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In Moscow, a major scandal erupted. "Authoritative" businessman, President of the "Grand" company Grigor Agekyan, better known as Gog, fired from a military weapons Deputy Fryazino Saipudin Tsakaeva. A merchant guards beat city hall employees. It happened on November 15 but the local prosecutor's office for ten days "blocked" in the initiation of proceedings Agekyan. When, after rising "hype", he still was detained, the court refused to elect him a measure of restraint in the form of arrest. Explanation of such actions of law enforcement officers and servants of Themis can be found in the help of one of the secret service, which was available It follows that Agekyan active member of the former deputy head of the district Schelkovskogo Harutyun Lobyana, which our site told recently. This group includes many law enforcement agencies, with the success of "otmazyvatsya" businessmen and officials from criminal prosecution.


Organized by a group of officials, headed by former first deputy head of the district Schelkovskogo Lobyanom Harutyun Agaykovichem developed around 1995. Lobyan AA and to this day it is the "eminence grise" Shchelkovo district.


The protagonists of this group are: former city prosecutor Shchelkovo district Mamochev Sergey E. (currently the municipal prosecutor Balashikha); former Deputy City Attorney Shchelkovo district Nagase Dmitry V.; former head of the Internal Affairs Directorate in Shchelkovo district Ignatenko Sergey G. (currently the first deputy head of the Shchelkovo municipal district) has jointly with VV Uhalkinym elite commercial real estate for the cover-up of the group in Fryazino at ATC Shchelkovo district; former head of the Investigative Department Shchelkovo district RF IC Shchelkovo Sarafanov Alexander G. (currently the Deputy Head of the Main Investigative Management RF IC in the Moscow region); Zhulanov Valery - receiver Sarafanova AG .; Butin, Nikolai - trustee Lobyana AA, at which the latter has issued all of its assets; and Agekyan Gregory Valerie - known businessman and criminal authority (in certain circles), nicknamed "Gog", through which the money invested personal Lobyana AA in the real estate area and Schelkovskogo Fryazino.

Approximately 2002 Lobyan AA He provided financial support and implemented in. Fryazino his colleague Agekyan GV, which in turn, by the year 2005, together with the former example of Fryazino Uhalkinym Vladimir Vasilyevich, organized criminal groups in the city of Fryazino.

The head of the group - Uhalkin VV, who, after his election as mayor in 2000, put friends and loyal people to key positions in Fryazino. For these individuals include: Oleg V. Kotov, a former first deputy head of administration of Fryazino, who worked as a chief accountant at Uhalkina VV before his election; Tikhonov Konstantin Romanovich - Chairman of the Board of Deputies Fryazino, working together with his wife Uhalkina VV - Kuzmina Lyudmila Ivanovna in Soviet times; Gomolsky Yuri Markovich - a former deputy director of RPC "Istok" (currently the General Director adviser NPP "Istok"), a neighbor Uhalkina VV the house in the village Sutoki Shchelkovo district.


Lobyana tied close relationship with the former head of the main organizational and Inspection Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation, Colonel-General Anatoly Pavlovich Korotkov of Justice, which did not give due course of criminal proceedings, including related Uhalkinym VV

Thus, from 2012 to 2014. one of the RF IC offices conducted an investigation of economic crimes committed by a group of "Uhalkina", in which were just questioned: Halkin VV Agekyan GV Mikhailov and VA The evidence base has been collected, but thanks Korotkov Relations AP the case was suspended (but not destroyed), the department engaged in this business, has been disbanded, and the head of the department (name unknown) was sent to the Belgorod Region.

For this assistance, since 2013, Uhalkin VV otsizhivayas in the walls of the central city hospital Fryazino (chief physician - Permyakov Vladimir Dmitrievich) on a pre-purchased certificate of a terminal illness, passed Mamochevu SE and Sarafanova AG Seven (7) million (in two tranches: 2 (two) 5 (five) million, respectively.).. For further loyalty on the part of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation VV Uhalkina ordered to pay 30 million. rubles a month.

Also worth noting is that the first group of "Uhalkina" came to the attention of law enforcement and regulatory authorities since the establishment of the fact of embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the implementation of the city development program in 2004 (including the reconstruction of the Avenue of Heroes).

On this episode in 2005 Uhalkin VV He was prosecuted under articles of the Criminal Code: 285 part 2 (abuse of power), 286 part 2 (abuse of power) and 293 part 1 (negligence).

However, thanks to relations Lobyana AA through Agekyan GV in the Moscow region prosecutor's office has been transferred a large sum of money that allowed to suspend the investigation of the corresponding criminal case, and former city prosecutor Shchelkovo district YV Lukyanenko (Up Mamocheva SE) was transferred to another place of service.

This assistance was the occasion to bring together Uhalkina VV Organized group Shchelkovo district and the subsequent implementation of the actions in the interests of the organized group, including the sale of real estate Fryazino. The share Uhalkina VV sales amounted to 40%.

Prior to the creation of an organized group in the area, and Shchelkovo Fryazino Agekyan GV, not being familiar with Lobyanom AA, in the mid 90's got a job to the head of the pilot plant Fryazino and famous businessman - Zenobia Alexander Alexandrovich. Going into the trust of his wife Zenova AA, he managed to ingratiate himself with the inner circle of relatives Zenova AA and the family has become an indispensable assistant.

At the end of May 1998 Zenov AA, carrying a large sum for those times the money, I got into an accident and after a long stay in a coma, died. At the same time, the money, were in the car and a large sum, which was in the safe enterprise, following the tragic case had disappeared, as long as the victim was in a coma, the owners of the primary real estate has become Agekyan GV It is known that the keys to the safe were only Zenova AA and Agekyan GV

A similar incident occurred in mid-2006, when he was killed Kochoyan Gevor Mitushevich - to begin the highly profitable business in the construction of residential houses owned by the Sovereign, after the tragedy, it became Agekyan GV involved as a partner only for one small project. More information can be found in a copy of the minutes of the interrogation wife Kochoyan GM - Alagulyan Marina Ashotovna the criminal case number 132589, drawn up by the investigator for particularly important cases of the Prosecutor's Office of the Moscow region (5l.).

In 2005, in the period of formation of an organized group in Fryazino, Agekyan GV He recruited the chief of the criminal police Fryazino - Osipov Vladimir Sergeyevich, whose task was to cover the activities of the group on the level of ATS Fryazino. By 2014, he served as Chief of the Criminal Police Department of Internal Affairs Shchelkovo district. However, he resigned "voluntarily" due to the fact that, together with the head of the local department of the Federal Drug Control Shchelkovo Katerenchukom Anatoly V. (currently a teacher of life safety in the school number 2, whose director is his wife - Natalia S. Korchagin) was involved in patronage of drug trafficking in the territory of the district and the Shchelkovo Fryazino. He is currently a director of ISU "unified duty-dispatch service Fryazino" and informs Agekyan GV on the activities of the new team in the administration Fryazino, while from the time of recruitment for currently receives a salary of $ 50 thousand. rubles.

It should also be noted that adjacent to the territory Fryazino rural settlement Grebnevskoy Moscow region is also under the control of organized group Shchelkovo district and Fryazino. So, head of SP Grebnevskoy Bobyr Marina Alexandrovna is a resident of the Armenian Diaspora and fully controlled by GV Agekyanu (Depends financially and psychologically), in connection with which, in the period from 2014 to the present has issued the illegal permit for construction of apartment houses and shopping center in the protected zone of homesteads "Grebnevo".

In 2015, the main goal set by an organized group Shchelkovo district and Fryazino, achieved. At the same time thanks to the actions Uhalkina VV Fryazino left without a major asset, with a huge debt and a loan of 300 million. rubles.

On Friazino we stopped in more detail, because Fryazino in an organized group includes persons who can bring to the heads of all the organized groups: Uhalkina VV Agekyan GV Lobyana and AA, in other words are subtle links and weak points in the structure. These include: OV Kotov, VA Mikhailov, VA Koryttsyn These persons develop and implement corruption schemes, possess all the necessary information on the nature of the very clever and cunning, but at the same time, weak and cowardly.

After termination of the powers of the Mayor, the main purpose of "Uhalkinskoy" group is the preservation of illegally acquired assets, consisting not only of the real estate, including land, as well as the financial resources placed in bank accounts in Russia and abroad.

Source: Rucriminal