On November 1, 2021, an ordinary event would have happened in St. Petersburg - when checking documents, officers of the patrol service detained a citizen who presented a passport in the name of Rakhimov Ramil Faritovich. In view of the suspicions that arose among the staff of the PPS, the citizen was taken to the police department, and upon closer examination of the document, it turned out that the passport was, albeit of high quality, but still fake, and the citizen who pretended to be Rakhimov was in fact a federal wanted man for a long time. Adeishvili Zurab Avtandilovich.

Бадри Шенгелия

A brief digression into history is needed here. As found out, at one time Adeishvili was extremely close to the well-known raider Shengelia Badri, along with Daraselia Akakiy, already mentioned in our previous article, he was a member of a limited circle of the closest and most trusted persons. Recall that Badri Shengelia was the main witness in relation to Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin)

However, as often happens in gangster sagas, a black cat ran between them and yesterday's accomplices became sworn enemies.

The conflict between Shengelia and Daraselia with Adeishvili, who joined the latter, occurred over real estate owned by Shengelia OJSC "Repair and Mechanical Plant" (St. Petersburg, Malaya Mitrofanievskaya St., 4 TIN 7810250587), which Daraselia tried in his usual manner - by forging title documents, stealing from his former boss. The frontmen, or as they say, "infantry" in this case were people selected by Adeishvili. Despite the criminal cases initiated by Shengelia, as a result of which this very “infantry” quite expectedly received real terms, to keep the property of OJSC

"RMC" Shengelia could not and was forced to give it to Vladimir Stepanov for nothing. To close the issue and gain full control over RMK OJSC and its property, Stepanov repeatedly flew to Bulgaria to see Daraselia, who is on the international wanted list.

Thanks to the efforts of Shengeliy, Adeishvili was imprisoned under the classic raider article 159 of the Criminal Code - “Fraud”. Adeishvili honestly served the term assigned to him by the sentence and was released. But his misadventures did not end there. As it became known to, Adeishvili did not have time to be released, as it turned out that he was the main suspect in the case of the brutal murder of V.S. Orlov committed in the Priozersky district of the Leningrad region.

The investigating authorities considered Orlov a key figure in organizing the falsification of entries in the statutory documents and registration files of St. Petersburg enterprises and organizations subjected to raider seizures in the early 2000s. Testimony that Adeishvili is the executor (murderer) of Orlov was given naturally by Shengelia. In addition to Shengelia's testimony, there were other persons' testimony in the case, albeit indirectly, but also testifying to Adeishvili's involvement in the crime.

Adeishvili hid from the investigating authorities and lived on forged documents.

Since mid-February 2017, the case against Adeishvili was suspended in connection with his search and resumed again, after his, as it turns out, by no means random detention.

According to our sources, Adeishvili was not really looked for, so every day there were less and less reason to trust Shengeli's testimony. Moreover, as part of the investigation into the murder of Orlov, operational measures were being prepared in relation to Shengelia himself, since there were sufficient grounds to believe that he, Shengelia, was directly involved in the crime. The investigation did not manage to realize its plans because of the murder of Shengelia himself. Recall that his Mercedes was literally riddled with bullets from a Kalashnikov assault rifle on the same Priozerskoye highway in October 2018.


What was the trigger for Adeishvili's arrest? The version that he was detained as a result of a banal document check is absolutely unconvincing.

As noted in our article dated February 04, 2022, Stepanov fraudulently, with the active assistance of Daraselia, tried to steal the property of SKAM CJSC. This large property complex is located in St. Petersburg at 50 Ligovsky pr. At the same time, the price of the transaction is a ridiculous 24 thousand rubles, and only the cadastral value of the property exceeds 53 million rubles, the real market value is several times higher. Disputing this transaction, the shareholders of SCAM CJSC filed a claim with the Arbitration Court of St. Petersburg, and by the time of this publication, the court has ruled to invalidate this transaction and return the stolen property back to the ownership of SCAM CJSC.

In this matter, it is important that the shareholders of SCAM CJSC, to one degree or another, were directly connected with Adeishvili, some of them were even related and certainly were under his influence. The detention took place just a few days after a telephone conversation between Adeishvili and Stepanov.

As it became known to us, the conversation between Adeishvili and Stepanov concerned precisely the circumstances that had developed around SCAM CJSC. The contracting parties failed to reach an understanding, and as a result, Adeishvili ended up in prison.

A few days later, Adeishvili was detained, and this could be explained by the excellent work of law enforcement agencies, the attentiveness of the patrol officers, and any other factors, if not for one exceptionally important circumstance.

The first person to visit Adeishvili in the detention center, even before the visit by the investigator or, say, relatives, was the lawyer of the Neva Bar Association Sherle Oleg Aleksandrovich.

Scherle himself is a very, very remarkable figure. Former deputy of the municipal council of the city of Lomonosov, who was a member of an organized criminal group that was engaged in fraud with apartments. At the same time, socially unprotected residents of St. Petersburg became victims of fraudsters. According to our sources, a significant role in Sherle's surprisingly lenient sentence - 5 years probation, despite the fact that other members of the gang received real terms, was played by Sherle's longtime patron - Stepanov, already well known to us.

Without postponing the showdown on the back burner, Sherle immediately offered Adeishvili mutually beneficial cooperation. Sherle explained to the astonished Adeishvili that he was acting on behalf and on behalf of Stepanov, that the very fact of Adeishvili being in prison was due to his intractability with Stepanov. According to Scherle, it turned out that Stepanov was the only hope for salvation for Adeishvili, otherwise he would face a life sentence.

The essence of Stepanov's proposal boiled down to the following: he, Stepanov, through his connections in law enforcement agencies, decides on the removal of charges against Adeishvili for the murder of Orlov. As mentioned above, the investigation did not particularly trust the testimony of Shengelia, but Stepanov undertook to resolve the issue with the testimony of other persons and a number of circumstantial evidence in relation to Adeishvili.

In exchange for his service, Stepanov demanded from Adeishvili assistance with the shareholders of SCAM CJSC. What should this assistance be? The shareholder of SCAM CJSC, on whose behalf the claim was filed with the Arbitration Court, had to abandon the claim by submitting a corresponding application to the Arbitration Court, and subsequently all shareholders should re-register their shares to the persons indicated by Stepanov.

If Adeishvili refused such a “generous offer”, not only was he not guaranteed a comfortable term until the trial, but, on the contrary, the conditions of his detention could significantly worsen.

Realizing that this decision is perhaps the most important in his life, Adeishvili took a break in the negotiations.

In this regard, the searches conducted on November 10, 2021 at all the relatives of Badri Shengelia look completely different. Searches almost simultaneously took place in four places at once, at the place of residence of B. Shengelia's brother, widow, daughter and nephew. Although the searches were carried out in connection with the murder of Orlov, for some reason the operatives were interested in any documents and records related to ZAO SKAM, as well as to Daraselia.

The editors of will continue to monitor the development of the situation with interest and will promptly cover it.

To be continued

Alexey Ermakov