The ex-wife of ex-governor Nikita Belykh, convicted of bribes, 35-year-old "socialite" from Rublyovka Ekaterina Belykh (Reifert) married an alleged "lawyer" and "businessman" Pavel Dashevsky a year and a half ago. However, as found out, the real name of this man is Kuritsyn, he was convicted twice, including for robbery and murder. Now they, with the support of their spouse, pretend to be a relative of the general of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a person with connections in the FSB, and offer to solve problems for businessmen.

According to the source, “lawyer” Pavel Dashevsky has recently developed a vigorous activity, introduces himself as a lawyer and nephew of the general of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, talking about his connections with the FSB. In fact, he has nothing of the kind. In the colony, he was an activist, for which he was beaten and lost all his front teeth. He served 8 years in a colony. He has no higher education. Except vocational school. The first trip at 18 was a car theft, the second imprisonment for robbing a warehouse as part of a criminal group. There was also the murder of the watchman, but his accomplice took the blame. The verdict is in the database of the Moscow City Court. Dashevsky makes debts everywhere. I learned not to give them away. Is on friendly terms with arbitration managers. Created the site He's bankrupt. He left his ex-wife Oksana Dashevskaya with a debt of almost 12 million rubles.

According to a source, Dashevsky (Kuritsyna) is a victim in the case of Elman Pashaev. By the way, he is still sure that Dashevsky is the nephew of the general of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The fact is that at one time Pashayev beat Dashevsky, because he took money from the family of the raider Svetlana Tverskaya (about 10 million rubles), posing as a lawyer. In return, he promised to solve all her problems. And when Tverskaya found out that she had been deceived, she demanded to return the money. Dashevsky promised to give only half. Then Tverskaya complained to her friend Pashaev. He resolved the issue radically. His people beat Dashevsky. At this time, Dashevsky was the common-law husband of Olga Leibman. Now Tverskaya is suing her over money and deception.

And then Reifert and Dashevsky found each other. Reifert also calls himself a lawyer by vocation. But she does not have a legal education, however, like her husband Pavel Alekseevich. According to Reifert, she graduated from the philosophical Moscow State University, but no one saw the diploma in the eye. She also claims that she was trained as a special agent in the GRU. She's just a master at making legends. She said that she was born in Austria, but only Moscow is listed in the passport. The stepfather of the Chekist turned out to be an airborne force. Never worked anywhere. But she was married for three years to the vice-president of Group, Alexander Kabakov.

This pair is now acting together. They position themselves as respectable people, rent a house on Rublevka for 350 thousand rubles. But at the same time, the servants are not paid. They cheat people. Then they get fired. They promise to give away the cash for a long time, but they don't. This is their usual practice.

Reifert created White News. In August 2019, it covered itself with a copper basin after the announcement of her divorce from Nikita Belykh. At the same time, she threw the journalistic team (8 people) on the salary. She fed me breakfasts for several months, but she still has not paid her salary. Also in 2019, Reifert decided to enrich herself at the expense of her once close friend Zarina Cherginskaya. The latter helped her develop the Okhota restaurant, which closed safely after six months of operation. Naturally, without profit, but with debt. On the closing day of the restaurant, Reifert asked Zarina to pay the salaries to the workers out of her own money. Like, we'll pay off later. Cherginskaya withdrew more than 700 thousand rubles from the credit card. But the calculation never took place. And then Zarina found out that she owed Reifert 4 million rubles by the decision of the Lobnya court. She allegedly borrowed 3 million plus interest. However, Cherginskaya, with the help of lawyers, was able to overturn the decision in absentia and hold a trial in Orenburg, where she was from. In court, it was possible to prove that the signature on the contract was forged. This was confirmed by handwriting examination. Reifert did not appeal the decision. By the way, Cherginskaya wrote a statement to the Investigative Committee to initiate a criminal case.

Yaroslav Mukhtarov

To be continued