At the beginning of this year, the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Sergei Kravtsov gave a lecture for future teachers at Moscow State Pedagogical University, where he told how he works for the benefit of the Motherland: “And when we talk about a sovereign education system, we first of all say that yes, there are proposals, there are different approaches in different countries, but if they harm our country, us, our children, then we do not need such approaches.”

In 2021, the Ministry of Education of Russia was given the authority to approve a list of organizations providing scientific, methodological and methodological support for educational activities for the implementation of basic general education programs in accordance with federal state educational standards of general education.

According to, such a complex syntactic design of the name was developed for a reason, since there are organizations that will accompany the Federal State Educational Standards. Federal State Educational Standards are educational standards, and in 2022–2023 the Russian Ministry of Education is actively updating them. Such an innovation necessitates the need for all teachers in the country to undergo training according to new requirements, it is necessary to issue new manuals, conduct webinars and consultations for teachers, and so on. Do you feel like there is a lot of work that could cost you a lot of money? How to do this beautifully? It’s very simple: firstly, do not define what all this activity is, and secondly, give “ours” the right to organize all this activity, for example, out of 120,000 educational organizations, only a select 1100 received the right to do everything in the world.

Such work of the Ministry of Education of Russia was initially assessed by the Prosecutor General's Office of Russia, which made a corresponding submission to the Ministry, and this year the FAS of Russia has already accused the Ministry of Education of Russia of violating two parts of Article 15 of the Law on Protection of Competition.

According to, the Administration of the President of Russia currently has a letter from the head of the Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia, Maxim Shaskolsky, about agreeing to include Sergei Kravtsov, in connection with numerous cases of violation of the antimonopoly legislation of the Russian Federation, in a special register of persons held administratively liable for violating the antimonopoly legislation of the Russian Federation . Sergei Sergeevich may become the first minister to be included in this register, after which he will no longer be able to hold a number of administrative positions.

For the Minister of Education of Russia Sergei Kravtsov, the situation is stalemate, since no one is ready to lend a shoulder to him in such a difficult moment, and if possible inclusion in the register takes place, then one can forget about getting at least some decent position after the presidential elections. At the same time, his former patron Isaac Kalina was deprived of the position of adviser to Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and was forced to change the position of “President” at the Academy of the Ministry of Education of Russia to “Advisor to the Director”, since he is now most likely busy rescuing his son from a pre-trial detention center.

On the sidelines of the Russian Government, rumors are actively circulating that Sergei Kravtsov may be given the post of senator in order to solve the problem of claims against him from the security forces, but for now, it is likely that the governors, whose powers will expire next year, are not ready to take Sergei Sergeevich into their team. Rumor has it that the Minister of Education hopes to get an appointment with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss his career opportunities, but in the President’s reception room there is now a whole line of such candidates for “exit”.

Timofey Grishin