In the mayoralty of Moscow decided to finish the shopping center at Paveletskaya Square. The construction company will "Ledzhi" daughter of Kazakhstan's BTA Bank. At the end of 2015. She bought 7.4 thousand sq. m. m. for 250 mln. rub. However, in April next year the City Hall wanted to withdraw unfinished for public use. In its place, it was planned to build a transport interchange node (TPU).

During its construction a serious struggle broke out between several companies. As a result, he won the "Enka TC", which offered 315 million. Rubles. with a starting price of 29 mln. rub.

The question arises - why the mayor's office announces the starting price of an object in the amount of 29 million rubles, when the actual cost is estimated at 250 million rubles....? It is so much spent according to experts on the subject of his former owner of the company "Eurasia". And it is for so many bought it "Ledzhi".

It seems that the mayor's office are expected not advantageous tender for the project, and attractive offer in his pocket. From that and behave like girls of marriageable age. So we need a host, there is no longer needed, but need the shopping center. It's kind of the last word of City Hall. However, there is still much time will be replayed, it is difficult to predict.

Scandalous unfinished

Place on Paveletskaya Square - very good for the construction of a shopping center. Near the metro station, which in addition to the primary purpose of functional services and airport "Domodedovo". So that visitors and buyers from TTs problems would not exist.

This is in 2007. well aware of Mukhtar Ablyazov, the head of "Eurasia" group, which bought the facility, under construction since 2002. By 2008. works were performed in a volume of 7 thousand sq. m. m. of the previously planned 120 thousand. ka. m. And then after the prosecution Mukhtar Ablyazov, work was suspended. He played a role and the crisis of 2008.

Firm "Ledzhi" represents the interests of the Kazakh BTA Bank, which also was once owned by Mukhtar Ablyazov. Now the bank is nationalized. Ablyazov, accused of embezzling from his $ 6 billion.

The story of the object in the Paveletskaya area - an example of how the bank BTA- gradually regains the assets of the disgraced oligarch. In 2013. Moscow authorities have terminated the contract, starting on the "Paveletskaya" bankruptcy.

Ablyazov looking in Kazakhstan and Ukraine, and Russia. In December last year, Mukhtar Ablyazov was released from a French prison, which contained, as the authorities of the three countries sought his extradition.

Interestingly, in March 2015. French court made a decision on extradition of Ablyazov, who considers his work as "political". Allegedly, Russia wants to extradite him to Kazakhstan. However, the issue for some reason did not take place.

What is to be built?

According to an official from the mayor's office, now Paveletskaya Square plans to build a shopping center area of ​​about 73 thousand sq. M. The construction cost is estimated at 10-15 bn. rub. It planned to complete construction within 3 years.

And still do not understand the reason why the Moscow mayor's office went "Ledzhi" meet. Suddenly administrative document on withdrawal of the object is canceled. And "Ledzhi" gets his chance.

What could influence the decision of the officials? Maybe they had a vested interest in building on Paveletskaya Square shopping center?

By and large, little hard to believe that Moscow officials are not indifferent to what and where in Moscow will be built. Personal interest in the construction of any object, most likely, is always more significant than the expediency of the construction and purpose of the object.

And it is possible that the mayor's office decided to combine construction and TPU, and the construction of the shopping center, thus attracting investors of two? Which, respectively, each for its part, might be interested officials from the mayor's office. No wonder it is said that a clever two mamok calf sucks?

Who decided to warm their hands on construction?

Given that, in any case, at Paveletskaya Square will build a parking lot, the direct interest in the subject can have two Vice Mayor: in charge of the construction of Marat Khusnullin and supervising transport Maxim Liksutov.

Marat Khusnullin

In 2016. it turned out that the Office of Civil Engineering, headed by "a man Husnullina" Damir Gazizova was the largest real estate developers in Moscow. And last but not least, this Office received from the budget of about 100 billion. Rub.

Money stood out on resettlement of citizens from dilapidated housing. And the remains were implemented. And very good. For less than 2016. 19 billion. rubles.

Khusnullin dragged Gazizova of Tatarstan. And not the only one. At the "top" position of 15 people were invited to Moscow. This allows Mratu Khusnullin control the entire construction business in Moscow, since no one solution does not pass by his men, and, consequently, of the past Marat Khusnullin.

With the arrival of Sobyanin, Husnullina immediately appeared firm, which began to receive priority bookings. At the same time these companies often do not even have their own building factories. And, accordingly, they are generally orders previously not received.

Experts say that if you check the pool influential Tatar officials Sobyanin, the damage caused to the Moscow budget could run into billions of rubles.

About Maxim Liksutova known that in 2015. He became the richest official in Moscow, earning 10 times more than their colleagues - about 66 mln. rub. According to fighters against corruption, Maxim Liksutov has stakes in various companies related to transportation.

Maxim Liksutov

Maxim Liksutova accused not only in business class, and the right and proved his involvement in the Cyprus offshore. Even the check reins, which showed that Liksutov does not violate the requirements for the conduct of civil servants. Otmazatsya?

In principle, there is nothing to be surprised. And Khusnullin and Liksutov - team members Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin. And he will not give their offense. And that means that they work at their posts will be both personal interests and in the interests of Sobyanin. And if these interests have in the construction of shopping complex at Paveletskaya Square, then you can be 100% sure that they will be met.

Sergei Sobyanin

And can those interests be? The construction of such a large object? Unfortunately, it is believed weak. The whole bureaucracy in Russia is living under the same laws. Divide the state budget for the state and their personal interests. Create the conditions for those who will feed you. Urvi wherever there is an opportunity to do so.

Of course, there is the fear of punishment. However, our officials is, for some reason, does not stop. The size of the interest in building on Paveletskaya Square unknown. However, it is because of our officials simply can not be.