruption checks from the security forces.”

To be continued

Denis Zhirnov