A scandalous story with the prosecutor of the Yamal-Nenets autonomous district, Alexander Gerasimenko, arose again. The matter concerns that the head of the district supervisory district is a large landowner and owner of real estate in the neighboring Tyumen region.


So, local journalists have information that on a huge plot of land the prosecutor Gerasimenko builds a huge villa. It is said that its area exceeds 600 square meters!


Because of this, the activists have already nicknamed the site of Gerasimenko landowner's estate.


Let us repeat, the house of Gerasimenko is simply huge. It is located in the relict forest zone, the legality of which is also strongly questioned, especially among ecologists. Good from the prosecutor's official and neighborhood.


His apartments are located in the neighborhood with the former governor of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District Yuri Neyolov, who led the regions for 16 years.


The builder of the prosecutor's villa is also not simple. As they say, the building is being built by Mostostroy-11. It is headed by the Tyumen city parliamentarian Nikolai Russu.


This firm is a subdivision of the major Moscow construction company Mostotrest. And her, according to some sources, is controlled by the family of Arkady Rotenberg, in particular his son Igor Rotenberg.


Rotenberg himself, the eldest, was always famous for his ability to get close to influential people from power. Friendship with the President of the Russian Federation is a vivid confirmation of this. But it is not only useful in the Kremlin to have connections. Rotenberg has great business interests in the cold Yamal.


And in business there can always be problems - this is Russian reality. So why not get close to such an important person in the region, like the prosecutor of Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District. And build him a "modest" dacha in neighboring Tyumen.


You look, and Gerasimenko will help in case of force majeure.


By the way, the same Mostostroy-11 and in a strange manner was kindly treated in the region that is not very good in terms of climatic parameters. For example, the company received a profitable contract for the construction of a bridge on the Nadym River. I got it and built it.


Homestead of the prosecutor Gerasimenko


However, in due time the company belonging to Igor Rotenberg, almost was not removed from the construction of this bridge. The thing is that the received contract in due time protested the FAS, which considered that the tender for the contract was held illegally.


Well, what of it?


As a result, the state contract was still received!


But the builder of a summer residence is so, a lyrical digression. And the protagonist of this material has other, equally interesting stories.


Add-on wizard


So, in due time supervising bodies have counted a strange attachment to the district prosecutor's office, which was carried out by Gerasimenko. From official explanations it can be gleaned that a small hotel was attached to the prosecutor's office, supposedly for business travelers.


However, none of the people around saw him living in it.


It is rumored that this "hotel" Gerasimenko built not for someone, but for himself. Or for the fact that after (the position of the prosecutor is not eternal), someone resell it.


If this is so, then a reasonable question arises: what kind of money has the building erected? The budget of the Yamal prosecutor's office is simply not able to pull it. If there are rumors that Gerasimenko built on personal funds, then again at the expense of what? After all, the official annual income of the head of the district supervisory department is less than 3 million rubles.


If you live only on them, then what kind of annex can there be, and even more so, what kind of a farmstead in the reserved Tyumen zone can there be?


By the way, about the protected areas. Their prosecutor, Gerasimenko, seems to be very fond of.


Hunter and fisherman


So, Gerasimenko (or a man like Gerasimenko) "lit up" by spending his leisure time in the Taimyrsky reserve. Moreover, he got there by helicopter, also it is not known at whose expense.


Here it is worth noting that animals and fish live in the reserve, almost completely included in the Red Book. But this circumstance did not prevent Prosecutor Gerasimenko from catching the arctic char. After all the stories with unchanging elements of luxury, it is not time for Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika to pay close attention to his Yamal subordinate. And then, it seems that there is no time to expose real criminals!