As previously reported, there is a former hockey player of the Russian national team, Alexey Tereshchenko, who has a lot of regalia and titles. He is an Honored Master of Sports, three-time world champion in hockey. But most importantly, he tells everyone that he plays hockey with Putin. We previously described in detail how Putin’s “partner” cheated the mother of NHL star Alexander Ovechkin out of money. Today is time for a new story.

Алексей Терещенко

Would you believe that a person could buy a share in a company for $1 million, and did not even meet the director, the accountant, and did not inquire about its activities, fate, and what was generally happening at the company for 8 years?

Would you believe that this is how a person decided to get into the rental business and acquired a share in the company and not part of the real estate for this, but did not receive rent for 8 years?

At the same time, his acquaintance, who, according to Tereshchenko, managed this company, and whom he trusted all this time, lived abroad, was on the international wanted list and was even in prison, which Tereshchenko knew very well.

Well, a year, well, at most (from a fantasy series) two, one could also assume that a person does not check, is not interested in how his company is doing with real estate on its balance sheet.

Everyone understands that this is nonsense and this simply cannot happen, the police who carried out the operational investigation understood this, and the investigator understood this during the preliminary investigation for 2 years, but...

Everything, everyone, except Major General A.A. Kuznetsov. -Head of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the Eastern Administrative District of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for Moscow. Tereshchenko, steaming in Sanduny, brags to his friends about how he decided and, on the verbal order of the general, concocted the UD in the fall of 2019. Moreover, the executors were in such a hurry to carry out the order that they made a mistake; the application addressed to the general was accepted on 11/11/19, but the investigator received it only on 11/12/19, and the report on the revealed crime, signed by the investigator, was placed on the general’s desk on the same day, 11/11. 19.

But not only that, Tereshchenko managed to sell false evidence to the investigator.

And it was like this:

Tereshchenko came to the police in December 2017 and stated:

“I, a three-time champion, play with Putin in the same five, give him cool passes so that he scores goals for television, and I am ‘robbed’.”

Everyone at the police was running around, fussing: who, when, how they dared to deceive the “star-partner”.

And Alexey, confused in the testimony, began to compose:

“In 2010, Alexey was offered to buy 50% of a company that managed its own real estate “shopping center” filled with high-traffic tenants and receiving a monthly income of 1,200,000 rubles.

He INDEPENDENTLY CHECKED this information through his own channels. In 2011, he agreed to this proposal (Tereshchenko made a false founder’s protocol #31, executed a purchase and sale agreement with one of the founders for the purchase of his share, while the general director of the company did not know about it, did not certify and did not provide any documents notary, and the second founder also did not know about this while living abroad.) He “supposedly” did not receive money from rent, he was told that the building was leased for three years at a discounted price and in general it does not generate income, everything goes away for its content."

That is, according to the information and documents we have, the company was engaged in the wholesale trade of sanitary ware for many years, had dealers throughout Russia, transported goods in containers from Turkey, China, from 2006-2012 there was an office, showroom, and warehouse in the company building . At the same time, all the assets of the company, goods, building, vehicle fleet, were pledged to the bank since 2007 under loan agreements in the amount of 45 million rubles. The bank inspector came and checked the presence of the pledged property, its intended use and drew up an Act. was confused by another fact: Tereshchenko himself indicates in the interrogation report about a shopping center with high traffic volumes filled with tenants, which he checked, and immediately states that he was told about preferential rent for 3 years and this did not even bother him. Moreover, it turns out until 2017.

On May 24, 2011, Alexey draws up a purchase and sale agreement with a notary for a 50% share of the company from one of the founders, at a nominal value of 25,000 rubles. At the same time, Tereshchenko never met him, did not communicate, saw him only once at the notary, no He didn’t pay him even nominal money for his share in the company, and this is, at a minimum, a sham deal. He did not know the director of the company or anyone from the management of the company, had never seen, communicated or met. At the notary, he personally signed the minutes of the meeting of founders #31, which he kept at home and then handed over to the investigator in 2018 as evidence for an examination of his real signature.

June 15, 2011, Alexey transfers 24.5 million rubles from his account. to the company's account, and indicates (so they told him) that this is under a loan agreement, which he hides in every possible way from the investigation, that he personally signed it and gave it to Zenit Bank.

He did not take any part in the activities of the company, did not participate in meetings of the founders, and did not sign any documents for 8 years.

And suddenly in the spring of 2017, Alexey remembered that he had founder of the company and decided to order an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, he is no longer the founder there, and the building was sold back in July 2011. He asked his “friend-partner”, who was in prison at that time, to explain this phenomenon, but he said that he would explain him when it comes out. When they met in November 2017, he did not explain anything to Alexey. In December 2017, Tereshchenko wrote a statement to the police that his building was stolen, while writing against the second founder, who is not even aware of the partnership with Tereshchenko.

Now the strangeness of this case: this is an obvious order, with a bunch of falsifications, on the personal order of General A. Kuznetsov, appeased by “Putin’s friend.”

1) We have already written about Tereshchenko’s illegal purchase of a share using false minutes of the founders’ meeting, and this is a very serious crime for the investigator and the “victim.” But this fact is deliberately hidden and not investigated, although all this is in the materials of the UD.

The second founder did not sign the waiver and did not approve this deal, did not sign Protocol #31 dated May 24, 2011, he was not in the Russian Federation at all, the director of the company also did not sign or notarize any documents.

The documents, according to witnesses, were brought to the notary and taken away by Tereshchenko himself.

2) Only three weeks later, June 15, 2011. Tereshchenko transferred 24.5 ml.r. to the company under a loan agreement, which he personally signed and submitted to Zenit Bank. But Tereshchenko hides this fact in every possible way. He indicated in the protocol that he paid this money for the purchase of a share. At the same time, he does not explain in any way to the investigation, and they do not even ask how he was suddenly able to buy 50% of a company with assets of more than 100 million rubles for such a small amount.

The company has loans for 45 million rubles, all the property is pledged to the bank and suddenly the “new” founder Tereshchenko, instead of contributing money to repay these loans or as a founder’s contribution, he issues a loan for 5 years and loads the company with another 24.5 million rubles. Those. increases the firm's total debt.

This doesn’t look like a kind gesture from the founder, but more like a raider maneuver.

3) The bank approves the sale of the property pledged under the loan at book value, subject to the preservation of the mortgage and only after full repayment of the loan by the company is re-registration of ownership possible.

4) The object is purchased at book value in July 2011 with obligations: mortgage to the bank 45 ml. rub. and 24.5ml.r. guarantee under the loan agreement to Tereshchenko's company. Those. the buyer purchases a building with obligations of 70 ml rub. + book value. Also: July 21, 2011 Tereshchenko’s mother is “gifted” a plot of 9.5 hectares in the Moscow region.

5) In November 2011, one of the guarantors paid all of the company’s loan obligations to the bank.

6) In December 2011 According to the purchase and sale agreement, the object is transferred under the deed and re-registered to the new owner.

All this information is open, all the data is in Rosreestr, then the new owner has registered a long-term lease agreement, etc.

And at the same time, on December 27, 2011, Tereshchenko’s mother was “gifted” another 22.5 hectares of land in the Moscow region.

7) In the fall of 2017, Alexey had already cheated everyone he could with money; he was not given a good salary anywhere in the clubs, but he had accumulated a lot of debts. So Alexey suddenly “remembered” that a building was stolen from him, which had been owned by the company for many years and never belonged to him, in this fraudulent way he is trying to solve his financial problems.

To be continued.