The administration of the region is "cleaned up" to prepare a replacement for Veniamin Kondratiev


The governor of the Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Kondratiev is a protege of Alexander Tkachev, and this played a cruel joke with him. According to sources, he did not solve the problems that had accumulated under the previous leader, moreover, they greatly aggravated them. Local population at the top of his voice says that "under Tkachev was better." According to the siloviki, during his two-year reign in the region Kondratiev recruited a team of inefficient managers. The debt of the Krasnodar region to banks and the federal center increased from 140 billion at Tkachev to 150 billion with the new head.


Theft of budgetary funds in the region occurred before, but under Alexander Tkachev scandals did not inflate. Now, despite the fact that the local administration has practically linked the hands of all local media to cooperation agreements, many corruption scandals began to swim out. According to the source, first of all the siloviki and the plenipotentiary of the Southern Federal District, Vladimir Ustinov, are interested in this. On the sidelines, there is a lot of information about the fact that a change in leadership of the SFD is being prepared, as the current plenipotentiary has completely ceased to control the situation in such an important region for the country. It is interesting that the main contender for his place is called all the same Tkachev, the current Minister of Agriculture.


Presidential Plenipotentiary in the Southern Federal District Vladimir Ustinov


The recent loud scandal in the Krasnodar Territory, connected with the initiation of a criminal case against the vice-governor Yuri Gritsenko under the article "abuse of authority", is a signal to the command of the governor Veniamin Kondratiev about his early resignation, which came primarily from the embassy.


At the beginning of February 2017, the press reported that the case against Gritsenko would be separated from the investigation into the theft of 200 million rubles in the construction of a perinatal center in the city of Sochi.


According to investigators, at the end of 2016, the vice-governor responsible for the construction sector instructed the subordinates to transfer funds for construction through OOO Kubansky Universal Bank, which then went bankrupt. This is a typical scheme of embezzlement of budgetary funds, which was used earlier in the region, the source asserts. That is, money is transferred and together with the receiver disappear. As a rule, there is a division of the funds received and, according to the siloviki, the vice-governor received his share of 100 million rubles.


Vice-governor of the Krasnodar Territory Yuri Gritsenko


Problems with law enforcement officers began with Yuri Gritsenko on January 30, 2017. About 15 investigators and operatives on two "Gazelles" arrived at the administration building on Monday afternoon. And about 19 hours the deputy head of the region, Yuri Gritsenko, accompanied by three law enforcement officers, was led out through the main entrance and taken to the regional FSB department. It was reported that the vice-governor and one of his subordinates were interrogated in the criminal case on abuse of official authority. But sources in the regional government noted that the official is at his workplace and works in his usual mode. Moreover, officially the siloviki have not yet reported on the investigative measures taken against the vice-governor and the charges brought against them. The governor of the Krasnodar Territory Veniamin Kondratiev also did not take the appropriate personnel decision.


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The lack of official comments on the initiation of a criminal case against Gritsenko may indicate a possible attempt to hush things up. Such assumptions can be made from a story that was not publicized before, but became known to the source of "Criminal Russia" in the law enforcement structures of the region. The matter is that, according to sources, the Krasnodar Krai Arbitration Court also often acts not in the interests of the state, but makes its decisions to please the highest officials of the regional administration, affiliated with commercial structures. In particular, there is information that some of the judges work directly with the vice-governor Yuri Gritsenko.


According to informed sources in the law enforcement agencies of the region, in October 2016, looting of cottages of high-ranking officials in a suburb of Krasnodar became more frequent. GU MVD RF on the Krasnodar Territory was set the task of robbers to catch.


At the beginning of November 2016, during the operational activities, a robber was seized, who took out 1.5 billion rubles from the cottage of the judge of the Arbitration Court in cash. On a logical question, where such money from the judge, he replied that the money was not his - they were thrown. Like, in the house of own means there was no more than 1 million rubles. It should be noted that the servant of Themis, according to sources, has family ties with one of the assistants of the vice-governor Yuri Gritsenko.


A huge amount of money for some time was under police protection and until the last moment its fate was unknown. However, according to a source from the criminal investigation department, after the incoming call, the money was taken to an unknown destination.


Vice-governor of Krasnodar region Andrey Korobka


There is information that the siloviki became interested in the activities of another vice-governor of the Krasnodar region, Andrei Korobka, dealing with agro-industrial complex issues. There are documents confirming that the 35-year-old Box allocates multi-million dollar subsidies to its brother for "unrelated" support to agricultural producers and for the development of herds of cattle. Subsidies are provided in co-financing from the federal and regional budgets, but to whom they will get a decision on the spot. There is an order to allocate Grigory Nikolayevich Korobka a subsidy of 3.7 million rubles, then another 1.7 million rubles. The possible presentation of charges to another deputy Kondratieff will finally sign him a sentence as a politician and a manager.


According to sources, Kondratiev could not find a common language with local elites and build a full-fledged relationship with the leaders of the regional commanders of power structures, which led to a real internal war. An important factor that led to the dissatisfaction of the siloviki with the activities of the regional leader was the informal support of the administration of the "march of farmers". The way Benjamin Kondratiev framed the siloviki in this situation can only provoke a very negative attitude.


The siloviki's confusion is caused by close contacts between Veniamin Kondratiev and Andrei Rudomakha, coordinator of the "Environmental Watch for the North Caucasus", which the Russian Ministry of Justice included in the list of foreign agents. Under Alexander Tkachev, the "green" conducted open opposition political activities, regularly visiting the "Putin's dacha", "the patriarch's dacha", "Tkachev's dacha", speaking against the Sochi Olympics. At the moment, Rudomakha is considered a public adviser to the governor, who publicly calls him "Andryusha."


In addition, according to the siloviki, the governor began to actively intervene in the work of developers who do not understand how to build relations with the new team. Representatives of development companies in a conversation with our journalist expressed a lack of understanding of how to work with them.


"Earlier we paid and got used to it. We knew: you will pay - and you will be able to work, eventually people will get apartments, but today there are no such rules, by and large, there are no rules at all, - our interlocutor said.


According to the interlocutor, as a result of unfulfilled obligations in the near future, several construction companies that have invested in the money holders, will go bankrupt.


Possible social explosion in one of the richest regions of the country made the Administration of the President think. According to the source, the authorized representative of the president in the SFD, Vladimir Ustinov, the leadership of the FSB region and the new prosecutor of the Krasnodar Territory, Sergei Tabelsky set the task of "clearing" the administration of the region and prepare it for the new appointee. According to our sources, many high-profile cases are still ahead, moreover, the bulk of the investigations have already been transferred to the North Caucasus Federal District for the North Caucasus Federal District.