Graduate of the European School of Business (London).


Master of Business Administration. Candidate of Economic Sciences.


He was born in Leningrad.


Since 2008 - Deputy General Director of LLC "KHL-Marketing".


Since 2010 - General Director of the company "VITAWIN NUTRITION".


Since 2010 - Adviser to the Chairman of the Board of JSC Gazprombank.


Since May 2011 - Vice-President for marketing and business development of the SKA hockey club (St. Petersburg), member of the Board of Directors.


Member of the Board of the Continental Hockey League (KHL).


Since December 11, 2014 - the first vice-president of the Ice Hockey Federation of Russia.


Since January 24, 2015 - Deputy Chairman of the Board of the KHL.


Since September 27, 2016 - Member of the Management Reform Committee of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF).


Member of the Board of Directors of the Continental Hockey League.





In 1991, the parents took Roman, who was then 10 years old, and his younger brother Boris from Leningrad to Finland. We were preparing to leave, apparently in advance - the children, while still in the USSR, began to learn English and Finnish. In the new place, Roman went to the 3rd grade of the usual Finnish school. ...

Roman's father Boris Rothenberg, a master of sports and a judo coach, trained his son from five years and took him with him to sports camps. "We are all judoists," says Roman, referring to his father and uncle Arkady, who met and became friends in the sports wrestling section many years ago with Vladimir Putin. ..


Forbes. 11/23/2011


The path from judo to hockey Roman Michael Oliver (full name Rotenberg, Jr.) was much faster than his uncle. Judo was engaged in the family tradition from a young age, and when the family moved to Finland, he replaced the kimono for hockey armor and career hockey player interrupted only the departure to London for study.


"New Newspaper". 12/22/2014



From the age of 11 he began to train in a local hockey team, after school he entered a sports college and dreamed about the career of a professional hockey player. However, in 1999 the situation in the family became more complicated. Father parted with the mother of Roman Irina Kharanen and returned to St. Petersburg ....

Mother, who owned a small business to supply gas condensate from Russia, insisted that Roma go to study business in London.


Forbes. 11/23/2011


According to the Finnish business register, Boris Rotenberg is listed as the chairman of the board of the company Anirina OY. The management of the company also included his son Roman Rotenberg. This small company was established in 1996 and is located in Helsinki. A couple of years ago she had only six employees. Last year, its net profit amounted to 24 thousand euros with a turnover of less than 3 million. It was reported that she is engaged in the supply of consumer goods to Russia, as well as equipment for the oil and gas industry. But the history of the enterprise turned out to be more interesting than statistics.

The general director Anirina, the former wife of Boris Rotenberg, Irina Kharanen ....

Finnish Anirina participated in the construction of a children's sports complex in Anapa, which was created as part of the charitable program "Gazprom for Children". The sports complex Gazprom dobycha Urengoy of the Kubanskaya Niva children's center opened in March 2007 in the presence of Dmitry Medvedev, who was then the first deputy prime minister and chairman of the board of directors of the gas concern.


"New Newspaper". 08/02/2010



Roman Rothenberg. Freed from the shackles of a fleeting marriage, Roman for the joy of everyone - again the most desired object in the secular arena. With the appearance of the Prince of Disney cartoons and an impressive state, he conquered countless female hearts. Be prepared to keep the defense not only at secular events, where, by the way, most likely you will find yourself in its shadow, but even in its favorite karaoke clubs and World Class Romanov.


"Tutler." 01/06/2011


One day, resting with far from poor friends in Monaco, Roman Rotenberg handed them his credit card, so they should be properly booked at the club Jimmy z. Nothing regrets for their girls: at the first demand Rotenberg is ready to provide for free use even a private jet.


Roman Rotenberg says that his father invited him to stay at Barclays Bank in London, his mother called to him to Finland, but he, weighing the pros and cons, decided to go to work in Russia. But where? Go to the firm father and uncle did not want to avoid prejudice from other employees, assures Rotenberg. As a result, after consultation with his father, he chose Gazprom export, a 100% subsidiary of Gazprom ...

After six months of interviews in 2006, the young Rothenberg was given a position in the Department of Communications of Gazprom Export: he dealt with press relations, prepared press releases, organized press conferences, flew with Medvedev to various protocol events in different countries ...

 And in 2007, Medvedev began to develop a plan for the creation of the Continental Hockey League (KHL). The development of the project was entrusted to the external communications department of Gazprom Export, where the young hockey player Roman Rotenberg with his business education was right. To conduct all commercial contracts (sponsorship, symbolism, rights to television broadcasts of matches, etc.), the KHL company was established KHL Marketing (in 2011, revenue, according to SPARK, was 331 million rubles), Roman Rotenberg became its deputy the general director. KHL officially earned in 2008.


Forbes. 11/23/2011


Son of Boris Rothenberg - Roman has been working for two years in the management of external communications of Gazprom Export, a subsidiary of Gazprom, responsible for gas exports. Roman Rotenberg said that after receiving a European education and returning to Moscow, he decided to go to work in the Gazexport system.


"Novaya Gazeta" 28.01.2009



Roman Rotenberg was a citizen of Finland, the citizenship was registered by his mother when they left the USSR. The procedure for the return of Russian citizenship was not easy - the process took three years. In parallel, Roman received the necessary financial education and even defended his thesis and received a PhD in Economics. He does not specify who exactly he used to communicate with Gazprombank, but now he is an adviser to the chairman of the board, Andrei Akimov. It is possible that he was introduced to Akimov by Gennady Timchenko, an old friend of the Rothenberg family (they themselves do not comment on this). In the bank, Roman is engaged in "attracting large customers."

In addition, Gennady Timchenko, president of the St. Petersburg ice hockey club SKA, invited him to the post of vice president of marketing for the club.


Forbes. 11/23/2011



In August 2010, a marriage took place between the 29-year-old manager of Gazprombank Roman Rotenberg and the 25-year-old top model from Latvia, Martha Berzkalna. The wedding ceremony took place on the shore of the Gulf of Finland at the Langvik Hotel, half an hour's drive from Helsinki. And on the same day the career of the newlyweds changed dramatically. "Among the guests there were people you see on the ice hockey sky," recalls the two-time Olympic hockey champion Vyacheslav Fetisov, who trained Vladimir Putin. "And right at the wedding they decided that Roman as a manager and businessman needed more freedom" ...

Family life Rotenberg, Jr. did not ask, he soon divorced, but his affairs as a sports manager after the wedding went up the hill.


Forbes. 07/30/2015


And last year his business at the 30-year-old Roman Rothenberg finally appeared. November 11, 2011 (a beautiful figure 11.11.11 was remembered by many for the advertising campaign, where there was nothing except white numbers on a blue background), a solemn presentation of Doctor Sport, the manufacturer, was announced at the Moscow restaurant Gusyatnikoff, as it was announced, innovative sports nutrition Vitawin ...

The funds allocated by the founders, according to Roman, are being spent gradually in accordance with the business plan, he reports quarterly to the father, uncle and other managers of the SMP Bank on the results of the activity ...

At sports nutrition successes are much more modest. According to one of the market participants, the KHL clubs have a soft administrative pressure to start buying Vitawin. The agreement on cooperation has been reached with about half of the KHL clubs (26 in all), each of which spends an average of 5-7 million rubles a year to purchase sports nutrition and pharmaceuticals, which makes it possible to estimate the annual revenue of Doctor Sport at $ 2-3 million


Forbes. 11/23/2011


 The post of vice-president of the KHL went to professor, doctor of medical sciences Igor Medvedev, who also leads the scientific and methodological council of the KHL ...

The new vice-president is going to conduct close interaction with Roman Rotenberg. Recall that Roman Rotenberg is the general director of the holding company "Vitawin Nutrition", whose sphere of activity includes the production and supply of the most popular health and sports nutrition to the clubs of the MHL, VHL and KHL.


Roman Rothenberg. He has everything: appearance, Black AMEX and ring finger without a ring. But to the parties Rotenberg noticeably cooled: if before it appeared everywhere, now it is being selected very selectively: for example, for the birthday of Tatler Cub or for any exhibition in the "Garage". Apparently, he spends more and more time at work and at the rink.


"Tutler." 01.03.2012



Sanctions imposed by the US against a number of Russian citizens may prevent American artists from performing in Europe. So, the concerts of Miley Cyrus and Justin Timberlake at the stadium Hartwall Arena in Finland were under threat.

Booking and sale of tickets for the upcoming concerts of these and other pop stars to be held at the stadium Hartwall Arena in Helsinki is carried out by the American company Live Nation Entertainment. She believes that she can not cooperate with the company that owns this site - Arena Events OY. The fact is that 50% of shares in the latter belong to Gennady Timchenko - he got on the list of 27 Russian businessmen and officials, against whom the White House imposed sanctions. Another half of the shares of this company belong to the brothers Arkady and Boris Rotenberg, whose names are also on this list ...

Roman Rotenberg, the son of Boris Rotenberg, the family, who heads the Finnish business, in turn, noted that there is no question of canceling the concerts.


"Lead". 04/03/2014


Journalists of the British edition The Sunday Times managed to find the home of the 57-year-old Russian billionaire Boris Rothenberg, against whom US sanctions were imposed.

House in the prestigious area Knightsbridge, in the center of London, which stands in a row of low-rise buildings with garages, the so-called musehouse. At current rates, it would have cost the buyer £ 5 million ($ 8.5 million) or $ 298 million.

The mansion in Knightsbridge, bought in 2007 for £ 3.3 million in cash. The buyer of the house is an offshore company Loktan Services, registered in Cyprus. Loktan Services was established just a few months before buying a house in Knightsbridge, and it belongs to two other Cypriot companies - Zoulian Ltd and Zoulian Management Ltd.

As it became known, in this house there lives the son of Boris Rotenberg - Roman, who is a British citizen and owns the credit company Micro Credit Global.

Roman Rotenberg since 2011 was vice-president for marketing and business development of the ice hockey club SKA St. Petersburg, and in July this year he joined the new board of directors of this club. Previously, he was a top manager at Gazprom Export.

In addition, he is chairman of the board of directors of Arena Events, whose founders are equally represented by Russian entrepreneurs Gennady Timchenko on the one hand, Arkady and Boris Rothenberg on the other, who bought 100 percent of the shares in the multifunctional complex in Helsinki Hartwall Arena, home stadium of the hockey club "Jokerite." 07/30/2014


Roman Rotenberg, actively involved in the participation of the Helsinki hockey team "Yokerit" in the games of the KHL, intends to come up with ways that economic sanctions will not harm his family's business in Finland.

In connection with the Ukrainian crisis, the US imposed economic sanctions against Roman's father Boris Rothenberg, his uncle Arkady Rothenberg and business partner Gennady Timchenko. Of this four, all but Arcadia are citizens of the Russian Federation and Finland. In their property is JSC "Arena Events OY", engaged in the promotion of the indoor sports complex "Harvall-arena" in Helsinki, and also has a share in the hockey society "Yokerit".

"We would not want economic sanctions to complicate or spoil our plans. From this, Finnish workers will suffer. We pay big taxes and provide jobs to a large number of people, "- said Roman Rotenberg


Helsingin Sanomat. 07/30/2014


Businessman Roman Rotenberg bought the shares of his father and uncle in the Finnish hockey club "Yokerit" and the Helsinki stadium "Hartwall Arena".

The company Longvic Capital, which was ruled by the brothers Arkady and Boris Rothenberg, became the property of Roman Borisovich Rotenberg, the Finnish media reported on Friday.

According to their information, billionaire Gennady Timchenko, who is co-owner of the hockey club and the stadium, also went on to reduce its share in these structures. 10/10/2014


All participants in the transaction argue that it was committed on market terms. Roman Rotenberg told reporters that he bought shares with the help of borrowed funds on market terms, otherwise the deal could be blocked by the Finnish Foreign Ministry. Earlier, Roman Rotenberg was already familiar with the activities of Arena Events Oy - he was the CEO of the company.


"" 10/30/2014


Perhaps, Roman would remain a medium-sized businessman, if America and the European Union did not impose sanctions on the SMP Bank of Rothenberg senior and on themselves. This prompted them to transfer assets to children.


In October 2014, Roman bought a share of his father and uncle in the management company Langvik Capital. In addition to the hotel Langvik, he went to the group of development company Tanskarlan Centrum, the share of Rotenberg and Timchenko in the hockey club Jokerit and in his home stadium Hartwall Arena. He claims that he has borrowed "a couple of tens of millions of dollars" to buy Finnish assets, without revealing the source of the loan.

Forbes. 07/30/2015



In November 2014, Medvedev as the president of the League was replaced by the former head of the Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee, Dmitry Chernyshenko, who at that time headed the Volga Group, which manages the assets of Timchenko. Roman Rotenberg returned to the KHL in a new capacity - together with his uncle, Arkady Rothenberg, he joined the board of directors. According to one of the former top managers of KHL-Marketing, Rothenbergs "planted their people everywhere and got the opportunity to manage everything. This is almost the only commercially successful sports project in Russia. "


Forbes. 07/30/2015



Son of Boris Rothenberg Roman purchased 80% of the marketing agency "TeleSport" from Petr Makarenko, the participants of the deal told Vedomosti. Her sum neither Rotenberg nor Makarenko was not named, saying only that the company is estimated at several billion rubles. They assured that the agency staff of about 60 people will be retained. Makarenko will remain the owner of 20% of "TeleSport".





Just now Roman Rotenberg, perhaps, has already overtaken the "senior" in terms of the list of posts, including those related to sports. Vice-president of the FHR, a member of the KHL board, the vice-president of St. Petersburg's SKA became the owner of 80 percent of the shares of the largest marketing company "TeleSport", and his plans are truly grandiose. Why does he need so much and how Roman Borisovich is going to effectively manage all this? The question is not idle. In addition to the inevitable conflict of interest, which became to some extent a brake on the development of the KHL and the reason for the resignation of Alexander Medvedev from the presidential post (Alexander Ivanovich until the arrival of Gennady Timchenko for a long time led by SKA), there are elementary things: do not pull.


"New Newspaper". 12/22/2014


On the development of the business component of the SKA was able to earn and Roman himself. A part of the equipment and souvenirs with the club's symbols is delivered to its own stores by its own company Sportkontsept. ...

The second area of ​​activity of SportContact is the exclusive distribution of Reebok CCM hockey equipment in Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan (the unit responsible for hard equipment: skates, helmets, clubs).


Forbes. 07/30/2015


37 employees of the newspaper "Sport-Express" wrote an open letter with a naive request to change the owners of the newspaper. And then the name of Roman Rotenberg emerged as a possible buyer.


"Business Petersburg". 04/25/2015



On Thursday, July 30, the US Treasury imposed sanctions on 11 individuals and 15 legal entities, among whom was Roman Rotenberg. In 2014, in the Western sanctions lists were his father and uncle - Boris and Arkady Rotenberg. Over the past year, the older generation of the Rothenberg family has consistently transferred its assets to the younger generation. It seems that in the USA this was perceived as evading sanctions: sanctions against Roman Rotenberg were not introduced on a "family basis", his name was included in the list, since he helped circumvent the sanctions to his father - Boris Rotenberg.


Forbes. 07/30/2015




However, most of the talk in the sports world is about the possible purchase of 80% of the marketing agency "Telesport", the official partner of the Russian Football Union (RFU) and the Russian Football Premier League, the founder of the company Peter Makarenko. ...

The deal was announced in December 2014, but in May it turned out that it was not completed. Rotenberg assures that "the deal is in the final stage," and explains the delay with the conflict Makarenko with the dismissed in May, RFU President Nikolai Tolstykh.

Makarenko clarifies: the transaction is "on standby".


Forbes. 07/30/2015



Last week, US authorities imposed sanctions on 11 individuals and 15 legal entities, among whom was Roman Rotenberg.

"I will not be able to travel to the US, this is a personal restriction," Rothenberg said by telephone.


RIA News. 08/03/2015



In addition, Roman Rotenberg is the owner of the SportContcept holding, Fanside shopping and apparel online store and the founder of the sports nutrition production and distribution company Doctor Sports. The latter is one of the few failures of Roman Borisovich. According to the owner of the business, with an investment of $ 20 million annual revenue is 2 - 3 million dollars. At the same time, according to SPARK-Interfax, the net loss of the company in 2015 was 500 million rubles.


Fontanka 11/22/2016


The first vice-president of the Russian Hockey Federation Roman Rotenberg can sell his part of the shares of the Finnish club of the Continental Hockey League (KHL) "Yokerit" to the chairman of the board of directors of the Chinese "Kunlun" Ngoc Yan Yu. This is reported by the portal Kauppalehti.

Possible solution Rotenberg due to the fact that "Yokerit" lost almost € 30 million during the two seasons of the KHL due to sanctions against Russia.


Tass. 12/23/2016


37-year-old Roman Rotenberg, son of Boris Rotenberg, vice president of the Judo Federation, married his 30-year-old beloved Galina Ked. In Instagram, the model published a picture in a wedding dress and a ring with an impressive diamond of two carats of emerald cut from Tiffany & Co (worth 3 million 833 thousand rubles) on that very finger, accompanied by a laconic signature: "18.08.2018". Earlier Rotenberg was married to Latvian model Marta Berzkalne, but the marriage could not be called happy: the wife left the billionaire in the fifth month of pregnancy and returned to New York.Roman did not long grieve and a few days later appeared on the Cote d'Azur with Galina Keda.


"The Gossip Girl" .20.08.2018


"Using the power of Roman Rotenberg in the KHL - a new case of" an annoying example "- such a headline is a new article published on the pages of Iltalehti. In it, Finnish journalists reveal the secret of the Polishinel, listing all the posts of Rothenberg, focusing on a conflict of interests. But there are other curious moments in this material.

"On Monday, SKA announced that the clubs had agreed that Hellberg would go to SKA, and Kunlun would receive cash compensation. KHL never reports the amount of money compensation, but, according to Iltalehti sources, they are usually purely formal. So, once the monetary compensation was 5000 rubles, which at the current exchange rate - only 69 euros ", - write our Finnish colleagues. On my own, we add that even lower amounts are used to activate the hidden lease, for example - 1000 rubles.


"Rotenberg needs Hellberg. And when he wants something in this league, he is not told "no." What could the general manager of Kunlun do? It's okay if he wants to stay in this business. He had to agree, "- quotes the words of the insider Iltalehti.


"Championship". 06/04/2018


Gennady Timchenko, who is president of SKA and chairman of the board of directors of the KHL, also owns large shares in the Finnish "Yokerite" and the Chinese "Kunlun". In addition to these clubs in the "Rotenberg Division" can include: "Spartacus", Riga "Dynamo", HC "Sochi", "Medvechchak", "Hero". All these clubs have a huge influence (primarily financial) the Rothenberg-Timchenko clan, which in the hockey is represented by Roman Rotenberg.

It is not surprising that the Hellberg transition in the European media is called yet another "irritating example of how this authoritarian league - the KHL" works.

"The power of 37-year-old Roman Rotenberg in the KHL is based on the fact that the gas giant Gazprom finances the KHL and owns the SKA.

Rotenberg is the vice-president of Gazprombank.

All this is still based on the fact that Roman's father Boris Rotenberg and uncle Arkady Rotenberg, as well as their business partner Gennady Timchenko, are connected with the Russian state company, "writes


Rucriminal.Info. 08/29/2018


Until recently, the Russian hockey outfit market was almost entirely imported. One of the largest suppliers to Russia is SportsContact LLC, the exclusive distributor of CCM products to the Russian market. Interestingly, the CCM brand is North American, while Rothenberg himself is under US sanctions ... Zaripov was not kidding - he really wanted to provide everyone with his clubs in Russia. But there was a problem - the market was divided between the company, which was founded by Roman Rotenberg, and the company, which owned the offshore company. At that time, the revenues of both companies were already a billion. And to see competitors of the Russian manufacturer with government support, they hardly wanted ... The hockey brand CCM was originally Canadian, but now under the control of Reebok (headquarters in the US) ... .At this, the USA is one of the largest suppliers of sports equipment and equipment to Russia. According to the Federal Customs Service, by the end of 2017 the amount of imports from this country was $ 14.1 million. Only China and Taiwan have more. In addition, the supply of sports equipment from the US is growing from year to year.


If you have your own production of certain sports equipment, you can expect an increase in import duties. At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Trade in its strategy for the development of sports equipment notes that among all sectors of sports equipment and equipment in Russia, the production of skis and hockey sticks is most active.

Another reason is sanctions. The US threatens to adopt a second package, which will lead to an almost complete cessation of US exports. This can happen in three months.


"Soviet sport". 08/28/2018