Was born in Moscow.


In 1997 he graduated from the Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.


In 1999-2012 he worked at the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex of the country.


In 2012 - Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Moscow region.


In 2013 - 2016 - the general director of JSC "Oboronstroy."


In May 2016, by a decree of the President of the Russian Federation, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation.





Timur Ivanov is the nephew of Sergei Ivanov, the former executive director of Rosenergoatom. And Sergei Ivanov himself is the owner of the ERKO holding. So, according to experts in the field of nuclear energy, during the work of Sergei in Rosenergoatom Timur became famous for what he wore to Sergei "kickbacks."

It seems that this is the real reason for Mr. Ivanov's career success. Really, then he wore "kickbacks" to Minister Shmatko? And, really, precisely because of the "corruption component" with the support of Shmako, Ivanov received the posts of the Deputy Chairman of the Board of JSC INTER RAO UES and the head of FGBU "Russian Energy Agency"


"Moscow Post". 12/24/2014


The users of the portal "About Atom" inform that Timur Ivanov is a relative of the political technologist Pyotr Shchedrovitsky. But he, in turn, in the period from 2000 to 2005 was an advisor to the plenipotentiary representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the Volga Federal District on strategic development issues)


Recall that the plenipotentiary all in the same years (from 2000 to 2005) was Sergei Kiriyenko, who later became the general director of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom (formerly the head of the Federal Agency for Atomic Energy)


According to political analysts, in fact, his entire career, Mr. Ivanov is obliged either to his high-ranking relatives or "kickbacks", which according to "Pro Atom" he "carried them".


"Moscow Post". 12/24/2014



Ivanov was the general director of FGBU "Russian Energy Agency" of the Ministry of Energy of Russia (from 2009 to 2012) and an adviser to the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation Sergey Shmatko (from 2008 to 2012)



At the same time even earlier (until 2010), Mr. Ivanov was the first vice-president of Atomstroyexport CJSC, which prior to his transition to the ministry was headed by the same Sergey Shmatko. And Shmatko, in turn, before that was the head of the analytical center of the economic strategy of Rosenergoatom.

In a "strange coincidence" Timur Ivanov was previously an advisor to the first deputy general director for economics and finance, the executive director of Rosenergoatom Concern.


"Moscow Post". 12/24/2014


To get a divorce last June, Svetlana Maniovich, in the maidenhood of Zakharova, had to spend three and a half years. So much time is spent on her romance with Timur Ivanov, deputy chairman of the board of Inter RAO UES ....

White tight melting DSquared2 with a black zipper, a Hawaiian shirt, a bronze tan - the vice-president of Atomstroyexport Timur Ivanov meets the crew of Tatler at a Stalin's dacha in Sochi.


"Tutler." 11.2008


The fact is that in June of this year Svetlana's former husband, businessman Mikhail Maniovich, was telephoned by an unknown person and told him about all the sweet details of his life. For example, he called the numbers of all the phones and machines of a businessman, told where and when he goes, whom he meets, at what time he dines, and so on. So that Michael will not have any doubts that he has been reinforced by surveillance. And only afterwards, after much questioning, did he talk about the main thing. It turns out, according to the caller, Svetlana Maniovich, along with his new lover Timur Ivanov, who, among other things, is a major federal official, adviser to the head of the Ministry of Energy, "ordered" Mikhail some kind of Petersburg bandits. Moreover, not only ordered, but already paid for the order. According to this order, the businessman had to be not just killed, but killed in a very specific way, becoming a hopeless victim of a car accident. Naturally, Mikhail had no choice but to go to the police and the prosecutor's office, and, in addition, to send a letter to the Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika.


 The Moscow Post, 18.09.2008


In summer the capital was shocked by a loud divorce - the president of the printing company Mikhail Maniovich and his ex-wife, the owner of fashion boutiques and the secular diva, Svetlana, parted. They were divorced in front of the whole secular community, reached the point where a glossy press intervened in a private, in fact, case. It turned out that the happy marriage of Maniovichi cracked more than three years ago - it was then that the blond beauty Svetlana had an affair with an official from RAO UES Timur Ivanov.

"The fact that my wife has a lover, I found out long before she left me. I knew this guy, he went to my house with his wife. His wife is the daughter of a former Deputy Minister of Atomic Energy. A good young girl ... A pair of children. I'll tell you more. When I found out about his affair with Svetlana, I met him. I asked: "What are you doing? You have two small children! My wife requires at least 50 thousand income a month!".


spletnik. 31.12.2008




Maniovitch did not manage to part in an amicable way. Michael forbade their common children to leave Russia (while he himself is a citizen of Israel). And Svetlana "took away" from her husband all the boutiques. Using the power of attorney to manage the LLC Prestige, she reregistered all the property at OOO MFG, which she herself had established. Returning from another business trip, Michael found that no goods, no sublease contracts, no "Prestige" in nature no longer exists. Underestimated the grasp of the ex-wife.


Svetlana Maniovich continues to spend time at social events. And in Moscow now he's riding on a ravenous Aston Martin. This is a gift from Timur, designed to eclipse the red Bentley, on which she went before the divorce. 11/29/2009



A sad story of businessman-millionaire Mikhail Maniovitch recently wrote a number of Russian media. His wife, the famous secular lioness Svetlana Maniovich (photos of the "lioness" is full of glamorous Internet), with the help of her new lover "led away" her husband's business, more precisely, part of it, and very considerable. A new lover is a large federal official, adviser to the head of the Ministry of Energy Timur Ivanov ....

When the owner of the store arrived in Moscow, it became clear that no LLC "Prestige" no longer exists. It turned out that all contracts for renting premises were terminated and concluded with a new legal entity - LLC "MFG", whose founder was ... the former wife of Maniović - Svetlana. Moreover, all the goods were adorned with new tags and price tags, and the goods themselves were actively implemented in favor of this IFG itself. And the staff of Prestige also found themselves in a new organization. The company did not have the funds either. Like goods valued at one million euros.

Moreover, when representatives of Prestige arrived in the Metropol Hotel and tried to find out why the shops that belonged to Prestige moved to the ownership of the FIG, the explanation was given by a certain gentleman named Borodin ....

It turned out that Borodin was a longtime business partner of the same Timur Ivanov, Mrs. Maniovich's roommate. And further events developed on even more criminal plot.


"TVNZ". 08/07/2008




Probably, you already know that 2010 is declared the "Year of France in Russia" and, accordingly, vice versa. In this regard, we are waiting for a lot of interesting events, the start of which was given in the past holidays in Courchevel, where the party Ice & Fire "Snowfall luxury." ...

Breathing in the fresh air and aromas of hot wine and spices, the guests finally moved to the saving warmth of the restaurant. Demonstrating a healthy blush on the cheeks, metropolitan secular lionesses discussed New Year's adventures and holiday gifts. Svetlana Maniovic tirelessly talked about something female with Irina Tchaikovsky, from time to time interrupting to pose to photographers together with her companion Timur Ivanov.


"Gossip". 12.01.2010



There is a certain tendency to take an interest in the cultural heritage in our society. Not so long ago, the updated Travel Palace hosted its first wedding - the rings were exchanged by businessmen Svetlana Zakharova and Timur Ivanov. Tsaritsyno, which 10 years ago stood in ruins, has now turned into an advanced cultural center. Rublevo-Uspenskoe direction in the XIX century was formed as a valley of "castles", and the Moscow River in this part became a direct analogue of the Loire in France. Today, all on the lips of one of the mansions of this area, namely the "castle of Baroness Mayendorf" more familiar to us by the name of Barvikha.



The new governor of the Moscow region Sergey Shoigu inherited from the "Gromov era": budget debts of more than 100 billion rubles, from top to bottom corrupt bureaucratic corps, almost completely decayed law enforcement agencies, a fairly active protest electorate. It is still early to talk about the team Shoigu, but some key assignments have already been made ...

Electricity and recycling of household waste will be borne by Minatom's native Timur Ivanov (on the sidelines he is called Sechin's man).


"New Newspaper". 15.06.2012


For example, the former adviser to the Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation, later - the General Director of the Russian Energy Agency of the Russian Ministry of Energy Timur Ivanov, confirmed as the Deputy Prime Minister of the Moscow Region. However, a simple analysis of open sources gives rise to doubts about the quality of the acquired "human asset" ....

Activity as a deputy governor of the government, Mr. Ivanov, began with an attempt to sell Mosoblgaz: the same one that was previously saved for the region thanks to the efforts of Gromov's team.


"Version". 22.08.2012


Here in Courchevel, they say, the longing was unbearable. To the fullest, only modest state employees, who had saved up for the ski resort, - Oleg Bogcharov, deputy of the Moscow City Duma and former deputy governor of Mosoblasti, Timur Ivanov, were having fun.

Health is not enough to walk even the Klitschko brothers. They, along with the leaders of Ukrainian capitalism - Igor Kolomoysky and Igor Surkis left Courchevel, without waiting for the famous "Millionaires Cup". The boxers explained that Orthodox Christmas is not a holiday for them.


Express Newspaper. 01/16/2013




Timur Ivanov, whose mother Lezginka from the Kurakh region, Order of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation dated April 2, 2014 No. 181 was awarded the medal "For the return of the Crimea"; He is a laureate of the prize of the Government of the Russian Federation.


The general director of JSC Oboronstroy Timur Ivanov became the hero of a major scandal. As it turned out, in the process of large-scale development in the Crimea, he was suspected of raider seizures and corruption .... Oboronstroy under the leadership of Timur Ivanov actively led construction in the Big Cossack Bay of Sevastopol, and in October 2014, Mr. Ivanov personally visited Crimea ... .Govopodin Ivanov heads not only "Oboronstroy", but at the same time is the general director of OAO "Main Directorate of Troop Development" ("GUOV").

Based on the results of the company's audit in 2012, the Accounts Chamber found that 93% of works under contracts of the Ministry of Defense with GUOVs were performed by subcontractors, and the amount of financial violations amounted to 10.7 billion rubles.


According to rumors, after the arrival of Mr. Ivanov in JSC "GUOVS", these schemes remained unchanged. Moreover, OAO GUOV is a member of Oboronstroy. So the official has almost absolute control over these structures.

But on November 7, 2014, the public learned that a major fraud was discovered, connected with the supply of coal for the needs of the Ministry of Defense. According to the media, the Main Military Investigation Department (GVSU) of the TFR initiated a criminal case on major fraud, whose figurants can now be employees of LLC Transstroyengineering and ex-managers of OAO RER, a subsidiary of Oboronstroy OJSC ...

Timur Ivanov "inherited from Vasilyeva" received structures, the mechanism of "sawing" in which was already established. It is obvious that the official himself can now withdraw finances through the same schemes.


"Moscow Post". 12/24/2014




Numerous inspections of the candidate for Deputy Defense Minister by the presidential administration are most likely connected with the traditional study of the incomes of officials today. In addition, a number of questions could arise in connection with the fact that Oboronstroy and GUOVA are structures of the scandalously known holding Oboronservis (now JSC Garrison). According to the Ruspres news agency, even under the old management of the company, the Accounting Chamber found that 93% of works under contracts of the Ministry of Defense with GUOVs were performed by subcontractors, and the amount of financial violations amounted to 10.7 billion rubles. It was also reported that the Main Military Investigation Department of the TFR was investigating the criminal case of a major fraud of the heads of the Oboronstroi affiliated companies - Transstroyengineering LLC and OAO RER, Ivanov could become a figurant of the case. OOO Transstroyengineering, as reported by the media with reference to the investigation, overstated the price of coal for the needs of the Defense Ministry tenfold, and the former management of OAO RER allegedly under the direction of Ivanov paid contracts, which led to the loss of 400 million budget rubles.


"". 04/21/2016


Controlling the "black box office" of the Defense Ministry, Ivanov uses this money not only to advance the chief to the presidency, but also for personal purposes. He bought seven foreign cars of premium class, issued four more for his father, and Svetlana Zakharova celebrated the 45th birthday of her wife at the Imperial Yacht Club in Moscow. Rent a room and walk on a yacht cost the happy spouse 600 thousand rubles. Entertaining guests Vyacheslav Butusov, Gosha Kutsenko and Valery Meladze received from the official 6, 2 million. Taking into account the booze, snacks and additional expenses for the day, Ivanov spent 10 million ...

Secrets of smartphone Zakharova - apartment for $ 10 million and illegal assets outside Russia

For his goddess Timur Ivanov, nobody feels sorry for anyone. Neither Kutsenko and Meladze are for entertainment, nor a beauty team of eight for caring for the body, no collection of dresses, the number of which could be envied by Daria Zhukova, nor the wedding ring of Daniel K with a 10 carat diamond. No more expensive gifts - cars Aston Martin, Bentley Continental, Hummer H2 and motorcycle Harley-Davidson.


The apartment for the beloved Ivanov looked on Ostozhenka, where now the most modest two-room apartment costs 140 million rubles. Ivanov and Zakharova have a two-storey townhouse, and only children's ones are three. Estimated cost of a family nest area of ​​317 square meters. m is at least $ 10 million - without taking into account the design from Ingo Maurer and painting from Mary Daugaviete, paid separately. The lovers have apartments in Mexico, officially in use by the underage son of Zakharova and other assets outside Russia - both official and unaccounted for.


Timur Ivanov was repeatedly warned that Svetlana Zakharova is abroad for a long time, where she is the object of the operational development of foreign special services. From the content of Zakharova's smartphones outside Russia, you can get critical information about the corrupt revenues of Ivanov and other secrets carriers from the top leadership of the Defense Ministry.


"Ruspress". 08/29/2017



 For example, Alexander Gorshkoshlepov, who headed the department of property relations of the Defense Ministry, went to the colony for 9 years for receiving bribes in the amount of 45 million rubles. During the investigation it was found out that the money was transferred for help in concluding contracts with JSC "Garrison". Shurin Gorshkoshlepova, Sergei Drobysh, headed one of the subdivisions of "Oboronstroy" at the time when Timur Ivanov was the head of this enterprise. With the assistance of Drobysh for military needs, furniture was purchased for 1.8 billion rubles. Subsequently, this money, listed under the documents signed by Ivanov, disappeared.

Another ex-subordinate Ivanova - Vladimir Abramenko, who once headed the Department for the development of troops and committed the theft of a large plot of land, will spend three years behind bars. As a result of his fraudulent state budget, he received less than 100 million rubles. The Prosecutor General's Office reports that only in 2016 thefts in military departments inflicted about 13 billion rubles on the state. The investigation will determine which part of this money has settled in the notorious "black box office".




Recently, the media reported on the upcoming resignation in the largest construction company of the Defense Ministry - Oboronstroy and its own enterprise, the General Directorate for Troop Development (GUVD). General Director here began his military career not served by Lieutenant-General Ivanov, who later became deputy minister of defense. Leaving for promotion, Ivanov left on the combined posts of Alexei Poleshchuk, who was his deputy from 2010 to 2012, still in the "Russian Energy Agency." Then they worked together at Shoigu during his governorship in the Moscow region, well, and later moved after the chief to the Ministry of Defense. And just a few days before Poleshchuk left on his own will, he was informed about the change of leadership in the largest holding of the Defense Ministry - JSC Garnison, where Ivanov's henchman Larissa Levin was dismissed ... Ivanov's people will be replaced by people close to First Deputy Minister Ruslan Tsalikov.


"Century" .04.10.2017



It is unlikely that this particular story will become decisive for Ivanov's people. The fact is that the scheme of thefts when paying for housing and communal services has been operating in the Ministry of Defense for more than two years, and it was developed under Anatoly Serdyukov. Officially it was believed that Ivanov was appointed to put things in order in the "Augean stables" of Eugenia Vasilieva, but in the end, the Ministry of Defense in recent years stuck to various mediators who were transferred to the management of the Ministry of Defense property and who were trusted to supply resources for the needs of the army, more precisely, of its housing stock. The whole story was supervised by Timur Ivanov, who was in charge of the power engineering of Shoigu still in the Moscow region. And what is easier to believe that an experienced power engineer did not know how the tariffs of the housing and communal services are being screwed up for the needs of the Ministry of Defense by various intermediaries, or that one part of the intermediaries is simply affiliated with the Ministry of Defense officials, and the other has access to army money for the corresponding bribe?


"Century" .04.10.2017


Questions about the sales organized by Ivanov and his people arise long ago. For example, a year ago the same Kurakin was surprised that Ivanov's Agroprom JSC for a debt of 2.7 million rubles bankrupt in the Trans-Baikal region on the border with China the former military farm "Nurinsky". Then Kurakin said that the concept of alienation of the asset was not agreed with him and "does not fit into the property policy" of the military department, which "either transfers such objects to gratuitous use, or sells at open tenders." Carried out on the orders of Kurakin, the bankruptcy of the state farm came to the conclusion that the validity of bankruptcy with such a small debt raises doubts. However, it is clear why the bankruptcy did not cause doubts in Deputy Minister Timur Ivanov, because only one third of Nurinsk land was auctioned at a starting price of 512 million rubles. And this, as noted, under the usual practice for "Oboronstroy" practice - the understated price. But everything became even "funnier" when the debts of the sovkhoz decided to be redeemed by an unknown Moscow firm that had no even its own office. For 10 million rubles, she could get the Defense Ministry's land for 1.5 billion rubles. Despite the moratorium announced by the Ministry of Defense for the sale of real estate through bankruptcy, the company, which was then run by Ivanov himself, repeatedly violated it, selling through bankruptcy and other "daughters". And, as experts say, "property in bankruptcy is almost never sold at a starting price - always with a decrease of 50% or more" ...

And it is Timur Ivanov who owns the practice of buying up his contract organizations with the company, followed by nonpayment of debts.


The "century". 10/04/2017



At the same time Ivanov does not hesitate to work with the cash flows of Eugenia Vasilyeva. Corruption flows passed to the "legacy" of Timur Ivanov - and after the placement of Eugene Vasilieva under house arrest, her father Nicholas's firm earned tens of millions of rubles on contracts with the Defense Ministry, but Timur was already in charge of this direction. Because of Timur Ivanov's "carelessness", a part of the money of the Defense Ministry flows offshore - for example, without a competition, technology was bought from Elektrotekhapparat, through which the money went to the Ukrainian holding Soyuz (owned by the Luxembourg offshore Soyuz Holdin SA).


In this connection, the rates for Shoigu are increasing, as the telegram channel "Ustinov Trolit" earlier pointed out, in the conditions of the transit of power, entire clans are in a state of political uncertainty. One of these clans is just Shoigu's group (which includes Vorobyov) and officials close to Sergei Kuzhegetovich. Transformation of power can happen in such a way that an alliance with Chemezov and Rotenberg will result in Shoigu's subordinate position and minimal possibility of controlling cash flows. In this connection, it is especially important to maintain its reputational and lobbying facilities, while Timur Ivanov and his "black cash desk" should have complete security ....

Another frame tied to the "black box office" of Timur Ivanov is also called Alexander Gorshkolepov, who was convicted of bribes amounting to 45 million rubles for 7 years and a fine of 310 million rubles (almost like Ulyukayev). With Sergei Groshkolepov, Sergei Drobysh (brother of Gorshkolepov ), who at the time of Ivanov headed "Industrial and operational management". There, Drobysh could well deserve the nickname of former Defense Minister Serdyukov "taburetkin," when several hundred million rubles for the purchase of furniture disappeared without a trace. The documents were personally signed by Ivanov, but with Shoigu's personal protection, responsibility was avoided.


Or another subordinate Ivanova, the general director of the "Main Directorate for the Arrangement of Troops," Vladimir Abramov, too, was provoked and sentenced to three years in prison.


Or Denis Zorin (the head of the food service of the South, and then Central VO), who with accomplices stole 471 million rubles


Thus, Timur Ivanov's subordinates not only come across corruption scandals, but are behind bars and receive realistic deadlines, while Ivanov himself enjoys the protection of Shoigu and avoids all responsibility for the tricks of his subordinates.


Let's say Ivanov did not know about the theft of some particular subordinate, but it can not be that Ivanov did not know about the possible tricks of all his convicted subordinates. Yes, even if I did not know, does Ivanov correspond to this position? In the opinion of Sergei Kuzhegetovich, it corresponds ... 12/17/2012


FSB officers on suspicion of bribery were detained by Andrei Nezhigay, who heads the central department of property relations of the Ministry of Defense. This arrest is another link in the chain of high-profile scandals with embezzlement, kickbacks and bribes, in which high-ranking officials of the department are involved. Many independent experts believe that the suspects in all these criminal cases deducted funds to the "black treasury" of Sergei Shoigu. The main "treasurer," according to investigators, is Deputy Minister Timur Ivanov.

On February 28, Andrei Nezhigaya was detained red-handed while trying to get a bribe in the amount of 5 million rubles. The investigation believes that this money official had to get for assistance in selling the capital property of the Ministry of Defense. The direct curator of the administration, led by the arrested person, is Timur Ivanov. He is suspected of involvement in the dark deeds of his subordinates - most likely, they "unfastened" him part of the criminal proceeds.





The story of the protracted repair of the military unit in the Moscow region of Sergiev Posad received an unexpected continuation: the Department of the Ministry of Defense responsible for utilities gave the entrepreneur Natalia Krasavtseva, whose company, having received an advance of more than 80 million rubles, tore up construction work and declared bankruptcy. Now, former business partners are trying unsuccessfully to try to get debts from the civil servant, and information about the problem has reached the competent authorities, which according to PASMI, are studying its questionable financial operations. But apparently, to bring the investigation to the logical conclusion of very few people on the strength: the husband of Krasavtseva - a senior FSB officer ....

Meanwhile, on February 1, 2017, just four months after the wedding, Natalia Krasavtseva receives another gift of fate (or someone more tangible): she is appointed head of the Department for Exploitation, Maintenance and Provision of Communal Services for Military Units and Organizations of the Ministry of Defense.


The past pretender to a high post - with unfulfilled obligations and direct communication with firms mastering defense contracts - did not cause any questions. Or, as an option, they asked not to ask questions. They say that the deputy minister of defense, Timur Ivanov, lobbied for the appointment of a series of scandals. Whether he knew it or not, about all the stories of Krasavtseva, which are discrediting the department, remains a mystery. Ivanov is called the right-hand man of Sergei Shoigu, he oversees issues related to the management of property and cantonment of troops, is responsible for the construction, reconstruction and overhaul of MO facilities and military mortgages.


"PASMI". 23/08/2018