The younger son of the former head of "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin, Viktor become a Cypriot and opened in London consulting company. Sam Victor Yakunin confirmed, he became IT-investor, and got a second passport was for convenience.

As the UK corporate registry, the London firm founded Newfound Future Investments Limited in August 2016. Its director and sole owner in the founding documents listed Viktor Yakunin. His birth date coincides with the date of birth of Victor Yakunin, son of the former head of "Russian Railways" Vladimir Yakunin - also June 16, 1979.

A new stage in the life of Victor Yakunin - open your own business abroad. The company is registered in the center of London, in a house number 21 Bedford Square. In the same building are registered, for example, the firm British musician Pete Doherty (Pete Doherty), known scandalous antics and problems with the law, the company Facepalm Ltd. DJ James Zabiela, the British office of the French L'Occitane cosmetic holding and others - hundreds of firms.

Besides that Victor Yakunin - Cypriot, he was a lawyer with experience. It is known that in the late 90's - early 2000's he was a lawyer accumulating skills in the Russian divisions of Arthur Andersen and Ernst & Young. In 2004-2008 Viktor Yakunin worked for the Geneva office of Gunvor trading company; She then specialized in the sale of Russian oil. At least in 2008-2010 he dealt with legal issues of organization of export oil terminal in the port of Ust-Luga in the "Rosneftbunker" (JSC "Ust-Luga Oil"), daughter Gunvor.

In the years 2011-2013 - to sovdire Samara Bearing Plant Shvidaka Alexander and Vadim Egiazarov. SDR - one of the two Russian manufacturers of large-size bearings, supplies products including rail. Also he led the Department of investments in infrastructure in the company his elder brother - Venture Investments & Yield Management (VIYM), ran its Russian subsidiary, OOO "Wee ah Wye management". In 2012, the company acquired VIYM package in SDRs of around 20%.

At Victor Yakunin develop their own business in Russia. His company "Veritas Investments" was established in 2011, before the company was mentioned only in 2013 in the context of development of the territory at the Warsaw Station in St. Petersburg - suspicious that the company "Veritas" was the same address that the construction of the operator.

In 2015, according to the SPARK database, the company "Veritas" has received for two-thirds of the average turnover of the Krasnoyarsk companies engaged in a stable business - trade in electricity, management of power networks. At LLC "Energovybor-Siberia" in 2015 for 157.8 million rubles in revenues and 1.6 million net profit, from OOO "Electric Networks of Yenisei Ferroalloy Plant" - 205.3 million rubles in revenues and 14.6 million profit for the year 2015.

Business hobbies also have spouses, Darina: her publishing children's books "Polyandriya" flower shop on Bolshaya Zelenina in St. Petersburg (LLC "Spoluslova") has also been reported that she conducts workshops on floral design, and her brother Daniel Ferbikov owned agribusiness in Oryol region.

Business Darina Yakunina not be called a failure. The "Spoluslova" in 2015, 7.2 million of revenue during the stated 50 thousand profit from "Polyandrii." - 2.6 million rubles, 325 rubles of profit, the "Polyandrii print." - 29.5 million of revenue, 6, 3 million rubles of profit. Contracts from gosbibliotek recorded bit, hundreds of thousands of rubles. So, during his career, Victor Yakunin and his wife had more than ample opportunity to accumulate the most simple and fast (a few months) a method of obtaining citizenship of Cyprus - via the investment. Till September 2016 it was necessary to invest in various financial instruments and property of 2.5 million euros - in the autumn investment threshold was reduced to EUR 2 million.

The population of Cyprus (recognized by its parts) - 1.2 million; half of them live abroad. According to the 2011 census, the island population of 10.5 thous. Russian. Among the famous Russian businessmen of the Cypriot citizenship which became known Alexander Abramov, a co-owner of metallurgical holding Evraz. True, he does not live in Cyprus, and citizenship was still in 2010 the decision of the government - "for services to the Republic of Cyprus."

Cypriot citizenship choosing more modest business, and in this respect we can say that Viktor saved in comparison with his older brother Andrew - taxes and the cost of various services in Cyprus is definitely lower than in the UK.

According to partner consulting firm estimates Amond & Smith Ltd. Sergei Nazarkina, lately a lot of entrepreneurs get the citizenship of the European countries - the leaders of Malta, Cyprus, Switzerland. Often these passports taken to free movement, but now 80% of this activity is associated with the introduction of 1 January 2015 by virtue of the law on controlled foreign companies under which the Russians have to declare and pay tax on undistributed profits, derived in the offshore, says Nazarkin. However, the presence of a second citizenship must also be declared. And to live more than six months abroad to suspend so that the status of a tax resident of Russia.

On LIFE request to comment on the information about the second citizenship and their business, Victor Yakunin replied that he was ready to tell everything, but in writing.

We found that you have a new business in London - Newfound Future Investments. The company will be engaged in, what to invest in? Her office works (or works) in the house on Bedford Square, or is it just the legal address?

- Said your company really belongs to me. For a long time I was planning to do venture capital projects related to information technology and the Internet. Established company just engaged in their search and development. The reception area was chosen based on the fact that London is one of the key centers of concentration of such projects, as well as investors interested in them, and allows you to promote services worldwide.

We carry out analysis of the projects as the idea stage, and the stage MPV (minimum viable product) - the prototype. There is already a pilot project, it is an independent game studio to promote mobile games on different platforms (iOS, Android, Steam). The work mainly with Russian teams and teams from neighboring countries. Already there are games that have been launched with our help.

For the current year the plan is also drawn up, and we hope that there appear the one who will shoot among the selected projects. As you know, the area of ​​computer entertainment is now one of the most technologically advanced, so that all the prerequisites for that.

Address of the company is legal, as in London, the company is no such office.

Will you only invest or more, and third-party?

The scope of work requires a relatively small investment, respectively, plan to finance its own. In the later stages we will be engaged in fundraising and finding investors.

Russian "Veritas" fund is invested only in the power?

As such, the Fund under this name there. The company was created with the purpose of counseling and possible financial investment. With regard to the implementation of new projects, I am now concentrating on the development of venture direction, while the other is not in the plans.

Why do you need the citizenship of Cyprus? When he got?

Second citizenship of Cyprus (first of all, I am a citizen of Russia) I received about a year ago for the convenience of doing business around the world - both in terms of the passage of various formalities, and from the point of view of business.

Prepared Denis Tverdov