On Friday, Basmanny district court determined under house arrest in the residential complex "Onegin" former owner of the Bank "Ugra" Alexei Khotin. The investigative Committee, he, along with also sent under house arrest ex-Chairman of the Board of "Ugra" Dmitry Shilyaev suspected of embezzlement of at least 7.5 billion. tells about the persons with whom Khotin was associated in plosldednee time.

Since 2017, the Central Bank of Russia has been trying to bring proceedings against Alexei Khotin. Earlier, we gave a chronology of this struggle of the Bank of Russia. And it was unsuccessful, because all his assets Khotin hid in the "Rosselkhozbank", which is controlled by his friend Dmitry Patrushev.According to sources, now the value of the assets of Khotin, pledged in the agricultural Bank, at least five times exceeds the amount of loans received in this Bank. Thus, the most "delicious" assets of Khotin for other creditors are not available, and the Rosselkhozbank businessman regularly pay interest on loans.

Moved things tockin when the lawyers of alpha Bank Michael Friedman proschitali that Hawtin violates the settlement agreement signed with him in 2017. "This is due to significant violations of the terms of the settlement agreement by Khotin. We are talking about objects of real estate included in the settlement agreement", - suggested sources

Given that Khotin was sent under house arrest, the whole Borba for him is still ahead. Recall, until, some PRS, which were always together with Khotin.

Source he said that when Khotin raider seized his first object in the capital – the Moscow soap factory -then take away from the investigators statements on Khotin and a number of materials exposing Alexei, the then head of the Moscow police Department Vladimir Pronin personally came. At that time he was a major patron of Khotin. Such cooperation, of course, paid off. Now Pronin owns almost half of the native of Kursk region, including stud "Darra". And in Moscow he has a huge construction business. So succeeded former chief of the Metropolitan police.

Since those distant times, the level of ties of Khotin himself has increased significantly. He especially loved to brag about how he had everything captured in the Central Bank. The patron Saint of Alexei and his Bank "Ugra" was the Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Alexei Simanovsky, so Khotin could pump billions from his native credit institution with impunity. Yes, and what was feared, if the "Yugra" was framed not by Hotin, and the names of straw men. Simanovsky Then "flew" from office, the Chairman of the Central Bank of Russia was Dmitry Tulin. Hawtin started bragging about that and and Talinum it all under control. And then, as told sources of, Tulin, on friendship, strongly recommended Khotin to issue a controlling stake in Ugra for himself. Like, and from the Bank all fall behind, and large state support is guaranteed (it will be possible to download not only the money of depositors, but also allocated from the budget). In short, promised the most rosy prospects. And Khotin "fell for it."

Almost as soon as Hawtin has acknowledged possession of "Ugra", Tulin forgot about the past friendship. The Bank was hit by checks that revealed giant "holes". Everything ended naturally – the Bank revoked the license. Only now financially responsible for the "hole" in tens of billions of rubles will now not be figurehead individuals, but Khotin himself.

According to sources, in private conversations, Khotin directly lamented that he succumbed to the persuasions of Tulin and "wrote" Yugra" on himself. I considered it my main mistake. As a result, the Khotyn not jalel tens of millions of rubles on informational "war" with the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. And, of course, he was worried about vicarious liability. This is when the state can recover from Khotin tens of billions withdrawn from Ugra. And take away from him there is that.

Khotin managed to capture a number of oil-producing enterprises, including NK Dulisma, which entered the Rus-oil company controlled by him. Khotin also acquired a share in the oil company Exillon Energy.  The main shareholders of Exillon are offshore khotina Senegal International Agency ltd (29.99 %) and other offshore Sinclare Holings Limited (26.69 %). In total, they own 56.68 %. Sinclare Holings Limited at the time of purchase of shares in Exillon belonged to buisnessmen and sponsor of the Bolshoi theatre Alexander Klechina. Khotin and Klyachin are close friends, they have a lot of joint Affairs and Affairs. Therefore, no one doubted that Klyachin bought shares to immediately transfer them under the control of Khotin, who became the main owner of Exillon.

As a partner in his oil projects, he attracted Mikhail Margelov, Vice President of Transneft, and his own son Dmitry Mikhailovich Margelov, who previously was an adviser to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Rus-oil JSC, and in 2016 he took the chair of General Director of Exillon Energy. Khotin, of course, very clumsily hid oil assets. Something copied in the offshore, something his assistant Sergey Ponticello.


To be continued

Arseny Drones