In arbitration I will overcome my "Aquarius"


Capital arbitration court at the end of last month registered a statement of the company "Yurga-service" on the bankruptcy of its ex-parent company - "Yurga Ltd." The debtor owns the shopping center "Gallery Aquarius" on Orekhovoi Boulevard with an area of ​​16 thousand square meters, the amount of claims claimed is six billion rubles. "According to the court file, the claim has not yet been accepted for production.


A similar statement was filed by Yurga-Service against OOO Yurga 2, which owns non-residential premises with an area of ​​two thousand "squares" in Timiryazevskaya Street. It is interesting that Yuri Glotser is considered the ultimate owner of all the above companies. The latter also owns 45 percent of BFG-Credit, which lost its license and owed 47.5 billion rubles to its investors.


Note that the cost of the "Aquarius Gallery" does not exceed one billion rubles, but Glotser also owns premises in street retail on Tverskaya (a total of 1.4 thousand square meters) and on Bolshaya Dorogomilovskaya (one thousand "squares").


Bank BFG-Credit was stripped of its license in the summer of 2016. At the end of November, the temporary administration of the credit institution appointed by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation found that the bank's executives conducted operations that, according to their characteristics, were subject to withdrawal of assets. The financial regulator sent this information to the General Prosecutor's Office, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation.


Protection in bankruptcy


According to the lawyer representing the interests of BFG-Credit clients in court, through bankruptcy the debtor may try to protect himself from creditors.


It should be noted that at present Glotzer's entire estate was arrested after the suit of Roland Gagoev and Konstantin Skrypnik, who bought some of the space in the Aquarius Gallery for eight million dollars, but they did not receive a stake in the shopping center, and they also did not return the money.


About Yuri Glotzer, who is the beneficiary of the group "BFG", little is known. According to the World Network, Mr. Glotser is a big fan of cinema, and also a member of the Union of Journalists, author of short stories and essays.


The brother of the murdered businessman


Many residents of the Russian capital are likely to remember the murder of his brother - Joseph Glotzer. The latter was a co-owner of several Moscow restaurants and clubs and at the end of the dashing nineties was killed at the exit of the Moscow strip club "Dalls".


Aleksey Sherstobitov, a member of the Orekhovo-Medvedkovskaya organized crime group, was known to be a killer, known among the criminals under the nickname "Lesha the Soldier". At the trial, the assassin said that his victim was "ordered" allegedly for a fight with businessman Alexander Tarantsev.


Maxi-percent of "Mini-Loan"


Another story, which featured the name of Yuri Glotser, is a resonant story with his microfinance organization (MFI), taking a hefty interest from pensioners.


In 2012, the media reported that a certain company "Mini-Loan Express" issues money under 2800 (!!!) per annum. The acuity of this fact was given by the fact that loans were given in the offices of the "Post of Russia", where our elderly compatriots - people who do not have financial literacy - often come.


As a result, it turned out that the "Post of Russia" in this case acted only as an intermediary, and the MFI belongs to Yuri Glotser. The scandal reached the deputy chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich, but, apparently, the case was released on brakes.