The main event of the week was the arrest of the former Minister of the Open government Mikhail Abyzov – a man from the team of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. The fact that Abyzov has to do with embezzlement and withdrawal of funds abroad is not news. It is suspected that in reality the amount sent to them from Russia exceeds 47 billion rubles. However, the main question is why in reality Abyzov was sent to prison. Not for corruption same in fact.

On Friday, Dmitry Medvedev answered questions from users of the social network "Vkontakte", among which was a question whether the Prime Minister heard about the conflict Abyzova with creditors. "I really heard that there was and, apparently, there was a certain conflict between him and the creditors, which, apparently, was eventually such a criminal-legal development," Medvedev said.

According to sources, in fact, the Prime Minister confirmed the version that behind the persecution of Abyzov can stand "Alfa-Bank" and its co-owner Mikhail Fridman. Now "Alfa-Bank" and Cyprus Redeliaco Holdings Ltd, creditors of the bankrupt engineering company "Group E4", require to bring to joint responsibility for 33.6 billion rubles ex-Minister for "Open government" Mikhail Abyzov. Created by Abyzov "Group E4" gained loans for tens of billions of rubles, and at the end of 2014 ceased to pay interest. Then Abyzov rewrote "Group E4" on denominations, and began to bankrupt it.

In unwillingness to pay with "Alfa-Bank", Abyzov, as the Minister and the member of Medvedev's team, actively used administrative resources. It is known that Friedman is not highly loves these things and is very cruel in their actions. Still any large debtor of "Alfa-Bank", trying to evade from return of the credits, didn't remain unpunished.

Add to this the fact that for more than 10 years Friedman's huge "tooth" on Medvedev. In 2008, when Medvedev was President, an investigation was initiated into the criminal case against Friedman, which was led by investigator of the interior Ministry Pavel Zaitsev. Now Zaitsev is Mikhail Abyzov's lawyer. About it will in detail tell and will show to the readers.

In 2008, when Dmitry Medvedev became President of Russia, Alfa-Bank actively drowned the Basic element. To structures of Oleg Deripaska one after another there were claims from Friedman's Bank for huge sums. Dmitry Medvedev has publicly promised to deal with this problem. According to sources in the result of another co-owner "Altha-Bank" Pyotr Aven agreed to meet Mikhail Fridman and Dmitry Medvedev, which had to be resolved with the debt structures of "Basic element". At the same time, Aven pursued his personal interests: he had already promised interested people that Deripaska would no longer have problems with Alfa-Bank. Under the terms of the agreement, Mikhail Fridman had to tell the President that all the shareholders of Alfa-Bank are a "single monolith" that makes common decisions and together is responsible for the obligations taken by each of the owners. Friedman had to convey to Dmitry Medvedev the idea that it is possible to agree on any issues with each of the owners of the Bank, and that the promises and assurances given by one of them will be fully supported and implemented by other co-owners of "Alfa-Bank".

The meeting took place, but not as it was planned by Peter Aven. Magic words about a monolith of owners Mikhail Fridman didn't say. He was more concerned about his own problems related to the political and power pressure exerted on him in connection with the conflict around the structures of Oleg Deripaska. It is said that at that meeting Mikhail Fridman made it clear to the President that his interests determine the priorities of Alfa-Bank and that the situation with the owner of the "Basic element" depends solely on his goodwill. In confirmation of its influence, immediately after the meeting, another major lawsuit was filed against the structures of Deripaska.

According to sources the Kremlin was very angry. And soon the interior Ministry received the go-ahead to work out "Alfa-Bank" and Friedman. The task was entrusted to the investigator Pavel Zaitsev, who at that time had a suitable case.

According to the investigator, in 2003-2004, in order to hide the real state of Affairs with the solvency of their organization, the heads of the CB "sodbusinessbank" issued unsecured loans in the amount of up to 3 billion rubles to insurance and investment companies, registered on figureheads.

Then these funds were transferred to the accounts of fictitious firms, which on the same day returned them to the Bank. Firms and organizations involved in this scheme received a Commission - 0.13% of the loan amount. "Chasing" thus such a large amount that existed only on paper, "sodbusinessbank" artificially inflated its capitalization. IC at the interior Ministry found that among the firms involved in this scheme, it turned out and LLC "Veltex". And its only founder was Mikhail Maratovich Friedman.

In November 2007, in connection with these circumstances, searches were conducted in Alfa-Bank. During the search on the ground floor of alpha Bank, the investigators found the room where the employees of the Bank trained an offshore company and to manage them. Seals of offshore firms, documents of one-day firms, including "Veltex"were withdrawn.

When in 2008 received the go-ahead "Friedman", SK investigator Pavel Zaitsev went to him to question him on the matter. During interrogation under the camcorder Mikhail Fridman ( published video of interrogation) with a smile said, he is a Colonel of reserve, and place of work called "alpha-Bank". In fact, questions Friedman explained the following: in 2005, when there was a question about buying a governmental summer residence "Sosnovka-3", he turned to the head of legal Department of Alfa-Bank, Vsevolod Kosovo with a request to find him some of the structures and to clean it from any problems. In the result the slave oligarch and suggested, "Velteks".

In November 2008 hares isolated from cases 290838 ("Sodbiznesbank") materials according to Fridman, "alpha-Bank" and sent them to DEB the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation to gather additional information. There they, suddenly, got lost. But then he was found and returned to the IC at the interior Ministry. Everything was ready for the beginning of the criminal prosecution of Friedman.

According to the source then head SK the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexey Anichin was not in a hurry with the beginning of the investigation. First, his employment contract expired in October 2009, besides, the age is not young – 60 years. Before retiring, I did not really want to get involved in such a story. His indecision the head of the UK due to the fact that can not to choose an experienced investigator who can do it. All employees of the UK, who previously investigated the activities of "alpha", suddenly stopped working in the investigative part of the UK. In particular, Pavel Zaitsev received a notice of dismissal. The right investigator then found, which, however, was also not happy with such a prospect. He put to the chief a condition: in day of initiation of legal proceedings to Friedman the measure of restraint in the form of detention will be chosen. And again Anichin thought, again began to delay time, expecting that the conflict will be settled and initiation of business won't be required. He was right.

Mikhail Fridman has mobilized all its possible levers. He also promised not to interfere with "MegaFon" in the purchase of "Siterra" and refused to prosecute the financial structures of Oleg Deripaska. As a result, in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation received the cancellation of "good Friedman".

Since then, Friedman's opportunities and influence have only grown, and resentment at how he was treated in 2008, remained. Pavel Zaitsev, leave the authorities, became a lawyer. Now he protects, Mikhail Abyzov.

To be continued

Arseny Drones