According to the information system "Contour. Focus "state-owned enterprise" Civil Construction Management "(UGS) distributed in 2015 orders for the construction of housing, schools and kindergartens in Moscow to the amount of 116.2 billion rubles. The largest state orders, as the "Top Secret" newspaper found out, went to 1) the company "Regionpromstroy", owned by the family of the ex-head of the town planning department and former deputy defense minister Alexander Kosovan, 2) the municipal "Experimental Microdistrict Development Office", which is run by a Mercedes seller Kazan Albert Suniev and 3) the firm "Terra Auri", which was patronized by Andrei Belyuchenko. In the recent past, Belyuchenko was a prominent metropolitan official and headed the state-owned enterprise "Civil Construction Management" (the same one that distributes orders for the construction of housing, schools and kindergartens in Moscow). And now Andrey Beliuchenko is the director of the Department of Urban Development and Architecture of the Russian Ministry of Construction.

Interestingly, these three happy companies do not have any own building assets - neither factories for the production of building materials, nor rights to them, which could make the construction cheaper. Larger and well-known developers with their own DSCs and other construction capacities received much more modest contracts.


Oleg Kosovan


Photo: Vitaliy Belousov / Tass


General-army contractors


On the avatar in Facebook, 47-year-old Oleg Kosovan is depicted in the uniform of an officer of the Petrine army with a blue ribbon and the Order of St. Andrew. Thus, with the highest military award of tsarist times, the son of the former deputy defense minister himself sees himself. He and his sister, Julia, a brown-haired woman with a model appearance, own 69% of the company OOO Regionpromstroy (revenue - 3.4 billion rubles). This firm according to "Contour. Focus "received for the last year from the" Office of Civil Construction "state orders for 13.7 billion rubles. This is approximately 10% of all orders of a state-owned enterprise. The children of the army general, retired Alexander Kosovan, the former deputy defense minister of Russia, are engaged in municipal construction. 49% of the shares belong to Julia Kosovan, 20% to Oleg Kosovan. By 15.5% from Mikhail Schneider and Boris Shinkarevsky. And Kosovan Sr. is the president of Regionpromstroy LLC.


Former Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Kosovan has long "forged swords" for construction contracts




Gen. Alexander Kosovan is 74 years old, but he is still working, for more than 30 years he was engaged in construction projects for the Defense Ministry, he built missile silos, housing for the military. From 1997 to 2003 he was the head of the Ministry of Defense for the construction and billeting of Russian troops. His son, Oleg Kosovan worked with his father in the Ministry of Defense, headed the FSUE "Special Construction Management №10" (USS № 10) of the Special Construction of Russia. Now this FSUE is being liquidated - bankrupt. In the building of the Institute of Special Construction (owned by the Ministry of Defense) on Smolensky Boulevard 19/1 several companies of the children of Kosovan and their partners were registered. At the same time about 550 sq.m. Belong to Julia Kosovan through "OOO Starkos" and are leased (the newspaper "Top Secret" learned about this from the materials of the arbitration dispute). In 2002, Oleg Kosovan tried to blame for receiving $ 2 million "kickbacks" for the construction of a residential complex for servicemen on the street. Academician Anokhin, but the matter fell apart. However, his father, the army general, Kosovan had to resign from his post as deputy defense minister, especially since he had a retirement age.


Alexander Kosovan




The general went well - to the government of Moscow to Yuri Luzhkov. He was a deputy and head of the Department of Urban Development in the Moscow City Hall from 2003 to 2010. "The military began to build a lot in Moscow in the crisis of 1998 - they had money, construction plants, but there were no grounds. And the then head of the Moscow construction complex, Vladimir Resin, granted them these grounds, since civil, and most of all, the largest of them at that time, DSC-1, stood without money, and housing volumes had to be introduced, "recalls a former Moscow government official . Thus, Kosovan made friends with Resin and Luzhkov. After the resignation of Luzhkov, Alexander Kosovan became an advisor to the mayor Sergei Sobyanin, the post is non-general, but it allows you to deal with what Alexander Davydovich was engaged in all his life - construction for public account. But now for yourself.

By order of the "Civil Construction Department", its "Regionpromstroy" builds up the area of ​​Fili-Davydkovo, in particular, block 65, building. 1, 2. The company won the competition from MFS-6, offering to perform works for 2.19 billion rubles. With a starting price of 2.3 billion rubles. The area of ​​the facility is 39.5 thousand square meters. The cost of construction of a square meter, according to the approved project - 61 thousand rubles. The contract was won in 2013, but the project was approved only in November 2015. The price of municipal housing is very expensive. (For comparison, the cost of building panel houses of the S-300 series owned by S.Holding Alexei Shepel is 35,000 rubles per square meter with finishing, almost half as much.) The press services of the Kosovanov family and the Civil Construction Department declined to comment Situation.


Albert Suniev




A happy share of the Mercedes seller


JSC "Office of Experimental Development of Microdistricts" ("EEZ") received a state order from the Civil Construction Administration for the amount of 8.36 billion rubles, and only 11.3 billion from the structures of the Moscow government. The company belongs to the government of Moscow through JSC "Mosinzhproekt" and is managed by Albert Souniev, a 35-year-old businessman from Kazan, a countryman of the head of the Moscow construction complex Marat Khusnullin. Until 2014, the "UEZ" (revenue - 421 million rubles.) Was one of the city structures that build housing, along with SUE URiRO - "Office for Reconstruction and Development of Unique Objects", JSC Center-Invest, Center City . However, since 2014 several companies have been placed under the management of the "SEZ" Albert Suniev for three years - OJSC Center-Invest, two design institutes of OJSC Mosproject -4 and OJSC MPSI - the Mosprojectstroyindustry Institute, OAO Mosrealstroy (Sells real estate), OJSC "Management Company CAO". Thus, a whole development holding was formed.

Although the managing structure of the new holding is the "EEZ", the main profit is created by the company "Center-Invest". In 2014, its revenue increased more than 100 times - from 23.4 million to 2.5 billion rubles. The matter is that "Center-Invest" ceded projects with a total area of ​​about 1 million square meters, started, but not completed by various investors in the 2000s. The largest of them is a total area of ​​490 thousand square meters. M. - neighborhoods 1 and 2 of the "Left Bank" in the north of the capital on the site of demolished five-story buildings. In some cases, investors were forced to abandon the implementation of projects, because they did not have land plots in Rosreestr. For example, it happened with the project of the MFC in Kursk Square. In 2015, the company should receive a profit of 4.58 billion rubles, and in just three years from 2015 to 2017, the joint stock company expects to profit about 22 billion rubles. "Office of Experimental Development" (SEZ) Albert Sunieva plans to stake out a share in 5-7% of the entire construction market in Moscow. Currently, the volume of construction Souniev is about 242 thousand square meters. M., Of which 123 thousand square meters. M-is on the "EEZ", 101 thousand square meters. M - the volume of construction of JSC Center-Invest.


Albert Suniev, having moved to Moscow, did not give up his business in Tatarstan. Thus, 80.1% of the Kazan Mercedes-benz dealer MB-Irbis LLC (19.9% ​​of the Chairman of the Board of Akibank Ildar Galyautdinov) and Gazspetsproekt (data from the Contour Focus service) belong to him. The car dealer "MB-Irbis" opened its showroom in May 2013, when Sunev already headed the state JSC "UEZ". The company's revenue in 2014 is 1.5 billion rubles, an increase of 174%. The plans are to sell about 800 cars a year. By the way, the family of Marat Khusnullin is also interested in these luxury cars: his wife Lily - Mercedes CLS 350, and he appeared in it in 2013, when the salon MB-Irbis, Albert Souniev opened.

The developer holding under the supervision of the "Office of Experimental Development of Microdistricts" ("UEZ") is similar to the construction giant "Tatstroy", which, when Marat Khusnullin was Minister of Construction and Housing of the Republic built 200 thousand square meters. Housing per year and occupied 10% of the construction market in Kazan. Tatstroi, like the EEZ, has all the resources and obligations provided by the state: sites, budget, building permits, etc., and control is in the hands of people from the circle of the ex-minister. But "Tatstroy" was bankrupt, as soon as Khusnullin left for Moscow to head the Moscow construction complex. And the assets left after the bankruptcy of "Tatstroi" were found in the business partners of Liliya Khusnullina. Albert Suniev and Damir Gazizov refused to communicate with our newspaper.

But the most important thing is that under such a preferential state existence of the price for the construction of municipal housing, the company Sounieva is not at all social. For example, the price per square meter of a residential complex on Sadovnicheskaya Street, which is 80/2 (19 thousand square meters, which is being built by the "UEZ") - 93 thousand rubles. This is the cost of design and contract construction. Such municipal housing can not be called cheap, prices are comparable to commercial ones.


Andrey Beluchenko


Photo by: VOMS.RU


The golden land of Terra Auri


"Terra Auri" in Latin means "golden land". The project company with such a rich name still had no government orders four years ago, and today it has contracts from the capital's state-owned enterprise "Civil Construction Management" for 5.5 billion rubles (totaling 6.7 billion rubles). What is the secret of success? According to the "Contour. Focus ", the former director general of the Civil Construction Management Department (" UGS ") Andrei Beliuchenko is still the owner of Terra Auri, although he sold it four years ago to Denis Borodako, his colleague in the development company Vedis Group, where they together Worked. That is, he skillfully managed state orders.

In the crisis 2008-2009, Vedis broke into the market leaders, having built 1.5 million square meters. Housing economy class. These complexes in Marfino, Golovino, Michurino, and others. According to sources "Top Secret", such a rapid growth occurred due to the fact that Beliuchenko was able to quickly coordinate project documentation in the Moscow government. These projects were created by Terra Auri.

In 2010, Terra Auri won a competition for the design of 13 kindergartens (DOW) in Moscow from 24, in microdistricts with dense buildings. In March 2011, Terra Auri received the honorary title of "Supplier of goods and services for the needs of the Moscow Government" for designing these kindergartens in Moscow in record time. In the same year 2011, Belyuchenko headed the Moscow Center for Children and Family Rest (ICDCO), which began to distribute state orders for the construction of social facilities in Moscow. In the fall of 2012, the Moscow Center for Child and Family Restoration (ICCSD) was renamed the Civil Construction Administration (UGS), its functions were significantly expanded and the budget grew.

The new government enterprise of the Moscow government is building not only social facilities, but also housing at the expense of the budget. So, according to the data of the Moscow Government's Targeted Investment Program in 2013-2015, "UGS" received 121 billion rubles of budget money - for housing construction, 19.84 billion rubles - for the construction of 82 kindergartens and 19.7 billion for the construction of 60 schools. Happy are the builders who are favored by "UGS".


For example, until 2013, state orders from Terra Auri were relatively small - for technical orders and design, these services cost tens of millions of rubles. But in 2013, the "Terra" had an order from the state "Civil Construction Administration" for the design and construction of an experimental apartment building with utilities on the street. Nizhny Novgorod, ow. 11B-11V worth 1, 144 billion rubles. This experimental house has a total area of ​​18.5 thousand square meters. Built in 2015. For the contract "Terra Auri" did not have to fight, only "Terra Auri" took part in the tender, as follows from the tender documentation. As a result, the revenue of ZAO Terra Auri in 2013 reached 5.6 billion rubles, while in 2012 it amounted to only 302.4 million rubles. The growth of 18.5 times! However, the share of "Terra" in the state order "Civil Construction Administration" in 2013 - 2014 is less than 10%. The total volume of orders placed by this state-owned enterprise was then 46.9 billion rubles.

At the end of 2014, Andrei Beliuchenko left the post of head of "UGS", his place was occupied by Damir Gazizov, a Kazan. Soon the former colleague Beliuchenko Denis Borodako sold Terra Auri, according to some sources, the former financial director of the company Inna Volskaya became its owner. Today, Belyuchenko is the director of the Department for Urban Development and Architecture of the Russian Ministry of Construction, and Denis Borodako is co-owner of the Rodina Group of Companies, Anton Wiener's partner, the stepson of billionaire Alisher Usmanov. Revenue "Terra Auri" in 2014 fell by 30% to 3.9 billion rubles.

Inna Volskaya is well acquainted with the founder of the Terra Auri company, Andrei Belyuchenko, together they worked for Horus Capital, founded by Senator Sergei Gordeyev, a well-known player in the M & A market. Belyuchenko was the director for development, and Volsky - the senior project manager, and then the chief accountant of Horus. In addition, Volsky was CEO in the company ZAO Region Invest, whose director since November this year is Elena Beliuchenko, wife of Andrey Beluchenko. According to the data of "Contour. Focus "to the" Region Invest "company owns a private" International Linguistic School ".

At present, Terra Auri is completing the construction of a residential complex on Taganka (2005-2007, Sosinskaya St., building 6, building 1, Bolshoy Simonovsky per., Building 22, building 2, 2nd Dubrovskaya street , Owner 5-7-9 / 30, building 3,) with a total area of ​​82.5 thousand square meters. The cost of one sq.m. Is 74, 6 thousand rubles, which is much more expensive than the projected by the company panel "TA-714-001". Why is the Terra Auri project company, which does not have its own DSC and other construction facilities, receives construction orders from the city, neither the UGS, nor Volskaya, nor Beliuchenko responded. As well as the question, why spend taxpayers' money in Moscow to build such expensive housing.

Larger and well-known companies also build social housing and social facilities, but less. So, JSC "SU-155" - an order from the Civil Construction Administration for 7.2 billion rubles, Monolit-Fundamentstroy CJSC - 5.9 billion rubles, from OOO MFS-Peak (owned by the PIK Group of Companies ) - state order - 4.5 billion rubles, "LSR. Construction-M "(part of the group" LSR ") - 2.3 billion rubles. OAO DSC -1 - 5.3 billion rubles in 2014, and in 2015 - we did not find any. Roman Shurer, the chief engineer of DSK-1 through an assistant, said that the company had Moscow's state orders last year, but did not disclose which ones.

Yury Ilyin, Deputy Director General for Marketing, Communications and Investor Relations of LSR Group, answered the question "Top Secret" why his company builds relatively little on state order in Moscow: "In recent years, Moscow has become for us the most priority city for development. Here we are implementing a landmark large-scale project - a residential complex of art class, where we will build more than 1.5 million square meters. M. Real estate. As for state competitions, we, as well as other companies, consider their conditions, and if they are interesting to us, then we decide to participate. So far, the share of the state order in Moscow is small, but we plan to increase it. "