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The history with the discovery of the acting Head of the "T" GUEBiPK Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Dmitry Zakharchenko $ 120 million, or 9 billion rubles, raised eyebrows only the masses. Police officers with long experience shrugged. They had eight years ago found that a large group of employees of the Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation and the Central Bank has to do with the shadow banking business in the tens of billions of rubles. These security forces and gosbankiry should be rich in the Forbes list, but did not get there due to the nature of its activities. But they hit the online help of law enforcement officers, who publishes One of its main characters is a former deputy head of the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation Nikolai Aulov, and found quite a few other notable people. Of course, some characters of reference do not work at their posts. However, it is still reading it-has put entertaining. And most importantly, it becomes clear where are all these "Zakharchenko" with their billions.



The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation on a scheduled basis, a set of measures aimed at protecting and strengthening the financial and credit system of Russian Federation, including to combat illicit trafficking of cash used to finance organized crime, terrorism, extremism, corruption of officials, introduction of authorities corrupt individuals.

Money supply in the Russian Federation over the past seven years has grown more than 6 times, which is well ahead of the growth of the real economy, there is a transfer of funds in the informal sector of the economy.

With the growth of the money supply in recent years stepped up criminal organizations whose activities consists in providing services to various entities associated with illegal "cashing" money and the withdrawal of currency abroad.

In the UK the Russian Interior Ministry investigation of some criminal cases №№ 169277, 290983, 248089, 248103 found that business related to illicit financial and banking activities acquired the highly organized nature of the system. What it is confirmed not only by resistance within the organized criminal community (OPS), number of persons and banks, but also a clear distribution among them of roles and responsibilities.

According to the obtained operational information and in the investigation of a number of criminal cases conducted by the UK at the Russian Interior Ministry found that in Moscow there are about ten illegal financial "sites" (organizations engaged in illegal banking activities), under the control of organized crime, including international.

Only on the territory of Moscow in one day carried out by organized crime of illegal banking operations in the amount of from 5 to 20 billion. Rubles.

Of these, 300-700 million rubles "cashed" (using forged bank records transferred from cash to cashless) 700-1,5 million rubles as operations are carried out on transit to foreign banks, and the rest are held as operations on legalization and translation into other credit institutions for the purpose of transit the same, "cashing in" buying business property, theft of VAT from the budget, etc.

These operations are carried out through illegal banking operations, the provision of the Central Bank of Russia fictitious statements, forgery of securities and payment documents. In the first place there is the laundering of funds obtained by criminal means from the embezzlement of budget funds of various levels and the federal property, tax evasion, smuggling, illegal use of natural resources, illicit drug trafficking and other criminal activities. Almost all operations are carried out for the benefit of third parties (commercial, state-owned enterprises, enterprises with foreign capital). Part of the washed and cashed funds used to finance terrorism and extremism, as well as bribery of officials in order to promote their own people in power.

The mechanism of stable functioning for more than 7 years.

During the analysis of materials installed and documented mechanism that is used in the commission of unlawful acts. So through the controlled entities in the Bank of Russia, DEB Russian Interior Ministry, the FSB of Russia representatives of the OPS acquire credit institutions necessary for them to carry out illegal financial transactions (the so-called "pot-limit switch"). In addition to the credit institution "trailer" by members of the OPS open account tens or hundreds of bogus companies, some of them - in the offshore areas, through the accounts of which are held laundering operations, "cashing" and transit. The credit institution using Bauman Bank of Russia officials forged documents introduced the so-called - "the signature or signatory" (Chairman of the credit institution, the chief accountant, changing the composition of the founders) of the number of persons or incompetent, or which may be the recognition of a fully or partially incapacitated ( alcoholics, drug addicts, the mentally ill, etc.). Clients of these "limit switches" that are interested in handling illegal funds held by them are transferred to the details of these bogus companies, indicating where and how to transfer funds. Upon receipt of non-cash funds to the accounts they are bank-client system held by other targeted companies account ( "cleaning" operation). Scores of companies can be opened more than 50 credit institutions, which are located almost on the whole territory of the Russian Federation. As a result, the beginning of the payment and its end point to find almost impossible, because the money can be accumulated and held more than 40 accounts "target companies" issued on lost passports of citizens. As a result, the credit institution itself actually plays the role of a legal shell for illegal operations. In addition to the "target companies" controlled between a credit institution and a number of banks korespondenskie accounts are opened. Depending on the amount of the expected money supply correspondent accounts can be opened more than 50 credit organizations in the Russian Federation 10 foreign credit institutions. But in the main scheme is called the banks "donors", Sberbank, "Alfa-Bank", "Ural-Sib", "Nomos-bank" where the purchased currency and rubles. As for the purchase of cash rubles is actively used by gas stations, markets and terminals for payment communication services.

Practically, in this "business" is not idle, since over the years all SEOs are well integrated with each other. Just them appointed by agreement the total rate of illegal profit by "cashing" and transit for each trading day.

For each credit institution such a scheme operates from 3 weeks to several months. It depends on the supervisors of the Bank of Russia, the Russian FSB, the Russian Interior Ministry - how long they will be able to cover the carrying out of illegal money flows. Always for secure holding of cash flow after 10 days of work in the bank "trailer" comes out verification of the Bank's employees GIKO Russia reinforced the curators of the GTU offices. The check is always a person who is entrusted with the function on contact with the OPS and to ensure conditions for their work, and then the destruction of documents. After checking in the Banking Supervision Committee CBR happens withdrawal of the license of a credit organization. Until the last day of a person entering OPS full control of the process of movement of documents on the termination of the bank, and have the option to extend the bank's work in a few days. This procedure is carried out for an additional "rollback" money row mid-level Russian officials Bank. Then conducted a review of the license and bank transfer to the State Corporation "Deposit Insurance Agency". The analysis shows that in 98% of cases, banks lose the license under this scheme.

Net income from each "burned" criminal gang of bank estimated 25-45 million dollars.. USA. Later this income is distributed among the officials, officials of the underworld bosses in Russia and abroad.

The staff of the Russian Interior Ministry DBOPiT established and documented full conglomerates, including representatives of the criminal world, the Russian FSB, the Russian Interior Ministry, Bauman Bank of Russia, the Bank of Russia, the Presidential Administration.

So the main persons who contribute to the existence of a criminal business are: head of the Bank of Russia MSTU Shor KB, deputy chief of the Moscow State Technical University Galustjan K., Head of GTU №2 Bank of Russia GF Sitnikov, Head of GTU Bank of Russia № 5 Korneshov AL . (APS - the FSB of Russia), a former employee of the Bank of Russia VV Chashkin Bauman, Bauman Bank of Russia employee Sukharev, Head of Research Affairs of Russia in the Central Federal District Lieutenant-General NN Aulov (nicknamed in the underworld "Nick Nick"), Head of the RSD Research Affairs of Russia in the Central Federal District police Colonel SM Buzinov ( "Serge Vanity" moniker in the underworld), Deputy Head of State on the CFA Kirushev AI, former head of the Central Federal District ORB GU Osipov, deputy chief of the DEB Russian Interior Ministry police colonel AV Horev, head of the DRC Ministry of Interior of Russia major general Draguntsov Yu, head of ORB number 13, the Russian Interior Ministry police colonel Safronov AV, head of 14 department number 13 ORB Saifulin the Russian Interior Ministry, 14 senior detective department of the Russian Interior Ministry ORB №13 Trochkine, former deputy chief of 13 department number 13 ORB MIA Russia Galimulin, operational staff 12 ORB department number 13 Russian Interior Ministry Rybochko SN, WH Kolpakov, deputy chief of the "K" Division of the Office of the FSB of Russia Dmitry Frolov, managers and several employees of the Office of the "M" of the FSB Russia, Deputy Head department Alan, former head of the Insurance department of the Russian Interior Ministry police colonel Shevlyakov AA, Head of the Russian Interior Ministry Shevarov RCD, the former Head of the Russian Federal Security Service counterintelligence Nechayev.

These persons are closed on these ethnic criminal groups: HR Usoyan (Nicknamed "Grandpa Hassan") Shushalashvili LP (Nicknamed "Lasha Rustavi"), Ivankov VK (Nicknamed "Jap"), Malyshev A., "Pechuga".

They monitored the following financial OPS: Myazina IG Sluskera- "Dvoskina" EV (Nicknamed "Chigrash") Amerkhanova R. Verteletskogo PV (Nicknamed "helicopter Pasha"), Rafanovicha OG Sutaeva DR, Kulikov AA (Nicknamed "Bird"), Zakharova SY (Nicknamed "Red"), Stepanov IV, Sitnikov IV

In 2006 and 2007 the Russian Interior Ministry liquidated group Sokal BB (Nicknamed the "Lenin"), DE Elbakidze (Nicknamed "Juba"), for the murder of first deputy of the Bank of Russia arrested Frankel, AE, formerly part of OPS Elbakidze.

So Aulov NN More from the 90s has a stable relationship with the corrupt OPG "Malyshev", "Pichugov". A data group acquired property in Spain, Turkey, together with the "Pichugov" and his deputy Kirushevym manages assets of "Gazprom" in Syvtyvkare.

In Moscow villages NN and the head of the Central Federal District Osipov ORB provides "protection" of the company AST "Cherkizovsky market" belonging to Telman O.

The main treasurer Aulova NN Petrov is (Malysheva AN closest connection), each month on a plastic card registered in the offshore in favor Aulova NN transferred non-cash assets in the amount of about 4 million. dollars. USA. In the presidential administration Aulov closed Ivanov VP, Kazakov and Minin.

Through Malyshev AI and "Pichugov" Aulov acquired a stable relationship with OPG Ivankov VK (Nicknamed "Jap") since 2006 provides complete protection to the representative of the community DVOSKIN EV

In 2002 DVOSKIN EV with the knowledge Aulova in vedёn the founders of "Pelican" LLC (Saint Petersburg). The company is focused on slot machines and entertainment, as well as brothels (prostitution, drugs, etc.).

In November 2007, Aulov NN, elderberry Kirushev by fabricating a criminal case against the investigative group SC at the Russian Interior Ministry is trying to withdraw from the blow his accomplice Sluskera-Dvoskina and entire criminal system described in this Help. They are actively involved in helping a number of managers and employees of the Office of the "M" of the FSB of Russia, Deputy Head of the Russian Interior Ministry DEB Horev AV, deputy Moscow City prosecutor VP Yudin, acting Head Investigation Department of the Prosecutor's Office of Moscow VV Redeemed.

DVOSKIN EV legalized in 2002 on the territory of the Russian Federation for a fictitious documents. Since the 90s personally acquainted with villages NN

Aulov AA was introduced to this business is a business trip to Dagestan (worked as head of the "T" Center).

After his appointment as Chief of Research Affairs of Russia in the Central Federal District is actively engaged in "protection racket" of the OPS. First Bank, "burnt" by its cover CB "Migros" (previously the organization was registered in Dagestan). Subsequent KB "Antares" (Dagestan), "Rubin" (Dagestan), Pico-Bank "(Dagestan)," Siberian Development Bank "," Yaroslav "," Hermitage "," Diamond "," Falcon "," Image " "Intelfinans" etc.

For 2007. according to statistics from the Bank of Russia "burned" 49 credit institutions. In the new year for the illegal operation involving Dvoskina-Sluskera has revoked the licenses of 4-credit organizations.

The total damage caused to the state by illegal activities of organized crime only for the period of 2006-2007 It estimated at more than 4 trillion rubles.

The result of the influence of criminal OPS on the financial system of Russia - growth in the number of enterprises of any form of ownership of evading taxes, customs duties, increase in the number of embezzlement of budget funds, corruption, terrorism, extremism, racing inflation, undermining the stability of the Russian financial system. In other words there is undermining the national security of Russia, since the objective is controlled by appointees OPS is estimated at least 30% of Russia's financial flows.

Source: Rucriminal