In Tatarstan convicted former CEO of "Geopolis" Michael Davletshin. He was found guilty in three cases of fraud. He promised for a price positively to resolve the issue in arbitration business owners.

The investigation, no cases Davletshin not solved, and the money, cast as "Customer", just put it in his pocket. As a result, the amount of collected money exceeded one million rubles.

As a result, given the fact that the defendant has fully repented, the court sentenced him to 4 years imprisonment.

Davletshin Naberezhnye Chelny all consider a close friend and protégé Mayor Nail Magdeeva. This is perhaps the most controversial, not to say offensive mayor in the country.

After the sentence imposed Davletshin, Magdeyev hastened to declare that all of the crimes that have been proven in court, he committed, even before joining the "Geopolis", which is the structure of the City Hall of Naberezhnye Chelny.

"There is a court decision on Davletshin - is the reaction of authorities. Contract terminated. We believe that this person is guilty. But there is one small detail. As they say, the devil is in the details. During his time in Davletshina of "Geopolis" no comment on our part and on the part of the investigating authorities were not. That, for which he was convicted, it happened to come to us ", - said Magdeyev.

And at the final press conference in 2016 Magdeyev just sang the saga of its own success in the field of the head of municipal services.

Only here, Mr. Mayor for some reason forgot to remember in this case that the city is in fact bankrupt, and survives only for multimillion-dollar injections from the state budget and properly working and income-KAMAZ plant.

Perhaps already the case would skaladyvadls much better if not for the rampant corruption in Naberezhnye Chelny authorities. In the past year of corruption scandals the city established perhaps the All-Russia record.

It is not surprising that the city only to work for a year lost 5 thousand people, and the average standard of living is much lower than the average in Tatarstan.


Talk of the town became lord Magdeeva rule in Bugulma city. There, he managed three sheets to the quarrel with the major donor - the company "Northwest trunk pipelines." Things reached the point that the company was forced to change the registered address on the republic's capital Kazan.

As a result, Bugulma collapsed in last place in the socio-economic indicators. Because, in addition to the loss of the main budget "sponsor" Magdeyev on the vine resisted the city development of small and medium-sized businesses.

At the same time, Magdeyev without even blushing, said the whole country is literally the following: "I do not work to the detriment of the people."

But running the mayor of Naberezhnye Chelny, especially not to the detriment of himself and his necessary structures. So, the maker of "Vikings" thrive on the curving local private enterprises riotous color. Among them, in particular, the company "Slavica" - a manufacturer of ice cream from far Krasnoyarsk. Without giving a single ruble to the city treasury, the company received in the city of more than 40 retail outlets for the sale of its products. Apparently, the owners of the company from Siberia good "freeze" the head of the town, since he gave such preferences!

Why do we childhood?

Indicative in this respect, the example of a local businessman Alexander Tkachev. He was going to build in the center of Naberezhnye Chelny playground with roundabouts. Released this city authorities promuryzhili businessman and a half years and as a result he was refused.

All anything (maybe something with the documentation was not in order). ... But in the place which Tkachev asked, suddenly there is a new point of sale. And it has established the above-mentioned company "Slavica".

Why such love for the Siberian ice cream? In Chelny answer this question is not just whether the child. Among the co-owners of "Slavica" - family Magdeeva!

"Medicines" for yourself?

According to the press, the city administration has allocated land under the pharmacies' Milfarm "network holding" Tulpar ", allocated without any auctions. In response to accusations of lack of transparency of land transactions the city authorities have published information about the sponsors of municipal charities, costs which manages close to the mayor Magdeeva people.

In Naberezhnye Chelny open secret that all contracts for stroitelsvo and overhaul gets some GC "Profit", headed by the deputy of the city council Marcel Mingalimovym. Again, the money from the budget allocated for no competition. The insolence of the head of the city has reached such proportions that officials openly ignore all laws.

If we talk about cleanliness officials Naberezhnye Chelny, then this indicator (with a minus sign) in front of them throughout Russia. On the facts of corruption among the local authorities today investigated 40 criminal cases. This is in addition to the above case Davletshina.

Here is a quote from the statement of Alexander City Attorney Evgrafova 'supervisory authorities have recently identified a significant growth of malfeasance in the municipal authorities. At the same time revealed facts of bribery of city officials has increased by 450. "

Nail Magdeyev has an official army rank of colonel. Where is he deserved it, it remains a mystery, since it is known that Magdeyev served only military service.

Apparently, the mayor of Naberezhnye Chelny "deserved" it somewhere else, unknown to the rest of the site. Because the same tune he directs the Motor City, by whom, and yet survives. Only now, as if in the near future the authorities are not drowned out "motor" to Magdeeva.