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As reported by some media, he has acquired a new round of scandal with the theft of money, "Petrocommerce". Investigators determined that the matter could be involved in ex-deputy chairman of the bank Denis Milovidov. At his home, law enforcement officials raided.

Recall that we are talking about the theft of nearly $ 3 billion at the conclusion of the credit agreement with the bank Zlatoust Metallurgical Plant. With this transaction, according to security officials from the accounts of "Petrocommerce" and disappeared above named sum. In the fraud suspect and former State Duma deputy and former owner of the group "Estar" Vadim Varshavsky.

According to the version of law enforcement officers, at the conclusion of the contract signed by the then head of ZMZ Warsaw, he provided deliberately false information about their assets.

As a result, credit for 2.8 billion rubles from the bank have been received, but later returned to the factory does not have a penny.

According to the same investigation, the guarantor in the person Vadim Warsaw concealed the fact that its plant is already taking under its loan guarantee nearly one billion rubles, the company "Mechel". On this occasion, "Mechel" is also suing Warsaw, and, the lawsuit has dragged on for a long time.

"Black Label", "Mechel"

"Butting" with "Mechel" Vadim Warsaw - long and partly contradictory.

For example, all market participants are still on the lips of the court between the owner of "Mechel" Igor Zyuzin and Warsaw. The dispute concerned the requirements of the last to the first to give him a share of the Cyprus offshore Daveze Limited, which owns Ukrainian DEMZ. (Donetsk Electro-Mechanical Plant).

Another 3 years ago, Igor Zyuzin has promised to sign with "Estar" Warsaw agreement on the assignment to DEMZ for a symbolic Euro 2000 but one ... but if Warsaw repay him $ 81 million debt for DEMZ.

But the money was never found on debt repayment (or pretended that he did not find). As a result, the plant was in a deep "peak" stopped production despite the fact that "Mechel" continued to regularly pay the debts of the enterprise. Last year alone, the group Zyuzin paid on loans with interest, almost 5 billion rubles!

"The court let the case" Warsaw

Vadim Varshavsky - from the cohort of businessmen who are used to solve their business is not economic affairs and lawsuits.

Here it is worth recalling a lawsuit with the same "Mechel" for another asset - Rstovskogo electro-mechanical plant (REMZ). At one time, once again, by mutual agreement, REMZ moved into management "ESTAR" and personally Warsaw. However, as written by some media, real assets, the company has got some kind of Dutch company "Atrix BV".

And I wrote that this is the real owner of the firm from the Netherlands (located in an offshore zone) is a businessman and the owner of "ESTAR" Vadim Varshavsky.

And then, "Estar" took, and filed a lawsuit against the so-called vicarious liability. The defendant, of course was the company "Mechel". Allegedly, "Mechel", accumulated huge debts of the plant, decided to leave on their return. Here Vadim Varshavsky and went off the beaten path. And it is formally "erased" had every right to do !. Only now, all the concepts of corporate solidarity "According to the businessman," as is often the case with the mutual agreement "suddenly" disappeared "...

Dagestan conspiracy?

Among Warsaw in general, often strange things happen when it comes to debt. That alone is worth to recall the case of a company "Metallplat" - modest Dagestan company. This office somehow owed "Estar" as much as 5 billion rubles! It is worth noting that "Metallplat" was a subsidiary of the company Vadim Varshavsky.

In this situation, there is nothing left, as the suspect that the assets were removed to an unknown destination.

"Make" money

The plants, which are now under the control of, or were previously under the control of Warsaw, there are also financial scandals. Particularly "distinguished" senior managers. For example, General Director of "IUD" Red October "Dmitry Gerasimenko, who became manager of the Zlatoust steel plant.

He was suspected of embezzling nearly 250 million rubles. Being at the helm of the company, he made a series of questionable transactions. However, last year the case was dismissed under the settlement with the injured party. Gerasimenko left his post and even claimed to country.

"Business and" love "?

Vadim Varshavsky, as has already been seen by many people comprehensively talented, if not to say, refined talent. So, one day he "got involved" in the very particular story, are not connected with metallurgy in particular, with any businesses in general.

Warsaw was suspected of meeting the banal brothel, and in the heart of the capital. A sign at the places with the street looked very nice, if not romantic. Passers all the lights shining illumination of the word "Golden Dragon".

Some journalists have written resources by providing, once, what arguments, that the institution appeared escort services is very wealthy clients. A very firm (again, according to meticulous media representatives) is under the personal control of oligarch Vadim Varshavsky!

Even raiding?

Well, what a real Russian businessman walked this path as asset seizures competitors, and sometimes with partners. Vadim Varshavsky and is succeeded more than their counterparts.

At one time the scandal erupted around the coal mine "Steppe" in the Republic of Khakassia. Vadim Varshavsky decided that this "fat" a piece with the production of one million tons of coal has to be top-notch it. How?

This question Warsaw never really thought about it. On the company arrived mask show, consisting of 40 people with automatic weapons, and supervised "operation is one of the criminal authorities of neighboring Kemerovo region. As a result, the entire staff and management were simply thrown out into the street, and one director appointed Boris Warsaw - the closest relative of Vadim Varshavsky.

How could this happen in our legal education time? Simply raiders presented false lawsuits about the alleged bankruptcy of the section and move it from the structures of Warsaw.

How will the Zlatoust case in opposition to the "Mechel", is difficult to guess. But, knowing the "talents" Vadim Varshavsky, there is no doubt that he will extract his benefit. If the deal does not intervene finally controlling and law enforcement bodies.

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Source: Rucriminal