Customers Ella Stewart - President and Chairman of BBDO Group Russia Board of Directors (the world's largest branch of BBDO Worldwide advertising and communications group) - do not even know that after this treatment businesswoman they almost immediately get into the center of the real "web". At stake are not only hundreds of millions of rubles businessmen and their companies. Weaves the "web" Ms. Stewart personally, and as dengososuschego "spider" performs her legal husband, a well-known artist thieves songs Yuri Istomin (stage name Kolyma). This is a typical business and a bunch of criminals. The examples are not far to seek. The latest victim of this pair has become one of the most famous domestic "" online stores included, according to Forbes, the top ten largest shopping online projects, and evaluated in an authoritative edition of $ 380 million.

The man in the yellow shoes

The story begins with the fact that the owner of the online retailer Valery Kovalev thought about the possible sale of its assets. He wanted not to leave urgently, anyhow for how much, but decent proposal was ready to discuss it. His thoughts he shared with a few friends. And soon on his office doorstep stood a young man of the outfit which catches the eye bright yellow shoes. Much later Kovalev reminded about the main character of the novel by Ilya Ilf and Yevgeny Petrov "The Twelve Chairs", a significant sign of that in the description of Madame Gritsatsuyeva were "yellow shoes". However, at the first meeting of the visitor he made a pretty good impression. Moreover, he offered quickly and at great expense to organize sale "Holodilnik.Ru" in "safe hands." Visitor appeared Yury Istomin - the man with the fate of not less interesting than that of Ostap Bender.

Yuri Istomin, who is also the Kolyma

The most popular Istomin received as a singer under the pseudonym Blatnyaka Kolyma. At the time of the stalls and cafes heard such it hits like "For those who were there," "Moscow bandit", "Guys", "Bandit wife" and so on. D. In the mid-2000s Istomin engaged in non-core for artist chanson, but is quite suitable for the consumer business of his songs. He created a company - a credit broker "Credit-Consulting". Simply put, Kolyma began offering intermediary services in obtaining loans from banks. This company immediately hit the "black list" of major credit institutions in connection with the "fake company" Credit-Consulting "documents confirming the customer employment when applying to banks and due to problems with repayment of loans granted with the assistance of this company." (So ​​says the bases of the interbank exchange). About this attitude to his person almost openly talked himself Istomin. Here is an excerpt from an interview with him: "Back in 2003 when I came to the bankers with a proposal for co-operation, I was told that I - a crook, and flatly refused to work with me." However, Istomin managed to organize the work with the small banks, and then its "Credit Consulting" engaged in so-called microcredit.

In any other case, probably Valery Kovalev politely listened to man in the yellow shoes, he has promised to call back and would forget all about it. However, there was one "but." Wife Yury Istomin is Ella Stewart - President of BBDO Group Russia (minority shareholder), Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer. As BBDO Group, and Stuart, are well known in Russia, and their reputation until recently, did not cause any doubts. And the possibility of Ms. Stewart could clearly contribute to the search for a buyer for an interesting online retailer. As a result, Valery Kovalev "hooked" and agreed to the proposal Istomin. And then I began to weave the 'web'.

From financier "thieves in law" to the world's movers and shakers

Kolyma began to organize a meeting with the alleged potential buyers. First it was the representative of the largest mobile phone operator. Then - the manager of a giant financial-industrial group. Next - the owner of one of the banks. At least, so they seemed. Much later Kovalyov, assessing these meetings, suspected that he unwittingly became an actor in a well-set performances. For example, it turned out that in the industrial group at the time of the meeting organized Istomin statement talks about buying "" not heard. And about the "banker" in general, nobody knows. Whether these people met with Kovalev on someone's request (for example, the well-known businesswoman in the country). Is it at all were actors posing as bankers and top managers. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that the transaction did not take place. None of the interlocutors Kovalev was not going to buy anything, but simply helped "raise" the client. However, Istomin found another explanation for the disruption of the sale - is one of the most famous online retailers poorly promoted. And immediately suggested an advertising campaign, after which and buyers to "" will line up in a queue, and the cost will increase significantly. Colima declared that all the work is ready for acquaintance to arrange for mere "penny." - Some $ 10 million and as much as $ 22 million advertising will in reality is clear not without the help of his wife..

A situation where a person promises "fast and expensive" to sell the asset, suddenly starts asking for large sums, should have alerted Kovalev. But here also played a factor wives Kolyma - the head of representation of the world's largest advertising agency. Especially as she Ella Stewart actively involved in the negotiations, colorfully describing a happy and rich future "" and its owner after the campaign.

Yury Istomin (right) and Managing Director of BBDO Group Igor Kirikchi // Photo:

Nee Elmira Yablokov (now known as Ella Stewart) was born in 1967 in the city of Rostov-on-Don. She grew up in a wealthy family. Her mother was the first deputy director of a large factory, and then engaged in the business of real estate. Elmira's stepfather was a major official. Parents are "pushed" Woman in Moscow Finance Academy. On the first courses Elmira jumped marry a student Shlykova, the couple had a baby. However, the young people have left quickly. About Elmira first husband know that he is engaged in business. Spiteful critics assert that he was the same age as the current businesswoman Igor Shlikov that made the US sanctions list for participation in a mafia group 'Brothers' Circle ". According to the FBI, and the US Treasury, Shlikov closely linked to the "thief in law" Vladislav Leontyev and other representatives of the criminal world. Here's a paradox: Ella Stewart heads the office of the largest global advertising agency headquartered in New York, and her ex-husband are actively sought by US intelligence agencies on charges of laundering Mafia money.

David Stewart

Leaving to do with Shlykov baby on the mother's care, Elmira got a job as an ordinary employee in the capital office of the audit company Ernst & Young. Perhaps she would not achieve greater career success, if not fascinated Senior Manager Ernst & Young David Stewart, who later became a major international specialist in finance and has a huge connections all over the world, including in Russia. After auditing the company, he worked as Chief Financial Officer and Vice-President in such large structures as "Teleross», Golden Telecom, «Basic Element», OOO PK "Wrestler" (oil) and "Kuzbass Fuel Company".

As a result, Stewart married the girl. And she turned from Elmira Shlykova in Ella Stewart. Women in Business is very fond of giving interviews glossy magazines, which says that all made exclusively itself. But somehow, for her career growth certainly seen the shadow of the influential wife of David Stewart.

After a successful dating Ella "skyrocketed" in the Ernst & Young to senior manager. Then, through the influence of her husband she took the post of the manager on work with the banks and manage tax risks of Mars. After working there for more than a year, she moved to a nice place in the representation of the company Kraft. From there to move to the chair CFO BBDO Moscow representative office, and then topped it. There is nothing particularly surprising. The fact that David Stewart was actually co-owner of a plurality of advertising agencies around the world, working under the BBDO brand. In particular, he owned a major share in the Ukrainian Atlantic Group, which included advertising agencies Talan Proximity, Pleon Talan, Media Direction, Clever Force, New Mix and Provid. The latter structure is just conducted business under the guise of BBDO.

In an interview with glossy magazines Ella Stewart is a very long time to talk about your ex-husband David. But about current husband Yury Istomin does not mention even once. That is understandable. Stuart looks back on a successful work in the largest companies worldwide. But to explain what binds a successful businesswoman with a performer of chanson Kolyma difficult.

On the internet you can find many pictures of Ella Stewart at various social events in the environment of well-known directors, actors and officials. And next to her, apparently bound, - Yury Istomin. And in his hand he used to compress a glass with alcohol. Of course, much has changed Kolyma - instead unshaven and patsanskoy bangs appeared well-groomed beard and a great hairstyle. But it is clear that he feels uncomfortable in high places.

Essential pruning

Let's return to our story. After such convincing stories Istomin and owner Stewart online retailer "" Valery Kovalev decided to settle for an advertising campaign. As a result, under the mediation Istomin financial investors have made money in the amount of $ 10 million. In exchange for a 10% stake in "Edil-Import" ( ""). And, later, 3% of this stake were at Kolyma. In general, this contract can be called "advertising in exchange for a share in the business of the advertiser." Besides Istomin received an award as an intermediary for attracting investors in the amount of $ 2.1 million.

Yury Istomin persistently offered to sign an advertising contract with some unknown to the "Media Capital" market. Only much later it became clear that this company through offshore «UCF Invest Limited" control himself Istomin. But Kovalev refused. Then he was asked to CJSC "OMD Media Direkshn" which is the "daughter" of BBDO Moscow representative office. Was drawn up and approved a list of counterparties, identified the cost of advertising, as well as TV channels on which it will show. "" transferred "OMD Media Direkshn" 134 million rubles -. Full advance payment for his work, including 3 million agency fee.. Another 3 million. Was paid for the production of 20-second commercials. With him, however, we had some problems, because the esters required for 5-second video and trim the clip piece meant to lose all meaning. As a result, employees' "had themselves come up with new slogans, the concept of advertising of the product and so on. N.

It is time to sit at the TV, watch the ads and then calculate the revenue from new customers and "fight back" from wanting to buy a "very expensive" "".

Imagine the disappointment when videos were not the promised TV channels at all, but on the 2X2-type channels began to leave some 5-second "crop". And even they did not get on the air in the promised amount. It is clear that the first thing Kovalev expressed dissatisfaction Yury Istomin. However, the dialogue with him did not work. Then Kovalev in his usual delicate manner addressed to Ella Stewart asking all the same to meet the conditions of the contract. In response to this message began to come: "The on-air channels - inventory shortage. If more, the better off you comment on your personal manager. "

Kovalev has offered to find a reasonable compromise, friendly parties. For example, instead of advertising on TV, since it such a problem to release the same amount of Internet advertising. But Ella Stewart was adamant: the money is already gone suppliers' inventory, "including" Video International "and" NMG ". Require the return it will not. For a long time businesswoman "temporizing" explicitly covering her husband, and then simply sent the representatives of the online retailer to hell.

As a result, "" filed a lawsuit to arbitration court for the return of money paid for advertising that has not appeared on the air. Later, representatives of the company filed an application to the police. As part of the ATS Tver excited criminal case became interesting details emerge. It turned out that the advertising media plan for "" compiled Istomin and priced them at $ 10 million. According to experts, "pulls" only $ 5 million. Also, it was found that 132 mln. Rubles, which the online retailer listed JSC " OMD Media Direkshn "gone with his accounts. Not only "Video International" and "NMG". By signing documents on cooperation with "", "Media Direkshn" immediately violated the terms of the transaction, concluded an agreement on advertising with CJSC "Code of Trade," is absent in the list of counterparties approved by the parties, who sent 131 million. Rubles of money online -riteylera. In turn, the "Code of Trade '32 mln. Rubles transferred for advertising, 23 million. Left to his credit and 76 million. Rubles transferred Ltd." Media Capital ", attracting as counterparty. She was very firm, which is controlled by the husband Stuart Yury Istomin, and which he so persistently imposed Kovalev. "Media Capital" no financial and economic activity does not lead.

These 76 million. Rubles dissolved in a variety of translations on account of numerous one-day firms. This case initiated on the fact of fraud OMVD Russia's Tver region of Moscow, is under investigation for several years, and accused him have not appeared. However, the investigators almost explicitly and do not try to find them.

This could put a point in our history. But it soon became clear that, "weaving a web of" Istomin and Stewart not only wanted to get money "", but also build much bigger plans.

Advertising "spiders" attack

To start Istomin began to pester one police general (now former), urging him to initiate against Kovalev any work. His goal, he explained bluntly: if there is no Kovaleva, the Kolyma will be able to get their hands on the entire company. 3% of the shares they already have, another 7% have investors, and will soon draw Istomin "" very, very large debt. One time, the police tortured the online retailer checks. But how much did not try, no crime was never found. Then Istomin went to the head of the security services "" and offered a reward of $ 500 thousand. To help him organize a raider seizure "". In response to Kolyma I was a hard failure and almost shlopotal face.

But the singer was not used to giving up. He got this confidential audit report "" held Ernst & Young (remember the previous job Ella Stewart), and claimed that it can annoy the Internet retailer. But the report was nothing dreadful. Then Kolyma learned last "trump card" of the sleeve.

As it turned out, in October 2013, Yuri Istomin informed the Russian Authors' Society about his authorship of the script and text clips with advertising "" and then gave them the right to a Cyprus company UCF Partners Limited, is another offshore company, controlled by the Kolyma. Without thinking, UCF sued and demanded with "" 461 million. 640 thousand. Rubles as compensation for the alleged violation of existing copyrights. General representative UCF stands all the same Istomin, and as the third party involved is one of the companies belonging to the media group, headed by the wife of singer Ella Stewart. The situation looked phantasmagorical because videos and music to them were created on the money online retailer, and the texts and all the staff were invented "" the company independently.

The total cost of the main business owner Valeria Kovaleva to attract investors totaled at least $ 6,575,000., He Istomin and companies associated with it have not invested anything, they are only expected to promote advertising. In this case no parallel intellectual, creative or otherwise participate Istomin and its controlled companies in this process is not intended to and did not.

Surprised and amount of the claim - 461 mln. Rubles. For what? After all, the entire cost of the advertising campaign "" for acts performed works was 32 million rubles, and the price of clips -. $ 100 thousand.

Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that the tribunal of first instance UCF lost. But more miracles began. The appellate court unexpectedly satisfied the requirements of the Cyprus offshore, obliging "" pay the company 461 million. 640 thousand. Rubles compensation and 203 thousand. Rubles state duty (remember the promise Istomin "draw" the company's large debt).

Lightning speed with which worked slow in normal cases, bailiffs, affects at least the court's decision. December 13, 2016 from the accounts "Edil Import" FSSP wrote off 71 million. rubles, and already 15 December 60 of them were transferred to foreign accounts "Yusief Partners Limited" in one of Lithuanian banks. Said apparently due Ella, not only in the advertising world.

It is understood that in the following instances will understand and reconsider this decision. But the story is very indicative of the potential customers of BBDO. After all the money from the Cyprus company will not be possible to return - they dissolve in the same way as the previous money got into the hands of speculators.

Sergey Davydov