Source: Как полковник Верхогляд сколотил состояние в пол миллиарда

A loud scandal flares up in the law enforcement block of Moscow. For a high-ranking employee of the Moscow Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Internal Security Directorate managed to collect "lethal materials". There is also the sale of protective equipment intended in the conditions of COVID for employees. And doing business for hundreds of millions of rubles. And "kidalovo" for millions of rubles of various participants in the market of medical products. And even theft from the warehouse of a batch of products. There are materials and testimonies of witnesses in three criminal cases at once. But, lo and behold, this employee is not only not prosecuted, but not even fired. We are talking about the head of the rear of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the North-West Administrative District of Moscow, Maksim Anatolyevich Verkhoglyad. Details are in the investigation.

According to the source, this criminal story began in February 2020, when horrible footage from China, where COVID was raging, was "walking" on all TV channels. The epidemic has not yet reached Russia and Europe. From the frames seen, Maxim Verkhoglyad's brain worked somewhat differently than most. Realizing that masks are urgently needed in China, he began to look for where to get them. And more. In search, he went to the son of his old friend, a young businessman Pavel Bershadsky. An advanced young man found the necessary advertisement on the sale of masks in Telegram. Soon the colonel and the entrepreneur successfully resold 1 million masks. From that moment on, a commercial union was formed. In Telegram, there were and were resold: military equipment, gas masks and body armor. In total, it will cost half a billion rubles. And Verkhoglyad was personally involved in most of the transactions. Another millionaire has appeared in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is enough to look at his car with a beautiful number K001UV. This is Infiniti qx80 in original Lart body kits. Not every oil company has such a thing, but the SZAO ATC is parked. Colonel Verkhoglyad came to work.

And now let's move on directly to the criminal component. In mid-March 2020, Verkhoglyad turned to Bershadsky with a business proposal to sell a batch of respirators that were bought for the needs of the ATC. The item left very quickly. Soon Verkhoglyad announced that he had a new batch of respirators on the way and that he needed to look for new buyers. I found one. It was businessman Andrei Suldin. The skygazer personally took 2 million rubles from him and ... threw it away. Something did not work out, he did not get new respirators, but he did not return the money either. Instead, Skygazer began to threaten Suldin, including by organizing his landing. Andrey got tired of it in the end and he wrote a statement to the FSB of the Russian Federation,

Simultaneously with this, another developed. The skygazer called Bershadsky and asked him to urgently find a warehouse to which masks and gloves should be received. I managed to rent one on Vasily Petushkov Street. Soon Verkhoglyad arrived there, followed by a wagon with goods. Later it turned out that it was the goods of Dmitry Gusarov, a 23-year-old businessman from Blagoveshchensk. He took it for sale in China, and Verkhoglyad promised to help sell it profitably in Moscow. In fact, as soon as the cargo was in the warehouse, Verkhoglyad simply stopped letting Gusarov there. All goods were successfully sold for 15 million rubles, the money went into Verkhoglyad's pocket. Later, Gusarov wrote a corresponding statement to the CSS of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Moscow. A case was initiated on this fact.

 In February 2021, Verkhoglyad approached Bershadsky with a request to help him "resolve" the issue with Gusarov - to buy off him and ask him to pick up the application. Verkhoglyad said that he had a batch of gloves for which an advance payment of 2 million rubles could be taken. If Bershadsky adds another 2.5 million rubles to the "poor" colonel, he will be able to give Gusarov the first tranche of 4.5 million rubles. As a result, an advance payment of 2 million rubles was received from businessman Khalil Mishiev. While Verkhoglyad is deciding the issue with the initiated case, he asked Bershadsky to leave Moscow so that he would not fall under a hot hand.

As a result, Bershadsky was detained at the Crimean airport, taken to Moscow and sent under house arrest. It turned out that Verkhoglyad also threw Mishiev. But then the most interesting thing began.

Now there are three criminal cases, where, in fact, the main person involved is Colonel Verkhoglyad. These are cases of fraud against Suldin and Gusarov, which are in the proceedings of the investigator of the Main Investigation Department of the ICR in Moscow, Artur Aghajanyan. In these cases, all the witnesses testify against Verkhoglyad and the OSB collected a lot of materials on him, but the investigator and the operatives are so opposed that there are no prerequisites for bringing Verkhoglyad to justice. This is understandable. The colonel always said that he was untouchable. Father-in-law is a retired general, his wife is a colonel of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. A close friend is the head of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the SZAO Anton Romeyko-Gurko.

There is also a third case - about fraud against Mishiev. It is in the production of GSU for SZAO. The victim also testifies against Verkhoglyad, but they made the last one ... Bershadsky.  It is with interest to follow the victory of the OSB and the Main Investigative Directorate of the TFR in Moscow or the colonel on the luxury Infinity with his connections.

Timofey Grishin

To be continued

Source: Как полковник Верхогляд сколотил состояние в пол миллиарда