Source: continues to talk about corruption in the state corporation Kavkaz.RF, where the general director is the former prosecutor of the Perm region Andrey Yumshanov. And Deputy Director Vladimir Lapukhin sleeps and sees himself as the next executive director of the corporation.

According to the source, for several years of work in the Caucasus. RF Lapukhin acquired substantial property: an apartment in Moscow, several apartments in the Stavropol Territory. Several expensive cars: the new Toyota Land Cruiser 300, the new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, Mercedes S500, BMW X6. Notice the 2 million ROLEX watch on his wrist. rubles (and of course on a boorish and satisfied face)

I built a house for my brother in the city of Zheleznovodsk and bought him a car (a new Toyota Camry). Since he cannot register expensive property for himself, he does it for his brothers and friends. One of whom is Lapukhin’s childhood friend, Artem Mikhailovich Dolesov, who is the founder of Lapukhin’s company LLC “Insan Group” INN 2630051424. Now this company is building its own apartment building in the city of Mineralnye Vody, Stavropol Territory, where Lapukhin himself is from.

In addition, having already extensive connections, Lapukhin managed to ignore the court decision on the demolition of his illegally constructed building at the address Stavropol Territory, Mineralovodsky district, Zmeyka village, st. Pushkina, 6a., and then register it.

Let's figure out where this inconspicuous young man got such property in just a few years!

According to the source of, everyone around him has long known about Lapukhin’s very close relationship with Rudometkina Tatyana Mikhailovna, director of Svetoservice-Stavropolye LLC (in turn, a subsidiary of Svetoservice-Stavropol LLC), to whom Lapukhin “poured” contracts worth almost 4 billion rubles. The founder of these two companies is Boos Georgy Valentinovich, who goes to a meeting with his subordinate Rudometkina and encourages Lapukhin to extort for patronage. Lapukhin does not hide his close relationship with Rudometkina and constantly meets with her in the evenings in various establishments. At meetings, Lapukhin tries to constantly snap at her, but after that he gives instructions to his employees not to put pressure on her! He constantly uses travel expenses for his personal purposes. (after all, Kavkaz.RF is his wallet)

Not only does Lapukhin constantly behave boorishly with the people around him, he constantly demonstrates that he has everything under control with the leadership of Kavkaz.RF and complaints about his actions will lead nowhere and, as he puts it, “will grind the complainants into powder.” This is a person who does not know the concepts of honor and conscience. All employees understand that there is no point in arguing with him, because... The result will be the same - job loss.

On the left in the photo is Timizhev Kh. Kh. (Spanish Director of Kavkaz.RF) - the person with whom Lapukhin constantly hides, ripping off all the companies involved in the work of Kavkaz.RF. Lapukhin constantly states that he has resolved the issue with Yumshanov about appointing him to the position of Deputy General Director and that without him all work on the development of the North Caucasus will simply stop! It’s disgusting to watch this young tyrant rudely and arrogantly communicate with older people! And everyone tolerates him, because Lapukhin has his BACK.

Denis Zhirnov

To be continued