The times of sanctions, the withdrawal of foreign companies from Russia and the refusal of international giants to supply their products, as never before, raised the issue of the production of domestic analogues. And then another question immediately arises. It sounds like this: “Why has RUSNANO, being a development institution with a budget of more than 350 billion rubles, not developed a single dual-use project over the 12 years of its existence? Where are the import substitution projects? How did it happen? The answers to these questions are given by the sources of the telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU and

Anatoly Chubais and his team of "successful" top managers in Rosnano - Gedalia Vakser (aka Oleg Kiselev), Boris Podolsky, Andrey Trapeznikov, Dmitry Pimkin - had everything to become "Russian industrialists", but consciously did not become them. In 2009-2010, RUSNANO's participation in such projects was limited to words and presentations about technology transfer, while: the project of a new workshop for the production of powerful engines at KAMAZ was refused consideration; the project for the production of dual-purpose diodes at the Optogan plant in St. Petersburg received an unofficial ban from Chubais himself; RUSNANO deliberately underfunded projects on superwires (Nanoelectro), the production of germanium (Germanium and Applications), the production of machine tools and special tools (Virial, NIR, NEVZ Ceramics, ESTO Vacuum), and the development of component bases for electronics (Micron, Elvis Neo Tech, IR LEDs), etc. There are many examples. The system of decision-making, selection, approval and management of projects, motivation and encouragement in the State Corporation was built in such a way that dual-use and import substitution projects had no chance of survival. As a result, senior and rank-and-file investment management did everything to avoid such projects.

Of course, if the investments were "mutually beneficial", then "welcome". So, more than 2 billion rubles were invested in the development of the chip (which also has military applications) at JSC Elvis Neo Tek. Bottom line: no chip, money shamelessly stolen, project managers Kiselev (Gedalia Vakser) and Dmitry Pimkin live abroad, and there is no criminal case thanks to the efforts of Asnis & Partners and RUSNANO Security Council.

Or, for example, participation in numerous state support programs (these are funds in excess of the aforementioned 350 billion rubles). Here, "under the roof of RUSNANO and the Ministry of Industry and Trade" gigantic sums were "cut down". By the way, 5% of which ended up in the pockets of certain individuals organized by Andrey Trapeznikov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of RUSNANO.

 But the way the top leaders of RUSNANO "jumped off the topic" deserves attention.

2011. RUSNANO promises an IPO and attraction to the EBRD (EBRD) shareholders. To put it mildly, the state did not set such a task for Chubais, he himself decided that it was necessary. And since EBRD, then investments in the defense industry are not encouraged at all. Here should be projects approved by the West in the field of ecology and renewable energy, medicine, IT, "smart cities" and other dregs that can be talked about for a long time and endlessly without presenting a result. By the way, there is not a single confirmation that the EBRD intended to become a shareholder of RUSNANO, meanwhile, about 300 million rubles were spent on due diligence “for the entry of the EBRD”. These funds were paid to various consultants and mostly cashed out.

 year 2014. Crimea and subsequent sanctions were able to gracefully close the issue with the IPO of RUSNANO and the entry of the EBRD into the shareholders. Well, like, Putin himself is to blame that our plans for privatization were ruined. Moreover, now Chubais has a new excuse: "We will not invest in the "military commissariat" so as not to fall under sanctions." V.V. At personal meetings, Putin is informed about the huge potential, the “window to Europe,” and so on. We evaluate the result today....

Timofey Grishin

To be continued