Recall that Colonel Ratushny was deputy Sergei Kostrykin in the traffic police department in Pulkovo airport. He was the right hand recently deceased Chief entire Northwestern Federal District transport police controlled all the affairs in the department of Pulkovo Airport, and has recently fallen out of favor with the boss, when he refused to be transferred to the traffic police department at Moskovsky train station.

Disclaimer Ratushny was quite natural, since the airport could oversee more lucrative business: the question is not about the extortions of taxi drivers, who make up a tiny fraction of earnings in this "sweet" spot.

Recently in the media reported Ratushny illegal activities related to the work of the St. Petersburg airport taxi. It is reported that he is accused of regular extortions from taxi drivers, working in the "Pulkovo". From reliable sources in the organs it is known that the former lieutenant colonel of police also threatened to be attracted also by articles 290.6 and 194.4.

The fact that Ratushny had been involved in high-profile case, galvanized the public in the beginning of winter 2015. Recall that in December the year before at the airport of Saint-Petersburg "Pulkovo" was foiled an attempt to import mobile smartphone, weighing several tons.

As is known, then the broker is a company "ULS Global", owned by a Turkish oligarch Jerbrail Karaarslaanu. Smartphones have been delivered to Russia under the guise of showers plastic photo frames from China. Opened in December 2015, the party of smartphones with a total weight of 20 tons arrived in the one-day company address Ltd. "Palmyra".

As, according to the base of the Federal Customs Service of Russia for the entire 2015 for this one-day firms were imported into Russia 112 such parties with 20 tons of smartphones. About profit from goods imported from more than a hundred games to 20 tons each, you can only guess, but this amount is more than impressive. The question is, how was it possible such inaction on the part of the responsible services. Who controlled this lucrative channel?

The company "ULS Global" has a mixed reputation. Last year, the Customs syndicate frequently mentioned in the context of numerous customs scandals otgremevshego in the northern capital. It became aware of the regular functioning of a full-fledged criminal group, not only concealing contraband channel, but also has its representatives in the ranks of state authorities. The company is headed Igor sow, and assist in covering the channel carries lawyer Anatoly Bernstein. It is he who is known for his friendship and partnership with sitting at the conclusion of a major businessman Dmitry Mihalchenko arrested on charges of smuggling alcohol through the port of Ust-Luga.

Bernstein numerous meetings have been established also with the staff of the FSB Sergei Kostrykin Restaurant "Francesco" on Suvorov Avenue. It connects them not only friendship, but also long-term cooperation. With regard Havronova, then his attitude was recorded in the book of accounting reports of crimes - Article 194.3 of the Criminal Code.

Recall Sergei Kostrykin died on January 8 this year, ie just before the initiation of criminal proceedings against Ratushny. It turns out that regular violations in the field of taxi services - is only the tip of the criminal iceberg, in which one of the main roles played by Sergey Ratushny.

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