The Oryol Department of Housing and Communal Services is again changing the territorial scheme for waste management, including MSW, including a new landfill and the Ecopolis plant, which is in close proximity to the natural monument Neprets Beam. Its launch threatens the death of leafless iris and other relict plants that have been growing there since the Ice Age. Details at

Sergei Latynin became the head of the housing and communal services department after Grigory Shaikin left him, leaving behind mountains of garbage throughout the region in the literal sense of the word and leaving no suitable landfills. In the heat of the election, Governor Klychkov promised to close the overflowing landfill in Mtsensk within six months, knowing that there was no alternative, and the construction of a new one would take 2-4 years.

Garbage reform in the Oryol region over the course of five years has come to the point that there is simply nowhere to store garbage, and the closure of one of the three landfills promises a garbage collapse. Therefore, after the elections, the promise to close the landfill was transformed only into a reduction in the volume of imported garbage, read, a direct deception of the population.

Flows from the Glazunovsky, Dmitrovsky, Znamensky, Kolpnyansky, Kromsky, Maloarkhangelsky, Pokrovsky, Sverdlovsky, Soskovsky, Trosnyansky, Uritsky, Khotynetsky and Shablykinsky districts, as well as from the Northern and Sovetsky districts of Orel, some from the Zheleznodorozhny district and the Oryol municipal district are going to be transported by " Ecopolis". The plant was built back in 2015 under Governor Vadim Potomsky, whose relatives on his wife’s side, the Bagdasarovs, are engaged in the garbage business in the Leningrad region. But the enterprise is still idle due to numerous violations during construction. In 2019, he was even fined by Rostekhnadzor for failure to comply with the order. Losses during downtime are estimated at 1-1.5 billion.


According to the source of, fearing to lose his chair, Sergei Latynin intends to fulfill Klychkov’s impossible promise at all costs. He literally squeezed out an application from Ecopolis for inclusion in the Terscheme, and is ready to turn a blind eye to numerous violations and to the fact that it was previously publicly announced that the plant would be excluded from the Terscheme for 2024.

But Latynin’s fuss will only delay the garbage catastrophe laid down by the failed reform.

The Oryol Rosprirodnadzor licensed only 0.7 hectares to Ecopolis for a landfill, and this is enough for 2-3 months. Further, to please the governor’s ambitions, the garbage will begin to take over the Neprets gully and will inevitably require new victims. They risk becoming the suburbs of Mtsensk, where 20 hectares have already been identified for a landfill next to the existing one, and the village of Storozhevoye in the Mtsensk district, where the Sheremetyevs’ estate once was.

Officially, officials assure that the priority areas of state policy in the field of waste management are the prevention of waste generation and its harmful effects on human health and the environment. Sounds like a joke.

Denis Zhirnov

To be continued