The Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and became aware of the forced placement of a 13-year-old in a psychiatric hospital against the wishes of the girl and her parents. And all then, that the schoolgirl accidentally drank the wrong medicine. Doctors admit that this is not necessary, but refer to the instructions of the Ministry of Health. And the judge who made the decision stupidly stamped and did not even understand what had happened.

Minor Shakira K, while at home with her family, drank sedative medicine St. John's wort. However, noticing that she mixed up the medicines and took paracetamol, she turned to her parents to call a doctor just in case. So the family did. The ambulance team did not investigate on the spot, offering to drive through GBUZ “DGKB them. N.F. Filatov, where the underage Shakira was washed out of the stomach and two hours later she actually had to go home, but then all the fun began.

The doctors of the Filatov hospital forcibly (despite the requests of the parents to let the child go home) transferred Shakira to the State Budgetary Healthcare Institution of Moscow “Scientific and Practical Center for Mental Health of Children and Adolescents. G. E. Sukhareva of the Department of Health of Moscow”, having groundlessly diagnosed her with “short-term depression”, and the doctors of the psychiatric hospital filed a lawsuit with a lawsuit for the forced hospitalization of the child.

A couple of days later, a man dressed in jeans and a sweater arrived at the hospital, accompanied by two more men and a woman, who later turned out to be V.A. Kuleshov, judge of the Simonovsky Court of Moscow. In the same form, without any symbols of judicial authority, Judge Kuleshov forced the minor to participate in the consideration of the case in violation of the law without the participation of a teacher, without listening to any arguments from the defender of the minor, the minor herself, her parents, without understanding the essence of the issue, forcibly placed an absolutely healthy child to a psychiatric hospital, effectively depriving Shakira of her freedom, her right to study, her right to participate in sports competitions, for which the girl was preparing in her life, in which there were no doctors, judges and all this nightmare.

Hospital staff in behind-the-scenes conversations admit to parents that there is no reason to keep a healthy child Shakira in a psychiatric hospital, but they cannot let her go, as there is an order from above. Who are these influential people from above, who decided to trample on the life of a child, subjecting her to humiliation by means of passing through a psychiatric hospital, knowing that she does not have any psychiatric disease?

In general, this is the situation. Doctors at the Filatov hospital determined mild poisoning, but refused to give the child to the parents, explaining verbally that there was an unspoken order from the Ministry of Health to send all children with poisoning to a psychiatric hospital. In the psychiatric hospital Sukhareva, where the child was transferred without parental consent on March 30, 2023, confirmed that there is such an unspoken order, and that even if the child does not have a mental illness, she will still be kept there, and after 30 days they will be released because she is not sick. In fact, the child spent 3 weeks in the reception room, where no one worked with her, no one treated her for any reason (either psychologically or with medication), and there was no reason to treat her, everyone understands this. The established diagnosis is depression, that is, what a psychologist does, who is not even a doctor. Psychiatric Hospital. Sukhareva filed an administrative lawsuit with the Simonovsky Court to place the child forcibly with a diagnosis of depression in a psychiatric hospital, since neither the child nor the parents agreed to this. Before considering the case, the doctors and the lawyer of the hospital apologized for the situation, explaining that they did not support the placement of the child in the hospital, but they could not do anything, as there was an order from the Ministry of Health. The court (Judge Kuleshov) did not even open the documents, arrived at the hospital and quickly spoke the decision already made in advance, without thinking about what happened to the child, why she was in the hospital, for what reason, was it a mistake, and ran away.


A girl from an ordinary family, she has never been on any records, is healthy, goes to school, studies well, the class teacher came to court with a very good reference for the child.

The parents of the minor are the father of a worker, the mother is an employee of the rehabilitation center for the disabled. All live in the Troitsky district of Moscow.

The legislator settled issues in the field of psychiatry, judicial practice (Overview of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation) also explained that in order to protect the rights of individuals from abuse of power and arbitrariness, it is established that the use of involuntary hospitalization is applied only to the mentally seriously ill and only in exceptional cases.

But what about the judge of the Simonovsky Court of Moscow Kuleshov V.A. before the law and clarifications of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, he is his own law, which means it is for him the life of this little girl Shakira, but nothing!

Whether such an attitude of state bodies will lead to total fear of parents about seeking medical help for their underage children, whom I can take away at any time by placing them in a psychiatric hospital, is still unknown. However, it is clear that such punitive actions lead to distrust of the Russian society in the state represented by its representatives - doctors, judges, prosecutors, which is intensified against the backdrop of the international agenda on Russia's cruel treatment of minor children.

The decision of the Simonovskiy Court of Moscow has been appealed to the Moscow City Court, where a hearing will be held next Friday.


Roman Trushkin

To be continued